Marriage in Midnight: Ghost Hubby/C10 Ghost Infant Two Attacks
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Marriage in Midnight: Ghost Hubby/C10 Ghost Infant Two Attacks
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C10 Ghost Infant Two Attacks

"Yin Yang World, Ghost Pass, Bridge of Life, Gather Ghost Street, which one do you want to know?"

Yan Ye was clearly familiar with his question, and could even remember some of the things that he had forgotten. However, there was one thing that he still cared a lot about, and that was why he was sealed within the Blood Jade Ring.

Fortunately, it was sealed. Otherwise, how would he be able to meet the person in front of him?

Thinking about it here, Yan Ye also felt relieved, but how did the little girl know about this place, the Yin Yang World?

"I don't know. Is it far?"

Hua Xiaoxian was still immersed in her thoughts just now. She didn't know why but she felt that her master really wanted to go to that place.

"It's not that far, it's not that close. But you have to be clear, that place is definitely not a place for the living."

Although Yan Ye didn't know what the Hua Xiaoxian in front of him wanted to do, he still had to warn the person in front of him. After all, no matter what, he didn't want to see his little girl do anything stupid.

"I got it. Once I save He Jin, I'll never come back to Sunset Mountain again."

Hua Xiaoxian decided to listen to his master. His master was definitely not a person who did not want him to return for no reason, so he must have his own reasons.

That night, Hua Xiaoxian thought about many things, to the point where she did not sleep the whole night, only closing her eyes and laying on the small bed. There was an indescribable calmness in her heart.

An entire night passed without incident, and only when the sky started to brighten did Hua Xiaoxian suddenly wake up from her sleep and realize that the entire night had passed without incident.

"Seeing that you're fine, I feel at ease. No matter what your purpose in coming here is, I urge you to give up and go down the mountain."

The woman in front of them was none other than the woman who had brought them to the village last night.

"Elder sister, why are you helping us?"

Hua Xiaoxian originally did not want to ask anymore, but at this moment, she still asked. She had experienced so much already, how could she be willing to not understand it at this moment?

I owe your master a favor, and this time it's even off. I have to finish what I have to say, and now it's up to you guys to make your choice, because the decision was planted by yourselves, and your choice will definitely determine your future fate. As the saying goes, destiny cannot be defied, and you cannot change it for the time being.

The first half of the woman's sentence was clearly heard by Hua Xiaoxian, but in the latter half, Hua Xiaoxian did not understand what she meant at all.

"Quickly, leave this damned place when we find the Yin Yang Mirror."

After experiencing life and death, the woman called Hong also changed her opinion of Hua Xiaoxian.

The man opened his mouth impatiently.

Ol 'Three, don't forget that Master Hua made a deal with that red-clothed female ghost to save our lives. Although we still don't know what goal that red clothed female ghost has, but we are all loyal people, and although it is for money, we cannot do something so treacherous.

When Hong said that, the three men who were initially anxious to leave immediately nodded their heads at Hua Xiaoxian.

"Sister, you're right, Master Hua saved our lives, we have to help Master Hua this time."

No matter who they were, or what kind of people they were, and what they had done to him in the past, it was exactly because they were willing to stay and help him at such a critical juncture, which meant that they were definitely not bad people.

"Thank you ?"

Hua Xiaoxian was extremely grateful to the four of them helping him out. Oh right, it was as if she had made a bet with Yan Ye, and the sky was already bright, does that mean that she had already won.

"Yan Ye, looks like you really have to leave this time."

Hua Xiaoxian said in a low voice as she thought about it, because she knew that Yan Ye would hear her.

"Heh, has dawn come?"

"What do you mean?"

Hua Xiaoxian instantly felt that something was amiss, could the situation be ?

"Dearest, this is only the beginning of the night. Wishing you the best of luck!"

Yan Ye looked playfully at Hua Xiaoxian, the little girl was truly silly and adorable, how could there be daylight in a village with such dense yin qi? Even if it was in the middle of the day, it would probably be because of the yin qi that it would completely cover the scorching sun, and coincidentally, this village did not even have the chance to see daylight.

Everything was just an illusion created by those ghosts. After entering the village, the night feast knew that once you entered this place, unless you broke through the restrictions set by the ghost and found the correct way to leave this place, you would only be able to face the dark night ?

Of course, Yan Ye would never tell these things to the little flower fairy before him, because he still wanted to win that bet and also wanted her to be willing to be with him.

To him, a lifetime was too short. What he wanted was to be together for all eternity.

understood that if desire surpassed strength, then there would be more things he would have to endure. He was anxious to the point that he wouldn't be able to eat hot tofu.

The corner of his mouth unconsciously curved into a smile. Just as he had said, the night had just begun.

"Yan Ye, what exactly do you mean?"

Hua Xiaoxian was a little confused, she didn't understand what Yan Ye meant in the slightest.

"Dearest, don't forget that we are both gamblers at this very moment, and there is only one winner in a bet like this. I don't want to be the loser, so I'm sorry, the notice ends here, and we can only wait for you to find out, and if you can give up on your bet in advance, then I can ?"

"Forget it, I knew you weren't so kind. Even if you didn't say anything, I would have definitely discovered it myself."

Yan Ye's words were cut off by Hua Xiaoxian, who tactfully did not speak anymore, and only watched her beloved's every move quietly as a spectator.

Sometimes, just looking at them like this was a form of enjoyment.

"Mother, give my mother back!"

The white light outside the window suddenly dimmed, and the ghastly infant's mournful voice could be heard again. Everyone felt their hair stand on end. The little girl, who was carrying the jar, once again ran anxiously towards the end of the corridor.

"Quick, help me find a way to block the door in front of us. We can't let it in."

As she spoke, she set the jar in her hand to the side and began to push the table as hard as she could to block the chilly wind. Although they didn't know what the little girl's intentions were, they knew that this time they definitely couldn't let that abnormally quick Ghost Infant into the inn.

"Mother, mother ?"

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