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C3 Pervert Knows Him?

Lyi Jing cursed in his heart, but he forgot to push the man on top of him away. Actually, he couldn't push it away either...

Are you f * cking crazy!?

Lyi Jing quickly lifted his leg and aimed it at Ji Shimo's crotch. Ji Shimo felt something and let go of him. He quickly took a step back.

This wasn't because he was scared. He just wanted to chat with a cute little girl, but if they kept kissing, he wouldn't stop.

When Ji Shimo's lips left his, Lyi Jing roared. "Did you not take the kiss?" Lyi Jing asked. Why was the kiss so strong? My mouth was even... "He really did not want to say the rest of the words because he felt so terrified.

Could it be that someone took the kiss before? " Ji Shimo asked. This was Ji Shimo's first reaction. His face was ashen and looked like it was going to turn black. It scared Lyi Jing so much that he suddenly felt a little scared.

"Who, who doesn't have a kiss experience?" Lyi Jing was stubborn. Even if he didn't have a kiss, he still had to pretend. "Thinking about back then..."

"Oh?" Ji Shimo approached him with a fake smile. He seemed like he was going to explode. "With whom?"

"It's not you anyway..." Before he could finish, Ji Shimo covered his face with his hand. "Then I will erase his or her traces!"

Seeing that this pervert was about to kiss endlessly again, Lyi Jing quickly changed his words and shook his head with all his might. "Don't! I didn't. Other than you, I've never kissed anyone else. "

Ji Shimo really didn't kiss him when he heard that. He fondly patted his head and said, "Be good."

You can't touch a man's head, do you understand? Lyi Jing was roaring in his heart, but he didn't want to cause more trouble. Moreover, the other party looked so strong. When he was forcefully kissed previously, he couldn't push this person away. It seemed like he couldn't beat him.

"Although I don't know why you kissed me, I'm magnanimous, so I'll treat it as if I was bitten by a dog. I won't argue with you." Lyi Jing was serious. He cleared his throat and continued in a serious manner. "About the note, you should take a look. Don't disappoint the girl."

After saying that, he looked down at the note in his hand. Then, he was stunned because his hand was empty. What about the note?

"Are you looking for this note?" Ji Shimo kindly shook the piece of paper that he had taken away earlier and showed it to him. "I'm not interested. I'm only interested in you. What should I do?"

He bit down heavily on the word "Xing." If a woman heard him, She would definitely be intoxicated by Ji Shimo's beautiful voice. Lyi Jing, on the other hand, had goosebumps all over his body. He clenched his fists in shame and anger. No man would be able to tolerate such words, but Lyi Jing took a deep breath. He resisted the urge to beat the other party to death.

"I don't care what you do." He quietly moved his hand to the door handle, wanting to take the opportunity to slip out. "Anyway, I've already completed my mission. Regarding this, you don't have to respond." Because he was no longer in this world.

"Do you still remember me?" Ji Shimo suddenly asked. Lyi Jing had already secretly wanted to open the door, but Ji Shimo had already found out. "Do you think I don't know that you want to escape?"

... "" So what? Lyi Jing did not remember such a person. He just wanted to go home and wash up and sleep.

"It's so cold. To think that after I came back that day, I was still thinking about you." Ji Shimo shook his head helplessly and slowly approached Lyi Jing. The danger level was soaring.

"You, you, you, don't come over! Believe it or not, I will call people now!" The moment he said that, Lyi Jing wanted to slap himself a few times. Are you a woman from a good family? Call someone?

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