Marriage in Midnight: Ghost Hubby/C16 The Vines came to the rescue
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Marriage in Midnight: Ghost Hubby/C16 The Vines came to the rescue
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C16 The Vines came to the rescue

"Why, didn't we say ?"

Just when she thought Hua Xiaoxian in front of her wanted to die together with her, she was suddenly pushed back by the force of the person in front of her. Immediately after, she rushed towards the direction she came from, and that figure suddenly disappeared into the darkness.

"Why, why did you ?"

Red fell to the ground and cried loudly. She wanted to rush forward to pluck out the stamen that had already closed, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't open it.

"Why did you come out?"

Lan Ming thought that he was going to succeed, and an evil smile appeared on his face, but when he saw Hong, who was suddenly flying in the opposite direction, his expression suddenly changed, and stepped on Hong's body, causing him to cough out blood.

"Haha! Haha! I want you dead! I want to avenge them!"

Ever since she left the family, she had decided not to return to that ice-cold home. Similarly, she had voluntarily given up on everything that was passed down in the family, and only then could she completely break away from that family, but now, she no longer cared, she had lost her little brother for so many years, and even her sister that she had finally gotten to know had died because of her, so why did she need to continue sealing it? She might as well use all of her strength to fight to the death with this damned ghost in front of her.

"Dao Ancestor above, Dao Child below, I, Dao Hong, have used my own blood to enlighten myself and have thus become a Dao Slave. I hope that you can help me in beheading demons and exterminating devils, and ?"

With her words, the blood symbol on the ground suddenly lit up, a sword shining with a gold light suddenly appeared from the symbol, following that, a gigantic sword aura slashed down towards Lan Ming.

Lan Ming was also frightened by this sudden change and took a step back.

"It's actually a Taoist girl. It seems that we should properly settle the total debt this time."

At that moment, it was as if Dao Hong was going to fight to the death with Lan Ming. Reaching out to grab the light sword, he forcibly pulled it out of the air, and no matter how badly his arm became mangled by the light sword's sword qi, he forced himself to swing the sword at Lan Ming. Clang clang clang clang clang clang.

At the same time, Hua Xiaoxian, who was on the other side of the lake, chose to close her eyes. As expected, there was no mistake in the cycle of karmic retribution at all, she was afraid that her life was really coming to an end, at this time, a beautiful and devilish figure suddenly flashed through her mind. He was about to die, would he still appear?

Tears welled up in his eyes. No way, he had already found his lover, so how could he care about him? It turned out that he had unknowingly fallen in love with the man who had abandoned him, using him as a barter with another man. It seemed that his love was truly lowly, and he was truly the despicable bone of the legends. Otherwise, why would he not have felt hatred when he had reached the end of his life?

"I'm sorry ?"

A familiar voice came over, and a hand suddenly grabbed onto his waist, then spun in the air once, and then kissed her forehead in pain. Hua Xiaoxian thought that she was dreaming, if it wasn't for the words, why would he appear here?

"I'm sorry. Maybe I'm really in love with you, darling."

When the voice came out again, Hua Xiaoxian only felt her ankle heat up, and instantly, a vine suddenly appeared and started to form a barrier around Hua Xiaoxian. At this moment, Hua Xiaoxian felt like she was a silkworm that was about to be cocooned, and wasn't struggling at all as she allowed her to wrap him up. Following that, a pair of hands embraced her waist once again. The next moment, a slightly cold lips gently kissed hers.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine soon."

The voice seemed to possess some sort of magic that made Hua Xiaoxian instinctively believe in and rely on it, as if it had been one since the beginning, and would not leave him.

They quietly embraced each other and waited for the danger to disappear ?

"Bang ?"

Both of them looked up and saw that the stamen, which had originally been closed, had completely burst apart from the middle. From the stamen, a cocoon-like vine ball sprinted out and instantly leaped into the air, and ten thick vines extended out from within, tightly wrapping itself around the ten stone pillars and hanging in the air.

"My Soul Yin Flower ?"

Lan Ming roared out, his eyes filled with anger as he glared at the vine ball hanging in the air.

"Damn it, damn it, all of them deserve to die ?"

Everything around them began to shake. Then, a blue stream of water shot up and struck the ball of vines.

"I won't let you succeed, don't even think about it."

On the other side, Dao Hong also saw it, and once again rushed towards Lan Ming. Although she did not know what exactly was released from the stamen, but in any case, it had destroyed that damnable flower. Since it was something that helped her, then it could be considered as a companion for the time being.

"You are courting death ?"

was truly enraged this time, how could he allow this shallow little girl to play around in front of him? Raising her hand, she only needed to raise her palm, and instantly cut Dao Hong into serious injuries and he fell to the ground. Immediately after, Lan Ming personally rushed up, and slashed the ball of vines in front of him with her hand.

"This ?"

Lan Ming frowned slightly, then a strange expression suddenly flashed past his eyes. This vine was undoubtedly Yan Ye's, and normally, only he could control it, and he would never automatically protect a human, unless ?

Lan Ming's eyes lit up, and in his heart, he was about to answer when he suddenly raised his hand, and unceremoniously caused the water column in his hand to rush towards the little girl. In the next moment, the water column turned into a barrier that protected the unconscious girl, as if it was protecting her.

"Truly interesting. Woman, I've finally found you."

In the next moment, Lan Ming's figure flashed, and he hugged the small girl in his arms, and in that instant, he did not forget to tell the other people below about his presence.

"There's still a use for that woman. Don't let her die."

No matter how deep she hid, the unique power would not change even after a thousand years. Why didn't I notice the smell of her soul from the beginning? No matter what, if I find him this time, I definitely won't give her the chance to betray me.

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