Manual For Seizing The Protagonist/C6 Investigate the Car Accident
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Manual For Seizing The Protagonist/C6 Investigate the Car Accident
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C6 Investigate the Car Accident

"I'm looking for information. Do you remember how you died?" Lyi Jing clicked on the search button and looked at the photos on the web page. He found nothing to know. It was just an ordinary car accident. He could not find anything on the internet.

"I don't really remember either." The ghost girl tilted her head, as if she had thought of something. She said shyly, "I only remember that I was drifting, and then I saw him."

Just because you saw that pervert, you fell in love with him? Lyi Jing was speechless. "Then why don't you get close to him or follow him? The female ghosts on TV are all like this."

"I want to as well, but I can't get close to him. The yang energy on his body is too heavy. If I get too close, I'll get burned." When she spoke up to here, the female ghost lowered her head dejectedly, once again sinking into a low and gloomy state.

Lyi Jing didn't want to discuss Ji Shimo with her, so he changed the topic. "Do you remember your name?" Just as he asked this question, he felt that he was talking nonsense. His memory was gone, so how could he still remember his name?

Indeed, the female ghost shook her head, looking very confused. "But I remember that my surname is Qi. I forgot what my name was."

Qi? Knowing the surname was much easier. Lyi Jing went to ask his friend Qin Anran and found out if the girl in the car accident was this ghost girl. He immediately did as he thought of it. Lyi Jing took out his phone and dialed Qin Anran's number.

"Hello? What do you want?" Qin An An's sleepy voice was heard. It seemed like she had just fallen asleep not long ago. Lyi Jing smiled apologetically and said, "Do you still remember the car accident that happened at the place where you came to pick me up?"

"I remember. What's wrong?"

"Then do you remember the last name of the dead girl?"

"I think her last name is Qi, and her last name is Zhang. I'm not sure. At that time, this matter spread like wildfire. You actually didn't know about it?" Qin Anran suspected that he came from ancient times and was not well-informed.

"Didn't I return to my hometown? Alright, I won't disturb you anymore. Go to sleep." After saying that, she neatly hung up the phone, got up and said to the female ghost," Can I call you Xiaoqi? " She could not always call her a female ghost or a female ghost. It was also very awkward to call her Miss Qi. She could directly use the same tone as" Xiaoqi.

Xiaoqi's heart palpitated. It was as if she had found a sense of belonging. She felt especially at ease. It turned out that a name was such an important existence. With a name, she no longer felt like she had no one to rely on. She nodded her head vigorously. Although she had a feeling that it was Xiao Qi of the Seven Fairies, she felt inexplicably embarrassed...

"Can you go out with me now? I'll help you find out more information." Lyi Jing was worried that she would feel uncomfortable under the sunlight in broad daylight, or... turn into ashes?

"Yes, the sun doesn't affect our souls much. Only people with strong Yang energy will affect us as usual. For example, that person." When Little Seven mentioned Ji Shimo, she became shy again. Her infatuated look made Lyi Jing speechless. What was so good about that abnormal being? He was just a little handsome and had a good figure!

"Let's go, then. I'll take you somewhere." Lyi Jing walked downstairs. He went to the door and pushed his bicycle out. He took a long step forward. He rode it away, and the female ghost floated behind him. Along the way, Lyi Jing asked around about the accident when he saw someone he knew. Fortunately, he also knew the address of the dead girl's home. If necessary, he could go there and investigate.

Although the destination was far away, Lyi Jing rode the bicycle and soon arrived. He stopped by the roadside and turned to ask Xiaoqi. "Do you have any impression of this place?"

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