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Manual For Seizing The Protagonist/C8 It Was a Little Mysterious
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C8 It Was a Little Mysterious

Xiaoqi knew she had changed the subject, so she cleared her throat and went back on track. "I followed him all the way home, but I didn't dare to approach him. She could only watch from afar. After watching him go home, " It's already night time, so I continued to drift around. That day, when the Yin Qi was thick again, you were walking alone on the road. When you broke into the fog, you saw me. "That's why I chased after you."

So that day, he was the one looking for trouble. Who asked him to go out in the middle of the night for a supper? If he had known earlier, he would have ordered takeout. Lyi Jing really wanted to slap this greedy mouth of his to death.

Lyi Jing sighed in his heart and said, "Anyway, I will help you so that you can reincarnate."

"Can you reincarnate like this?" Xiaoqi was a little confused, "But I feel that there are still many things that I haven't done yet."

"Life is full of things that can't be completed. Your heart can't be finished. Do you want to go and see your parents?"


[Go, come back after you see them.] I will open the window and wait for you to come over." Lyi Jing rode the bicycle steadily. He looked forward, his gaze so deep that it could suck people in. He was different from his usual carefree self. At this moment, he was particularly attractive. The golden sunlight shone on half of his face, and his long eyelashes trembled slightly. A faint shadow was cast in his eyes, and his beautiful outline was like that of a god. However, it gave off a warm feeling.

Xiaoqi looked at Lyi Jing in a daze, as if she had just gotten to know him again. She did not carefully observe him before, but now that she looked at him, her bangs, which were usually too long, were blown by the wind. She revealed an exceptionally delicate face, giving off a faint sense of mystery.

Extremely charming.

She knew that she should not use "charming" to describe a man, but when she saw Lyi Jing's appearance, this word appeared in her mind, even though she no longer had a real brain.

"Then... I'll go first." Xiaoqi suddenly wanted to cry because of that sentence, "I will open the window." She felt warm and sour. Although she was in a ghost state and could penetrate objects, Lyi Jing treated her like a human being and left her a place to return to.


Lyi Jing simply replied with one word. Xiaoqi stopped her floating soul body and made a face at his back. She moved her feet and flew to her house when she was still alive.


Lyi Jing went to school early in the morning and greeted Hu Ran Zhao, his deskmate, and immediately asked, "How is the result of the investigation that I asked you to help me with?"

"There's too little information on that matter. I'm just an amateur gossip lover. I really don't know."

"What did you say? Can't find out?" Lyi Jing frowned. It seemed like the matter wasn't that simple. The driver was still at large.

"Big brother, I don't have a professional intelligence network. How can I find out about this kind of thing?" Hu Ran Zhao helplessly facepalmed before asking, "Why do you want to investigate this?"

"Something happened. It's hard to explain in a single word." Lyi Jing slumped into his chair in a dispirited manner. His excessively long bangs covered his eyes, making him look like an ordinary gloomy otaku. He was originally an otaku, lazy and otaku. He actually had a headache over this matter.

Hu Ran Zhao did not know what had happened to him, but seeing that he did not seem to be particularly troubled, he did not care. He reached out and patted Lyi Jing's shoulder. "Quickly sit down. Teacher is coming."

Lyi Jing sat up straight and held a pen in his hand as he paced back and forth, thinking about where he should find the information.

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