Manual For Seizing The Protagonist/C4 The Scene of the Strange Car Accident
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Manual For Seizing The Protagonist/C4 The Scene of the Strange Car Accident
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C4 The Scene of the Strange Car Accident

"The sun was bright that day," Ji Shimo said. "You were eating ice cream on the road. You were wearing light blue pajamas. You were dressed strangely, but you did not look awkward at all."

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What? What was he saying? Lyi Jing was dumbfounded. This was not romantic at all! Not to mention that it was love at first sight?

Ji Shimo seemed to have thought of something and smiled gently. He continued, "Then you licked it halfway and the ice cream fell down and dripped onto your clothes. Your reaction at that time..." Ji Shimo licked his lips and stared at Lyi Jing. His eyes revealed his bones. "So cute..."

When he heard this, Lyi Jing immediately crossed his arms and rubbed his arms. Goosebumps were not enough to express the disgust in his heart.

Ji Shimo suddenly got close to Lyi Jing. Lyi Jing could feel the warm breath in Lyi Jing's ear. It was itchy, and Lyi Jing had goosebumps all over his body. It was very uncomfortable.

Ji Shimo whispered in his ear, "If you..." As he slowly said the last words, Lyi Jing's face changed from white to red, then from red to green, and finally to black as the bottom of a pot.

Motherf * cker! Abnormal! Psycho!

Lyi Jing immediately came back to his senses and pushed Ji Shimo away. He quickly twisted the handle and skewered it like the wind. He did not wait for the crowd to stop, leaving Ji Shimo alone with an unclear expression. He didn't know that Lyi Jing's escape would make his life even more difficult.

Ji Shimo let him escape. A strange smile appeared on his face. He stared at the direction where Lyi Jing had left. He looked like he had seen prey fly away from his mouth. His bloodthirsty expression made people feel a chill in their hearts.

Lyi Jing, you won't be able to escape!

At this moment, Lyi Jing, who was running all the way, stopped by a tree. Because he was running too fast, he had difficulty breathing. He held onto the tree trunk and panted as if he had been chased by a ghost.

No, it was even scarier than being chased by a ghost. Lyi Jing's heart was like a f * cking dog. How could he have encountered such a snake disease? And it was a male!

He raised his head and looked around. This was a slightly more remote place. There were not many people, and there were also few cars. There were only a few faint sounds of insects making noises. But for some reason, Lyi Jing felt like he had seen this place before.

This was not the road he had come from, but he could still go to the abnormal residential area.

Lyi Jing shook his head. He did not know why he cared so much about this place. He suppressed the strange feeling in his heart and took out his phone to make a call. It did not take long before the call connected.

"Hello? Jing, why did you suddenly call me? Let me tell you first, I won't let you copy my homework."

Lyi Jing's face darkened, and he immediately retorted, "Go away, I still don't like your homework! Are you free now? Drive over here to pick me up. I'm too lazy to go and take a taxi. " Actually, he didn't have any money. He left in a hurry and only brought the fare when he came.

"You don't have money, right?" The other party snorted and got up to pick him up. At the same time, he did not forget to retort, "Where is it? Let me pick you up, a lost little lamb."

"Can you not be so disgusting?" Lyi Jing said in disgust. Because they were good friends, they usually had a better relationship due to mutual harm. "I'm next to a tree on XX Road. Hurry up and come over."

"Okay. Wait a moment." Qin An Ran shook the car keys and teased. "There seems to be a car accident at that place. A girl died just like that. Be careful not to be killed..."

A girl? Dead? Lyi Jing thought to himself. It seemed like he had read this report before. No wonder this place looked a little familiar.

"Argh! Argh!" A sharp female voice suddenly sounded. Lyi Jing looked over. A large truck in front of him directly crushed a girl's body and crushed her abdomen. She didn't stop at all, as if she was going to be crushed in half. Her abdomen had been flattened. Only a few pieces of flesh and blood were left. Fresh red blood flowed down the girl's facial features and abdomen. The scene was extremely bloody and cruel.

Lyi Jing was so scared that his whole body was stiff. His stomach was rolling in his throat like a raging river.

"Urgh..." He could not help but vomit. After vomiting, he looked up and saw that the scene of the car accident in front of him had disappeared. The road was so clean that there was not a trace of blood on it, as if it was just an illusion.

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