Marriage in Midnight: Ghost Hubby/C12 The forsaken little wretch
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Marriage in Midnight: Ghost Hubby/C12 The forsaken little wretch
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C12 The forsaken little wretch

Hua Xiaoxian had never seen such a Yan Ye before. It was so scary, so frightening, could it be that he really loved another woman?

Hua Xiaoxian did not dare think about it, and her heart involuntarily twitched as well. She originally thought that this moment she did not care the most would happen, but she was actually so curious as to what kind of woman could cause Yan Ye to become so crazy.

"Yan Ye, look who this is?"

Following Lan Ming's words, an ice coffin slowly floated up from the depths of the dark blue well below them. Separated by the transparent ice coffin, Hua Xiaoxian saw a fairy wearing white clothes, her skin as white as jade, her cherry red lips, and the most beautiful beauty's mole on her forehead. Such a peerless beauty instantly caused the two trembling men to stop their hands.

"Nian Xi..."

Yan Ye cried out in pain, then wanted to get close to the ice coffin, but Lan Ming, who was at the side, was not an easy target, and would not let him get close so easily.

That's right, he had personally killed this woman called Nian Xi and sealed her inside the ice coffin. He wanted to see how much pain Yan Ye was in, to see him unable to get close even when she saw the woman she loved, only then would he be happy, truly happy.

If it wasn't for the person in front of her, she would have never left him. She wouldn't ?

Why? Why did he abandon me? Why did he choose him? I clearly met him first, just why ?

"What do you need to do to return Nian Xi to me!"

Yan Ye was like a rooster who had lost a fight, lowering his head and asking.

"Sure, I can give her to you, but I want her!"

Lan Ming's eyes flashed, and the person who raised his hand to point at was no one else but Hua Xiaoxian, who was still in her embrace earlier.

"Yan Ye..."

At the same time, Hua Xiaoxian also looked at Yan Ye, shaking her head non-stop.

"As long as you give Nian Xi back to me, I will give her to you."

Yan Ye's ice-cold eyes swept past Hua Xiaoxian, and at this moment, there was no longer any gentleness in those eyes. In his eyes, there was only the woman called Nian Xi in the crystal coffin, and not a single shadow of her could be seen.

That's right, there was only one person he loved from the very beginning, and that was Nian Xi. As for her, for some reason, a thought flashed through his mind, but it was quickly replaced by his deep feelings for Nian Xi.

He only wanted his Nian Xi, the others had nothing to do with him.

"You can leave with your lover now. From today onwards, she belongs to me, Lan Ming."

As Lan Ming spoke, he reached out his hand to pull Hua Xiaoxian along with him into his arms, tightly locking his tear-stained face.

"Yan Ye, I hate you ?"

When Yan Ye carried the crystal coffin and was about to leave, Hua Xiaoxian completely gave up hope. Her originally moved heart was frozen once again, and from now on, the person she hated was the man who gave her away so easily.

After Yan Ye heard it, he only hesitated for a moment before jumping up with the beauty in his arms and disappeared.

"How does it feel to be betrayed by a lover? Not bad, right!"

Lan Ming extended his hand and grabbed Hua Xiaoxian's lower jaw. The force of the blow caused Hua Xiaoxian's face to turn pale, and with a light swipe of her nails, a wound appeared on her neck.

Fresh blood oozed out from the wound as Lan Ming slightly lowered his forehead, and actually unceremoniously bit down on it. strongly bit his lower lip to not let himself make a sound, he did not expect Lan Ming, who was tightly restraining him, to suddenly become even more powerful, and actually become as strong as possible on a wound that was being bitten.

"You ?"

Hua Xiaoxian was finally unable to hold back, and was about to open her mouth, but was suddenly covered by a hand.

"I like quiet food. Forget about the women who helped Yan Ye, even their blood is sweeter than the others! "

As he spoke, he continued to suck in the food that was bleeding from the wounds. That feeling made Lan Ming also unconsciously feel that it was damn good, and there was even a hint of desire in it.

"You ?"

Hua Xiaoxian originally only felt pain, but at this moment, she felt an additional sense of danger, as if she was about to be violated.

"Don't forget, since the banquet guests chose that dead woman, you have already been mine."

The light in Lan Ming's eyes changed. The originally untamed desire to conquer was aroused, and at this moment, he wanted this woman who already had the smell of Yan Ye, he urgently thought ?

"My lord, all the women who have paid their tribute have arrived. May I ask which one you will choose tonight?"

It was at this moment that the voice of a beauty sounded, allowing Lan Ming to regain some rationality. Even though he was no longer sucking Hua Xiaoxian's blood, it still bound her body, and forced her to lie down on the well wall in front of his.

"I got it, take me to see it."

To Lan Ming, nothing was as important as finding the person in his heart, and because of that, Hua Xiaoxian had escaped death.

"Master, what should we do with her?"

The woman asked as if to remind Lan Ming, which made him worry. After all, what he wanted wasn't to be defeated like this, so in general, the person in front of him was useless. However ?

With a quick thought, he realized that the person in front of him was once Yan Ye's woman.

"Take it to the water prison and lock it up first."

Lan Ming said coldly, and then without turning his head, he sank into the bottom of the well.

"Come with me!"

When the lady saw Lan Ming leaving, she immediately looked towards Hua Xiaoxian.

"It's you?"

Hua Xiaoxian could not believe her eyes. The woman in front of him was no other than the woman who had once made a deal with him when she was still a mere mountain.

"It's me. I didn't expect you to really come here. It seems that I have underestimated you."

There was a trace of admiration on the woman's face before it turned cold.

"Now you can tell me why you want to lure us into this village no matter what. I'm afraid you must have invented that girl called Mei Yu!"

Hua Xiaoxian was only guessing, but she herself did not dare to be certain of the truth.

I purposely showed you the way, and I can tell you that this time, there really is a girl called Mei Yu in the God of Well Sacrifice, and our agreement is still valid. As long as you can help me save Mei Yu, not only can I help you remove the poison I planted on your body, I can also help you escape, but all of this can only be established after you save that girl called Mei Yu.

After she said that, she brought Hua Xiaoxian down the well and stopped in front of a water prison.

"Let's go in!"

After speaking coldly, he suddenly pushed Hua Xiaoxian into the water prison in front of him.

"Tell me where she is!"

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