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C2 I Met a Pervert!

Ring, ring, ring. ...

The morning sunlight entered the room without hesitation, stimulating Lyi Jing's sleeping nerves and the constant calling of the alarm clock. It was hard for him not to wake up.

He resigned himself to his fate and turned around. He sat up with a chicken head on his head and scratched his own chicken head. He looked around with a confused look and let out an almost inaudible sigh.

That female ghost was so close to not being there. However, she would be here soon. It was better to get up early and wash up...

He slowly dragged his slippers to the bathroom, squeezed the toothpaste, and slowly brushed his teeth. He stared at himself in the mirror with a face full of despair.

He slowly blurred in the mirror, and a different figure appeared. It changed from a blurry outline to a clear image. The clearer it became, the more horrifying it was.

His wet, seaweed-like black hair stuck to his face. There was no trace of blood on his pale face.

She opened her pale lips, revealing a bright red tongue that was different from her outer appearance. She stretched out her tongue and licked her lips. Slowly, it was as if she was preparing to taste something delicious, making her look even more terrifying.

"Big sister, can you give way? I still need to look in the mirror." Lyi Jing was not afraid of the sudden appearance of the female ghost. He raised his dead fish eyes and waved impatiently. It seemed like it was just a mosquito.

The female ghost was shocked. She thought that the young man would be scared out of his wits, but this attitude made her not know how to react.

Lyi Jing's mouth was covered with toothpaste foam, and he continued to speak indistinctly, "I have urgent matters to attend to today, so can you come again next time?"

He was a very strange person. In the early morning, when he met a ghost, he would not be afraid. Instead, he would act arrogantly.

"Urgh ~" Lyi Jing suddenly retched. He could not avoid the situation when he brushed his teeth.

"How dare you throw up at me?" The female ghost could not maintain the gloomy atmosphere. It was unbelievable.

"It's not like that." Lyi Jing rinsed his mouth and spat out the toothpaste foam. " You have been a ghost for too long. You even forgot that brushing your teeth will make you retch?"

"I..." The female ghost did not know what to say for a moment. The slightly embarrassed ghost disappeared from the mirror. From the looks of it, it might come back again.

Lyi Jing sighed. He still had something to do today. He had a headache! He went alone to confess to another man? This was too... abnormal!

However, he could not refuse. A man should keep his word! The most important thing was that he was a coward...

The bright sunlight shone on the small path, and the plants beside it evaporated into a faint fragrance. The strong light added a clear brightness to the scenery, but it made Lyi Jing squint his eyes.

He lowered his head and looked at a piece of white paper in his hand. There was a address written in black on it. At this moment, the female ghost whom he had made an appointment with yesterday was not beside him. Because the sunlight was too strong, it made her very uncomfortable.

He just needed to give an address to Lyi Jing and ask him to go and find someone to express her feelings of adoration. Actually, it was not that simple. It was just that he understood it so simply.

The slightly old rented house gave off a sense of vitality. Some flowers and flowers could be seen on the balcony, and there were colorful clothes hanging on it. The sunlight seemed to take care of this place, and the atmosphere enveloped the building.

The Yang energy was abundant, so it was no wonder that the female ghost did not dare to appear in front of him. It was harmful to the Yin energy.

"Dingdong!" Lyi Jing pressed the doorbell. He did not know whether she was home or not. Would she think that he was crazy?

The door opened very quickly with a click. The boy in front of him was a handsome young man. He had slightly sharp phoenix eyes, a handsome nose, and a thin pale colored lips. Although he looked like a young man, he had a vague resoluteness. His handsome face was very invasive. It was a face that one would never forget at a glance.

Lyi Jing was also stunned for a while before he quickly reacted. He was a big man. How could he possibly be infatuated?

"Uh... Hello, someone asked me to tell you. She said she likes you."

Lyi Jing quickly finished his words. Because he was confessing to a boy, as a straight man, he felt extremely awkward. His ears were red as he handed him a piece of paper and stuffed it into his mouth. He was about to turn around and slip away.

Unexpectedly, in the next second, the world turned upside down. The scenery in front of him blurred. Then, his back was pressed against the wall, and he heard the sound of the door being closed.

He was forcefully pulled into the house.

F * ck! Was he trying to rob a handsome man in broad daylight? Or was he trying to silence him! But he didn't do anything! Lyi Jing looked at the boy, wanting to cry, but had no tears. In his mind, he imagined all kinds of indescribably cruel scenes.

"So cute. Is this a disguised confession?" The boy laughed in a low voice and suddenly approached Lyi Jing. His thin lips instantly pressed against Lyi Jing's lips.

Did he meet a pervert!?

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