Marriage in Midnight: Ghost Hubby/C13 To be caught trying to escape
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Marriage in Midnight: Ghost Hubby/C13 To be caught trying to escape
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C13 To be caught trying to escape

Xiao Xian carefully turned his body to ask as he was being pushed inside. She had originally planned to rely on herself from the very beginning, but she hadn't expected to encounter Yan Ye betraying her after entering this place, she didn't expect that she would actually rely on herself instead of on someone else. Right now, she could only rely on herself, since she didn't want to die here, and He Jin was still waiting for her to return!

"I've already helped her if I can. You don't have much time left. All of them will become master craftsmen's offerings tomorrow, so the rest is up to you. I'm leaving!"

Before she left, she stuffed a silver hairpin into Hua Xiaoxian's hands, then turned and walked out of the prison, quickly disappearing from Hua Xiaoxian's sight.

"Wuwuwu ?"

Suddenly, Hua Xiaoxian heard the sound of a woman crying, following that, Hua Xiaoxian saw a heartbroken girl kneeling in the corner of the water prison.

"You can't be called Mei Yu, right?"

"How do you know?"

Hua Xiaoxian originally had the thought of giving it a try, but she never thought that the woman would have really arranged everything in the beginning. As long as she could think of a way to bring this girl called Mei Yu away, she would definitely help him escape successfully.

"Don't worry about how I know. Do you want to leave?"

Hua Xiaoxian's words successfully stopped Mei Yu from crying.

"Stop talking nonsense. After tomorrow, we will all die. Let alone escaping from this well, even if this water prison in front of us, we won't be able to escape."

If she had the ability to escape, she would not have been caught in the beginning. She had already completely given up hope, and was taking advantage of this chance to cry more, maybe King Yan would even die seeing that she was going to be reincarnated into a good family in her next life.

"Kacha ?"

Just like that, the water prison's door was opened by Hua Xiaoxian. Speaking of which, the silver hairpin left behind by the ghost girl was really useful, she only needed to poke at the water prison's lock lightly, and opened the door with all her might.

At the same time, in Jing Shen Palace, a bewitching blue clothed beauty was using all means at this moment to try to get Lan Ming to lean on the big bed.

Her body was wrapped around Lan Ming like a water snake, both of her hands were massaging Lan Ming's shoulders from time to time, suddenly she got close, and just as she was about to kiss the face that she had been thinking about for a long time, her blue eyes suddenly opened up.

"Pa ?"

With a merciless throw, the blue-clothed woman, who had been kneeling on the edge of the bed, was instantly flung three meters away.

"Blue Demon ?"

Her cold eyes instantly locked onto the woman who was already kneeling on the ground.

"I was wrong, I am willing to be punished by the lord!"

Although Blue Demon was unwilling, she knew that the person in front of her was cold and merciless. As the saying went, a good companion like a tiger was a good companion like a tiger. She was a smart woman, and this was something she understood.

"It's good that you know your wrongs. Let's go to the water prison and take a look."

Lan Ming did not know why, but at that moment, it was not because of the little ghost girl, but because the calm well water suddenly had an additional weak ripple.

This won't do, I definitely can't let anything go wrong with it. I have to refine it into a Spirit Chaser, I have to ?

A sliver of impatience appeared in his heart as he hurriedly brought the ghost girl towards the prison.

"Lord, where are you going?"

The red-clothed female ghost's expression immediately changed as she rushed forward. She even forgot about her usual etiquette.

"You ?"

Lan Ming only took a glance before he reached out to push away the red-clothed ghost girl, and hurriedly walked towards the water prison along the stairs.

Hopefully, it wasn't like how he thought it was, as the thing he hated the most in his life was being cheated ?

"This way ?"

Hua Xiaoxian, who had already escaped from the prison, brought Mei Yu and walked up the dark stairs. The red-clothed female ghost had once said in her ear that as long as they passed through the door at the end of the stairs, they would be able to leave the well and return to the outside world.

Along the way, they didn't encounter any danger. Finally, they reached the exit that the red-clothed female ghost was talking about.

"Once we leave this place, we will be able to return to the surface of the well."

Hua Xiaoxian walked forward and tried to open the door in front of him with all her might. Seeing that, Mei Yu also came forward to help, but when the two of them struggled to open the door, they thought that they had seen a ray of hope, but ?

"Where do you want to go?"

A cold voice sounded, causing Hua Xiaoxian and Mei Yu's hearts to turn cold. The person in front of them was no other than the man who caused both Hua Xiaoxian and Mei Yu to tremble in fear ? Lan Ming.

"You ?"

Hua Xiaoxian originally wanted to say why Lan Ming was here, but after thinking about it, she immediately gave up that idea. Since it had already been leaked at this moment, she definitely could not let the red-clothed female ghost out.

"What about me?"

Lan Ming's eyes turned cold as he sized up the Hua Xiaoxian in front of him. This woman was really restless, she actually tried to escape with his tribute.


Hua Xiaoxian did not explain as she stared fiercely at the Lan Ming in front of him.

"Good little bitch. You want to escape? I think you've gotten tired of living."

Lan Mei walked forward with her doggy legs and slapped Hua Xiaoxian in the face. The strength behind her slap was so strong that Hua Xiaoxian fell to the side.

"Tell me, how did you escape from the prison?"

Lan Ming lowered his body slightly and grabbed Hua Xiaoxian's arm. His eyes were filled with savagery.

"You think I can't find a way out of a place like this? If that's the case, then you're underestimating me."

Hua Xiaoxian's contemptuous performance made Lan Ming feel a slight difference. After that, he playfully stood up, turned her body, and said something to the blue spirit beside him. Then, she reached out her hand to pull Hua Xiaoxian up from the ground and left.

"Where are you taking me?"

Hua Xiaoxian struggled very hard, struggling again and again to look at Mei Yu at the side. At this moment, Mei Yu was not much better off than her, as she was completely dragged towards a certain direction by Lan Mei.

"I can give you a chance. As long as you help me kill her, I'll give you a chance to live."

A light suddenly lit up in the dark cell, while the one tied to the cross was a red-clothed female ghost. Her eyes were filled with despair as she looked at Lan Ming who had walked in and Hua Xiaoxian who had fallen on the ground.

"Take this sword and kill her. I will let you continue living."

Lan Ming liked it when he was like this, he threw a shiny sword in front of Hua Xiaoxian, and then pointed at the red-clothed female ghost who had been beaten up to a pulp.

"Failed, failed ?"

The ghost lady in red suddenly cried. Tears rolled down from the corners of her eyes. It's alright, she can beg the man in front of her again to let go of her only sister. She can ?

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