Marriage in Midnight: Ghost Hubby/C15 Soul-drawing Yin Flower
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Marriage in Midnight: Ghost Hubby/C15 Soul-drawing Yin Flower
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C15 Soul-drawing Yin Flower

"It's a success, it's finally a success. All of my efforts have not been in vain."

Seeing this, Lan Ming was clearly excited, he looked at the scene in front of him and could not help but reveal a smile, the smile carried an unspeakable charm, and the Hua Xiaoxian who just happened to see it felt her entire body shivering, as though something bad was going to happen.

Following that, the expression on their faces turned ugly as they looked at the ten people tied to the stone pillars. They were the same people as them, and the blood that flowed out was like a life that had been lost. As the blood flowed out, their faces turned pale.

It didn't take long for them to become the food of that weird guy in the stamen. All of this was just a matter of time.

Just at that moment, Hua Xiaoxian was immersed in her thoughts, the gigantic being inside the flower stamens suddenly scuttled out, a flower like root hairs shot towards the ten surrounding pillars, following that, the woman who was bound to the pillar was suddenly pulled towards her mouth like a spring.

"No ?"

"Don't ?"

"Help ?"

Although there was despair in the eyes of the tenth day women, they could not help but make their final struggles in front of the terrifying ghost. However, all of this was useless, and before long, one by one, they were swallowed by the flower diameter.

"You better open your eyes and look carefully. Do you think that the Yan Ye you love is a good thing? Then you're wrong, when he used the person I love as a sacrifice for his lover, do you know how painful my heart felt?"

At this moment, his blue eyes contained traces of insanity. That's right, since he could, he could as well, although the woman in front of him was just a chess piece in Yan Ye's hands, and he had already accepted her, since everything was already prepared, there was no point in keeping the abandoned child.

Thinking about that, he stretched out his hand and pushed forward. Hua Xiaoxian looked at Lan Ming in disbelief, and then her body floated towards the center of the flower bud.

A flower path suddenly extended out, and grabbed Hua Xiaoxian, pulling her towards that large, blood-red mouth.

"Do it..."

Suddenly, Red shouted from the other flower, and three figures dashed out from the darkness. Following that, they raised the sword in their hands and slashed at the flower path in front of them.

The three people who came were none other than the three burly men who came along with Hua Xiaoxian.

The sudden intrusion caused the surrounding people, including Lan Ming, to be shocked. Lan Ming was very confident, confident that he would not believe that someone would barge into his territory. In the time it took for a spark to fly out, the three burly men with big sabers rushed towards the flower path, wanting to save the two girls from the flower path in one strike, but to their disappointment, the scene in front of them suddenly changed in the next moment. From the blood-red flower bud, another three flower path suddenly shot towards the three burly men who were charging at them.

"Hmph, overestimating yourself."

Lan Ming squinted his eyes, looking at the farce before him, the corners of his mouth formed an evil smile, and then he turned and appeared in front of the three big sized men, in the instant that he raised his hand, one of the big sized man was killed in a single move by him, immediately following that he walked towards the second man, who was about to lift his hand, Red who could not help but scream.

"I beg you, please let them go, they are innocent."

Red was on the verge of collapse. It seemed like she was too naive, but no matter what, she couldn't just watch her brother, who was risking his life, suddenly die in front of her.

"Hmph, please, you are thinking too simply. Since you have the guts to break into this place, then you should know what the consequences are."

As Lan Ming said this, he suddenly rushed towards the other two big sized men, raising both of his palms and struck at the two big men who were still alive.

"Hurry up and run, it's dangerous ?"

Originally, Hua Xiaoxian had felt a hint of unease in her heart just by looking at Hong Ye. She didn't expect that it wasn't just Hong Yun, even the three of them would be here.

"Big sister, master Hua, no matter what, you must leave this place alive."

The two big men in front of him opened their mouths and shouted. They raised their big swords as if their lives depended on it. Then, they hacked at the two flower paths in front of them.

At this moment, Hua Xiaoxian was crying, her tears flowing down her face. In the eyes of the two men, she saw the determination, they wanted to exchange for life with their lives, but was it really worth it?

"Don't ?"

After Hua Xiaoxian's blood-curdling screech, the two men in front of him who were originally about to succeed were instantly killed by Lan Ming without mercy. Both of them fell to the ground.

"You demon, you demon, why, why ?"

Hua Xiaoxian's tears could not stop flowing down, at this moment, she was truly sad for the three men who had died, her heart felt like it was dripping blood.

The tears flowed down his face onto the diameter of the flower below him, and white smoke suddenly rose. Soon after, the diameter flower abruptly withdrew, as if it was afraid of something, and this situation caused Lan Ming's originally cold eyes to become even colder, and he suddenly flashed forward, extending his hand to grab Hua Xiaoxian's neck.

"Woman, what did you do?"

The furious Lan Ming was emitting an unspeakable evil aura at that moment, as he trembled under the pressure.

"Ah ?"

He even left a red mark on her neck that she could not care less about. At this moment, she only had one thought in her mind, and that was to save Red. The three men were already dead, so she definitely couldn't let anything happen to Red. Originally, they had a chance to escape this calamity, but because of her, they chose to risk their lives.

"Red, I will definitely save you."

Her frail body suddenly grabbed onto the flowery path in front of her and violently pulled outwards. At this moment, her red body was about to be pulled into the huge mouth in the stamen.

"Don't worry about me, run ?"

Only then did Hua Xiaoxian notice that she was looking in a direction. There seemed to be something in that dark corner, but it was only a glance, and immediately after, she pounced towards Hong's body. She extended her arms and hugged the red body, and in that instant, the two bodies were completely drawn into the receptacle's serenity.

At the moment of the devouring, countless sharp blades turned into barbs that shot towards the two like a tidal wave.

"If we had known you earlier, we would have been the best sisters, but we don't have the chance now."

"We can be sisters now and go to the underworld together without any regrets."

Hua Xiaoxian was moved at this moment as she turned her body, trying her best to protect Hong Qi in her embrace. There were already too many people who owed her money, if she could get lucky and live past one, she hoped that person would be Hong.

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