World Controlling God/C1 Through another world.
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World Controlling God/C1 Through another world.
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C1 Through another world.

"I actually feel pain. Could it be that I'm not dead?" Ling Xiao opened his eyes and said with a low snort.

"Xiao, you're awake. I'm really worried to death!" A woman dressed plainly and elegantly caressed Ling Xiao's face while crying.

"What's going on?" Ling Xiao asked. Although I like mature women, it seems like..." When Ling Xiao thought of this, his head suddenly felt a surge of pain. A blurry memory rushed into his mind.

The woman looked at Ling Xiao in a daze. She quickly held Ling Xiao's hand and asked worriedly, "Xiao, what happened to you? "Do you still feel uncomfortable? Don't scare me.

"No, I'm fine." Ling Xiao replied hastily.

He had actually transmigrated!

Only then did Ling Xiao realize that he was no longer on Earth, but had transmigrated to this world called Profound Spirit Continent. He had a great battle with the four super experts of the Ghost Gate. In the end, he self-destructed his dantian, which took his life completely. He didn't expect that he was lucky and actually transmigrated to be reborn. The woman in front of him was his mother, Meng Xiyun.

Meng Xiyun looked at Ling Xiao with heartache and said, "It's good that you're fine. In the future, don't practice martial arts anymore. Or you'll be bullied by them all the time. I see that you and your father are like this. I feel sad!

"Okay, I'll listen to you. Mom, can you go out for a while? I feel tired and want to rest a little more. " Ling Xiao squeezed a smile and said.

"Okay, I won't bother you anymore. Sleep a little longer and I will cook some medicine for you." Meng Xiyun wiped her tears and nodded. She pulled the bedding for Ling Xiao and walked out of the room. She didn't forget to close the door when she went out.

Ling Xiao deliberately let Meng Xiyun leave. He wanted to tidy up the chaotic memories in his mind.

An hour later, Ling Xiao opened his closed eyes and took a deep breath. He was reborn in the same name as Ling Xiao in the Ling family of Meteor Rock City. As for why he found this body, it could be fate.

Originally, Ling Xiao was supposed to be the most outstanding cultivation genius of the Ling family's 18th generation. When he was 15 years old, he broke through to the Profound Rank realm and became the low grade Profound Warrior, becoming the number one genius of Meteor Rock City.

Not long after "Ling Xiao" became a profound warrior, he was ambushed by someone and all of his meridian vessels were destroyed. He had turned from the most glorious profound warrior to an ordinary commoner who wasn't even considered a Martial Disciple. From then on, his title as the number one genius had become a piece of trash that even compare with commoners.

In a world where martial art was highly respected, and in the Ling family, the number one family in Meteor Rock City, he could not practice martial arts, so he was destined to live a mediocre life.

However, Ling Xiao had an unyielding character and started cultivating from the beginning. Unfortunately, he still failed in the past two years. During these two years, he had been ridiculed by his peers in the Ling family. Thus, he could only stay calm and remain unmoved.

However, two days ago, the grandson of the Fifth Elder of the Ling family, Ling Rui, had provoked Ling Xiao. In the end, he had even insulted his parents. Although Ling Xiao was in dire straits, he could not tolerate people insulting his parents. And so, He angrily hit Ling Rui, but unfortunately, his martial arts were crippled. He was no match for Ling Rui. He was almost killed on the spot.

"The world of the strong? It suits me better!" Ling Xiao said confidently with a bright light in his eyes. He got off the bed and touched his weak body. He touched the back of his head. There was still a big lump left.

"I'll take revenge for you." Ling Xiao sighed and looked around the room.

The room was spacious, but the decorations were a little too simple. In addition to a big bed, there were a few chairs and a tea table. The most eye-catching ones were the wooden stakes in the corner. It was not hard to imagine how serious Ling Xiao's training was, but it was a waste of effort.

The door was opened. This time, it was a middle-aged man who walked in. He was around thirty-seven years old, and he had a sharp nose and a pair of dull eyes. He wore a gray robe and held a bottle of wine in his hand. In his previous life, there would be many women who liked him. But now, he was just a decadent middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man in front of him was Ling Xiao's father, Ling Zhan. He was also a person whose meridian vessel had been destroyed. The father and son were the famous "trashy father and son" of Meteor Rock City.

More than a decade ago, Ling Zhan was also a rare genius in Meteor Rock City. Although he wasn't as powerful as Ling Xiao, he had broken through from Profound Warrior Rank to Profound Master Rank at the age of eighteen. He had become a Peak Profound Master at the age of twenty-five. He almost became one of the few Spirit Masters in Meteor Rock City. Unfortunately, his meridians had been destroyed by a sneak attack. His condition was the same as Ling Xiao's current condition. It was really intriguing.

Ling Zhan glanced at Ling Xiao and drank a mouthful of wine. He asked, "How do you feel?

Ling Xiao looked at his father and said, "I won't die!

"That's good." Ling Zhan sat on the edge of the bed and paused for a moment before asking, "Do you want a sip?

Ling Xiao did not stand on ceremony. He grabbed Ling Zhan's bottle of wine and took a sip. The burning smell filled his limbs and made him cry out, "It's comfortable!" Then, he drank a few more mouthfuls.

In his previous life, he drank a lot of hard liquor.

Ling Zhan looked at his son with a complicated expression. Then, he turned his eyes back to the wooden stake and said indifferently, "It's true that a gentleman never stops being strong, but it doesn't reflect on us father and son.

"Father!" Ling Xiao called out in a hoarse voice. A sense of resonance surged in his heart. Thinking of the ridicule he had received in the past two years, he seemed to have seen the same thing that happened to his father when he was young.

"Xiao, don't force yourself anymore. I saw your hard work. I won't blame you," Ling Zhan said in a helpless and depressed tone. He had been so high-spirited back then. He had almost been regarded as the next patriarch. Unfortunately, the situation had changed. In just one night, he had turned into a useless piece of trash. Initially, when he saw that his son was stronger than him back then, he also felt very comforted. However, his son suffered the same blow as him. There was an indescribable pain in his heart!

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