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If the prey was unconscious, then the wolves would gradually proceed with the encirclement until they killed the prey. However, if the prey detected them ahead of time and prepared to escape, the wolf pack would certainly take action ahead of time.

When Xiao Mo and Ji Yun discovered the wolf pack, they couldn't help but increase their speed. However, this increase in speed made the wolf pack think that their prey wanted to escape, so they also couldn't help but increase their hunting speed.

"They're coming up." Xiao Mo turned his head to look behind him and his expression turned even worse.

"Defensive formation."


Li Gu looked at the club that walked over with a completely black face, shook his head, and said, "No."

"How is that possible? Even you are unable to see through her skills." Zhao Yang was astonished.

Li Gu no longer wanted to talk to Zhao Yang about his stupidity: "She might still be in the 42nd region."

The society pursed their lips and did not say anything. Before he could say anything, the soldier beside him quickly spoke up, "Captain, an unknown signal has been detected in the xx region."

"In the xx area?" Hearing his words, the society frowned even harder. Didn't I tell her where she went?


Before Li Gu could finish speaking, the society stood up and said, "Team A, come with me."

"What? You want to go personally?" This time, both Zhao Yang and Li Gu were shocked.

The society stretched out their hands and put the hats on their heads, "If anything happens, Representative Li will definitely not spare you."

Looking at the club's hurried back, Li Gu pouted, "I don't think so."

"I don't think so either." Zhao Yang had a pensive look on his face.

"You're actually enlightened?"

"What the hell? Didn't the captain go to capture her?"

The corner of Li Gu's mouth twitched. He had indeed overestimated his IQ.

The surroundings were filled with wolf corpses and fresh blood, it was a sight to behold. Xiao Mo pulled the blade out of the wolf's body, his eyes still holding fear, but he still smirked, "Do you think these wolves count as protecting animals? If they were protecting animals, would it be a crime to kill them? "

Ji Yun couldn't help smiling. "I don't know, but I know it's not a crime for them to eat us."

"Oh, then it's better if we commit a crime." After a few jests, Xiaomo's mood had returned to normal.

"Are you done joking? "If we open it up enough, we'll probably need to leave. There's the smell of blood here and it will attract other things." After speaking, Ji Yun bent down to untie his belt and tied it around his legs.

This action immediately attracted Little Mo's attention, "What happened to your leg?"

"It's nothing. It's just a superficial wound. Let's go." After saying that, Ji Yun turned around and left.

Following behind Ji Yun, Xiaomo opened her mouth and then closed it again. She wouldn't listen even if she told him so.

Just as he took a few steps, he was met with another accident. Another pack of wolves had caught up with him.

Ji Yun took a deep breath and leaned against a tree at the side. "Go first, find someone to pick me up."

This wasn't a TV show, so it was simply unreliable to find someone to come over first: "That won't do, I'm the weaker one, only by following you will I be able to survive."

Ji Yun seemed to feel that his words just now were a bit foolish. He looked at the map and said, "The map shows that there is a river on the right. Let's go cross the river."

Hearing Ji Yun's words, Little Mo paused for a moment. "Okay."

After the two of them made their decision, they immediately moved to the right.

However, when he saw the wide and deep river, Su Mo's heart broke down. "You'll go first?"

"You go first."

Little Mo turned to look at the pack of wolves behind him, "Actually, I also want to leave first, but I've only just learned how to swim. I'm scared, so you should help me inspect it first."

"Alright, then I'll go over first." After speaking, Ji Yun packed his equipment and prepared to swim.

After passing by, Ji Yun noticed that Su Mo had not moved at all. "Why didn't you come over?"

"I can't swim."

With these words, Ji Yun's heart was immediately filled with rage. "What do you mean? You're not willing to be a deserter yourself, why are you making me a deserter?!"

Xiaomo blinked, knowing that she would be furious, "I'm not asking you to be a deserter, let's split up. You escape from there, I'll escape from here."

In the end, she finished her sentence, but Ji Yun still didn't seem to reply. Little Mo couldn't help but to open her mouth again, "Also, your leg is injured, so it will smell blood. However, a river can easily be smelled by wolves. Besides, it might not be safe over there. "

Ji Yun still did not say anything. Xiaomo glanced at the pack of wolves chasing after him, and raised his gun, "You be careful over there. I'm leaving."

"9520, I definitely won't play with you when we get back."

Hearing Ji Yun's voice, Xiaomo turned around and waved her hand. She could not drag Ji Yun down with her. "Then we'll talk about it when we get back."

With that, Xiao Mo quickly disappeared into the dense forest.

The wolves, on the other hand, weren't that easy to kill. Although the water in the river was weak, the air was still filled with the scent of blood. Other than the wolves that were chasing Xiaomo, there were even some that tried to cross the river.

