Marriage in Midnight: Ghost Hubby/C11 spiritual sacrifice
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Marriage in Midnight: Ghost Hubby/C11 spiritual sacrifice
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C11 spiritual sacrifice

"The third day of the Yin calendar, the fragrance of women, the ancestral hall, the sacrificial ceremony ?"

Suddenly, a voice came from outside the door, and a sinister voice came out from behind the door. Hua Xiaoxian then saw a huge cage floating in the air with many young women dressed in white tied up, and the big men carrying them were obviously floating in the air, none of them walking on the ground, which allowed Hua Xiaoxian to instantly understand, these big men were not human, and the woman in the cage would not be able to do it ?

"They are human, and are being dragged to the ancestral hall to worship the well deity. "This has always been a tradition in our village. Every three years, ten virgins would come out to offer sacrifices to the well god, and today is the day to offer sacrifices to the well god."

The one who spoke was the young girl who sealed the pot with the ghost girl's eyes. At that moment, her eyes were fixed on the outside of the inn. The next moment, the inn's door was suddenly slammed open by a force.

"There's only one more person, you ?"

Without another word, a group of people charged forward and tied the young girl up. He brought them out of the inn.

"What do you think of me?"

Hua Xiaoxian volunteered and walked forward, causing Hong and the others to feel that it was somewhat hard to believe.

"Are you going to replace her?"

The leader's face revealed an additional difference, and actually indicated for his subordinates to let go of Hua Xiaoxian and tie her up, before sending her into the floating cage.

Inside the main hall of the Shi family's ancestral hall.

Hua Xiaoxian looked over, there was nothing inside the Ancestral Hall, only a two-meter-wide well with a green light shining from the entrance.

Suddenly, just as everyone was sincerely bowing, a white light floated out from inside the well, and then, the white light started to revolve around the cage, following that, Hua Xiaoxian felt her vision go black, and she lost all feeling in that instant.

When he woke up again, Hua Xiaoxian felt her entire body becoming cold, as though her entire body was immersed in a strange liquid, following that, she felt a smooth sensation from her skin up to down, which caused her to unconsciously feel a strange disgust.

"Yan Ye, Yan Ye..."

With great difficulty, he wanted to cry out, but at the next moment, he was abruptly covered by a pair of hands, and the next moment, an exceptionally cold voice was heard.

"They clearly aren't virgins, yet they actually used this kind of trash to lie to me. It can be seen that they really don't want to live anymore."

No matter how much he threw the cloth, the man in front of him who deserved to die threw Hua Xiaoxian out. The moment Hua Xiaoxian was thrown out, she felt as if her entire body was surrounded by ghost shadows.

"Since sire doesn't want it, this is ours ?"

"Who says I'm not. This tender skin will definitely taste good when eaten ?"


"All of you, go away ?"

Hua Xiaoxian could be considered to have completely witnessed the scene of being surrounded by the ghosts.

"So disgusting, really disgusting ?"

Hua Xiaoxian finally understood the difference between Yan Ye and these guys. When the night banquet touched him, he had never felt disgusted, but when these guys in front of him touched him, he couldn't help but feel disgusted. This was the difference between ghosts and ghosts.

At this moment, she really wanted to hear the playful sounds of the feast and think ?

"Let me play first ?"

A hand said as it was about to caress her body, but in the next moment, a familiar red vine suddenly appeared and instantly protected Hua Xiaoxian, preventing the surrounding ghosts from getting close to him.

"Oh, my dear, what happened to you? Why are you in such a sorry state ?"

Yan Ye's voice sounded like heavenly music to Hua Xiaoxian's ears at this moment. She didn't care about anything else as he reached out and hugged Yan Ye's waist, his body still trembling slightly.

"Darling, why are you so proactive? Are you afraid?"

Yan Ye felt that he had appeared at the perfect time, if not he would not have thrown himself into such a situation. Although he was elated, his face did not reveal the slightest bit of emotion.

"Yan Ye, take me away from here."

At this moment, Hua Xiaoxian did not want to stay in this place at all, and a trace of a pleading look actually appeared in her eyes.

"Darling, you really fascinate me."

He lowered his head and forcefully kissed her trembling lips. He didn't know why, but even though he had already kissed her so many times, the kiss was still as sweet as before. He couldn't help but feel intoxicated by it.

"Who are you? Why have you intruded into my Netherworld Kingdom?"

Just as Yan Ye was about to deepen this kiss, a sharp voice entered his ears. Hua Xiaoxian, who was in his embrace, couldn't help but shake his shoulders, not knowing why, but the moment she heard this bone-piercing, ice-cold voice, she felt fear. That fear came from the depths of her heart, but she had obviously heard this voice for the second time, why, why ?

She cried, she didn't care about the wager or anything else, at that moment in time, all she wanted Yan Ye to do was to bring her out of here.

"Yan Ye, I don't want to stay here at all. Take me away, take me away ?"

She extended her hands and hugged Yan Ye tightly, her entire body weak and powerless.

"What did you just call him?"

When the ice-cold voice sounded once again, Hua Xiaoxian instinctively shrank his head, burying his entire head in front of the banquet's chest.

"No matter who you are, you scared my darling. I think it's necessary for you to apologize to my darling."

Yan Ye's heart ached, and his pair of bloody eyes met the pair of deep blue cold eyes. The two of them seemed like a passionate fire and a cold ice, and like that, they carried out an intense exchange of gazes.

Suddenly, the ice cold blue light released a wave of hatred, which rushed towards Yan Ye.

"That's right, you are indeed the beautiful Ghost King Yan Ye. I've said it before, if you appear in front of me again, I, Lan Ming, will definitely take your life."

After hearing the name, Hua Xiaoxian was even more afraid, to the point where she did not dare to look directly at the man in front of him.

"Who are you?"

Yan Ye was also surprised, he did not know why, but it seemed like it was the first time he saw this person who called himself Lan Ming, but why did he have such a clear expression on his face at that moment, as though he had deep grudges against him.

"This joke of pretending to be disappointed isn't fun at all!"

Lan Ming's cold eyes shot out a ray of cold light, and quickly after, he rushed towards Yan Ye. When he was approaching Yan Ye, he suddenly felt that maybe killing his lover would make him more miserable than killing him.

With a turn of his fingers, he instantly turned into countless ice swords and attacked Hua Xiaoxian.

"Dearest ?"

Yan Ye felt an additional sense of crisis as he turned his body around, and used his body to forcefully use the cold energy that had stabbed into his body to instantly attack. Right at that moment, a flood of memories flooded his mind, causing his bloodshot eyes to turn even redder.

"His lover was once killed by Lan Ming personally."

The evil aura around his body immediately went berserk, and numerous blood-colored vines began to spread out from his body, attacking fiercely towards Lan Ming who was in front of him.

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