Marriage in Midnight: Ghost Hubby/C14 Sacrificial Primary Appearance
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Marriage in Midnight: Ghost Hubby/C14 Sacrificial Primary Appearance
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C14 Sacrificial Primary Appearance

"Master Lan Ming, I beg you, for the sake of Hong Mei helping you for so long, please let my sister go!"

Suddenly, the female ghost dressed in red, who called herself Hongmei, broke free from her restraints and knelt on the ground. Her beautiful eyes were full of pleading.

"Hongmei, you have truly disappointed this sovereign."

Lan Ming shook his head slightly. Then, a sinister look flashed past Lan Mei's eyes as he walked over and grabbed onto Hong Mei's jet-black hair, pulling her away as he headed towards the long corridor.

Of course, Hua Xiaoxian did not know what would happen if she waited for Hong Mei's fate, and a hint of sympathy appeared in her eyes. However, right now, she could not even protect herself, so why did she overestimate herself and step forward to save him?

She was not an idiot, so she would not step forward. Moreover, she was filled with hatred towards ghosts, these creatures that should not have existed in the first place.

Thinking about Yan Ye who had abandoned his for a body, her heart couldn't help but bleed.

"Since the trouble has been resolved, I hope that you can come and take a look at the sacrifice together. After all ?"

After speaking up to here, Lan Ming didn't say anything else. He lifted his leg and walked forward, grabbed Hua Xiaoxian's arm, and forcefully brought her along. As for the Mei Yu that was brought over by Hua Xiaoxian, she had already disappeared at an unknown time.

"Master Lan Ming, everything is ready, according to your instructions, the sacrificial ceremony can start anytime."

A black figure suddenly appeared in front of Lan Ming. As he softly whispered in his ear, a trace of light instantly appeared in Lan Ming's eyes.

'Immediately begin... '

Following Lan Ming's command, everything in the surroundings started to faintly suffuse with a blue light. The beautiful feeling of standing in a sea of stars instantly made Hua Xiaoxian lose her mind. This kind of feeling was a kind of familiar beautiful feeling, as though the depths of her soul was resonating with a faint feeling of resonance, and was deeply moved by the scene before her, and she couldn't help but sigh lightly.

"Azure Star, why is the Netherworld ?"

Her voice was not loud, but it was enough for Lan Ming, who was just inches away from her to hear, to hear her, causing her to tremble slightly as well.

"What did you just say?"

His heart was slightly moved. Why did this woman suddenly say such words? There was only one person in this world who could say those words, but why did it come out so easily from the mouth of an unclean girl?

At that time, how could the woman in front of him imitate her so easily? It must have been Yan Ye's doing, and how could he be fooled so easily when he intentionally made a woman like her to test him.


A hint of confusion flashed past Hua Xiaoxian's eyes, she raised her eyes and looked innocently at Lan Ming, she did not know how she offended this man who was fickle, but the pain in her hands was an uncontestable fact.

No matter what goal Yan Ye has in giving you to me, I will definitely not fall for it. Remember this: I, Lan Ming, am not someone that a lowly human like you can easily confuse. Furthermore, trying to pretend to be my lover, I think that Yan Ye is really underestimating me.

In the next moment, everything became hidden in the darkness of the Netherworld, and Hua Xiaoxian, who was in the darkness, instantly felt a suffocating sense of fear spread throughout her body. The next moment, her entire body seemed to have been submerged in a bone-chilling water, she wanted to open her mouth to breathe, but it seemed as though her limbs were all being controlled by some invisible force. At this moment, she really felt the fear of death, and a hint of trembling fear could not help but arise from her entire body.

In the next moment, she needed a type of release. A complete release. She wanted to give up everything, gradually losing herself in this ice-cold touch. Finally, her body sank from the top to the bottom.

"So cold ?"

The first feeling Hua Xiaoxian had when she woke up was immediately followed by two figures supporting him in midair.

"If you wake up, then watch carefully. Perhaps their fate today is your personal experience tomorrow."

Lan Ming's cold eyes had an extra trace of playfulness in them, following that, Hua Xiaoxian's eyes opened wide as she looked around, at the moment she was in a huge space, and around it were actually 10 gigantic white jade pillars, on the pillars were carvings and strange runes, and all of the innocent girls that were sent to the memorial hall were tied to the pillars with iron chains, of course, these were only what Hua Xiaoxian saw.

Her gaze landed on a certain spot, and her expression changed drastically. Why was she here?

He quickly covered the astonishment in his eyes.

"What exactly do you want to do?"

Hua Xiaoxian frowned and looked at Lan Ming beside her, there was no fear in her eyes, although she did not know why, but she had a faint intuition that Lan Ming would not kill her.

Of course, she wasn't the only one who understood the thoughts of the world, she was also able to see through the hearts of ghosts. At this moment, Lan Ming truly did not have any intention to kill her, and even wanted to let her see what kind of tricks Yan Ye was playing. After all, Yan Ye had already disappeared from the ghost realm for a thousand years, and no matter how he searched, he had not been able to find her, not to mention that he had suddenly appeared here. Lan Ming did not believe that fellow had accidentally barged into this place.

Thinking about that, Lan Ming's mouth formed a smile, and then looking at Hua Xiaoxian beside him, the light in his eyes became deeper.

"You'll know soon enough."

Lan Ming glanced in front of him as he spoke, and then ten ghost shadows suddenly appeared. In the next moment, the women's left hands on the ten stone pillars were cut, and blood flowed down their wrists, dropping into the strange patterns on the ground.

In the beginning, Hua Xiaoxian did not even notice the gigantic pattern on the ground, but now that she looked at it, the pattern shaped grooves seemed to have become a strange copy, as the fresh blood soaked in it actually started to miraculously light up, and then, as the blood gathered, Hua Xiaoxian vaguely felt a strange yin energy leak out from the stamen in the center of the pattern.

Suddenly, a black crack appeared on the blood-soaked stamen. The chilling cold qi was emitted from the crack, and soon after, something seemed to slowly extend from it.

When Hua Xiaoxian took a closer look, she instantly sucked in a breath of cold air.

He slowly opened his blood-red mouth and greedily allowed the blood to drip down onto it without leakage. As the blood poured into that strange big mouth, it grew bigger and bigger. Finally, it was as if it was going to burst out of the budding blood-red stamen.

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