"Captain, according to the information, we met a pack of wolves at our target's location. There were traces of a fight."

The society walked over and carefully checked the situation around them. Then, they turned their heads to the side and said, "This way."

As the trail was quickly followed, a soldier carefully surveyed his surroundings before shifting his gaze to the river side. "Captain, they seem to have crossed the river?"

The river could cut off the pursuing wolves, but there was no way for them to shake off these Forest Wolves who were familiar with water. They had to hurry over.

Slowly, the society realized that something was amiss. The traces that flowed down the road indicated that it was most likely a person. If it was one person, then it was very likely that the other person had never crossed the river.

According to their abilities, those who had yet to cross the river were most likely because they were not good at swimming, and this meant that they were most likely — 9520.

"How is it, have you found the person yet?" The more the society thought about it, the greater the uneasiness they felt.


The society frowned and continued to advance with the team.

"Captain, captain, there's a wounded man up ahead."

Hearing the report, the club showed a rare look of anxiety and hurried over. Seeing Ji Yun lying on the ground, he heaved a sigh of relief, but a trace of nervousness still rose in his heart.

The club looked down to check on Ji Yun's injuries, and found that apart from fainting and superficial wounds, there was only one major injury on his leg. "You guys split into two teams. One team will send Ji Yun back first, while the other team will follow me to find 9520."

"Yes, captain" They replied in unison and quickly organized their troops.

Things weren't too bad, because after Little Mo and Ji Yun started dividing up, the number of wolves was reduced by half.

Su Mo bent down to tie up his injured leg and leaned against the cave. He turned his head and glanced at the 'large dog' outside that was unceasingly howling. The club's annoying face suddenly flashed across his heart. How annoying. He didn't know if Cheng Jiang would come to save him, but if he didn't come, then he would really die.

However, at that moment, Su Mo didn't think about why he would want to form an association. Perhaps it was because he was strong, but a large part of the reason might be because he was relying on someone else.

Although Xiaomo really wanted to wait for the arrival of the reunion, it was obvious that the wolf pack couldn't wait to have a taste of Xiaomo.

Even with the help of the terrain, Su Mo still felt that it was very taxing. He really regretted that he hadn't trained properly before.

Just as Su Mo was about to be eaten by the wolves, the association appeared with a small group. They looked just like gods.

Even a wolf pack would take stock of the situation. With the arrival of the leveling team, the pack of wolves watched for a while before dispersing.

The club stood there and lowered their heads to look at Su Mo. When they saw Xiaomo's wound, they couldn't help but furrow their brows before they bent down to inspect it.

Looking at the real person in front of her, Xiaomo suddenly wrapped her arms around the club's neck and started to cry. I feel wronged, I feel wronged, I feel wronged.

The society was afraid that Xiaomo would be injured again, so they quickly put their arms around her and asked, "What's wrong?"

"It's all your fault. It's all your fault." After finishing her sentence, Xiaomo did not speak any further and continued to cry in his arms.

When the nearby soldiers saw their captain carrying Su Mo, the entire crowd was shocked. This was absolutely terrifying.

Sensing the gazes of the people around them, the club turned to them and turned around in unison, "We didn't see anything, you guys continue."

After he had cried his fill, Su Mo did not forget to ask Ji Yun stutteringly, "Did you see Ji Yun? She's on the other side of the river. "

"I've found it." The society looked at Xiao Mo crying so hard that she was out of breath. Unexpectedly, they felt a little helpless as they reached out their hands to wipe away the tears on her face.

Little Mo rubbed her tears and snot onto his clothes, "How is she?"

Looking at the liquid mixture on his sleeve, the president's expression turned strange, but he forced himself to open his mouth. "It's nothing much, I've already sent it back."

Xiaomo wiped her snot and nodded, "That's good, that's good, that's good."

At this moment, the face of the society darkened even further. They picked up Little Mo and said, "If you dare to wipe my nose again, you'd better be careful."

Seeing the club's expression, Xiao Mo pouted and buried her head in the club's bosom. After rubbing her hands back and forth, Xiaomo showed a provocative smile towards the club.

Lowering her head to scan Little Mo's expression, the society seemed to despise him, but deep in their heart, there was still a trace of joy, "Why are you here?"

Upon hearing this question, Xiaomo immediately started to feign death, "Aiya, aiya, my leg hurts, my leg hurts."

"Serves you right. Didn't I tell you not to come here?"

"You can't blame me for that." Su Mo pursed his lips and felt a little guilty. If it wasn't for him running away, this wouldn't have happened.

There must be something wrong with his expression and expression, but this was clearly not a good place to talk.

"When we get back, we'll have a good chat." After the society had finished, they looked at the people behind them and then left.

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