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C17 event mutation

As he slowly woke up, Hua Xiaoxian felt an unprecedented feeling of powerlessness in his body. The instant he opened his eyes, he saw a pair of ice-cold blue eyes.

"Why is it you?"

Liu Mei slightly frowned and warily retreated.

"Since you're awake, you should eat by yourself!"

Lan Ming swept a glance at the door and immediately, a small and exquisite maid walked in, carefully carrying the porridge.

"No, I don't want to eat it."

Hua Xiaoxian instantly became excited, everything seemed to come flooding from her mind. The person in front of her had killed Hong and her brother, and that was four lives, so cruel that it made people want to puke. Although she did not know how she managed to escape, she could not help but shiver when she saw the man in front of her right now.

"Woman, are you afraid of me?"

A trace of ruthlessness flashed across Lan Ming's eyes. He raised his hand and grabbed onto the still trembling Hua Xiaoxian, and in the next moment, Hua Xiaoxian's entire being instinctively moved towards him.

She instantly fell into the embrace that she didn't want to touch at all. She started to struggle with all her might after a slight pause, wanting to break free from this bone-chilling embrace in the next moment.

"You better not move, otherwise, that woman called Dao Hong will ?"

"Hong is still alive?"

Hua Xiaoxian calmed down in an instant and let Lan Ming hug him tightly. Even Lan Ming was satisfied with the person in his arms's obedience. Sure enough, there was some use in keeping that woman. At the very least, it was of great importance to the little person in his arms.

"Is this how you act when you ask questions?"

Lan Ming frowned slightly. In the next moment, he grabbed Hua Xiaoxian's neck. This woman who had betrayed him before could easily be killed with a single pinch of his hand at this very moment. However, he was truly unwilling, and even leaving a red mark on her neck was something he couldn't bear.

struggled to open his mouth to exhale. In the next moment, the face that he was so afraid of neared him, and without letting her reject it, he kissed her, bringing a strong bone-piercing power to her lips.

To him, calling this a kiss was more of an disguised punishment. He bit her lower lip, and with a bit of force, he bit into her lips until fresh blood flowed out. Her bloodthirsty blue eyes flashed with a bright light, and in the next moment, an ice-cold mist seeped into the area where Hua Xiaoxian's lower lip was injured.

Hua Xiaoxian felt as if all the blood in her body had been frozen, and even breathing had become difficult. She felt so painful that she was about to die, and she couldn't help but mutter softly, and in the next moment, her entire body felt as though she had fallen into an extremely cold place.

"So cold ?"

"So cold ?"

His curled up body was trembling uncontrollably and his lips had turned purple along with it. His entire body began to emit an azure light from head to toe, and Lan Ming could even see that the icy blue that was flowing within her blood was currently attempting to transform her body.

Suddenly, right at this moment, his expression changed and he grabbed onto Hua Xiaoxian's arm fiercely, and instantly saw the demonic Yin Qi flowing through his veins, at this very moment on the verge of going berserk.

"Damn it, looks like I need to take my time to reform it. I need to get rid of the Yin Qi in her body first, otherwise, my body might not be able to withstand my Netherfrost Water Qi."

He kissed the person in front of him again, and tried to draw out the nether ice water vapor that belonged to him from the person in his arms. However, just when he thought that he was about to succeed, the nether ice water vapor suddenly disappeared without a trace, as if it was attracted by something.

"How could this be ?"

Lan Ming hugged onto the person in his embrace in disbelief. In the next moment, he secretly groaned in his heart, and the Yin Qi, which was being catalyzed by the nether ice water Qi, actually started to gradually expand, and quickly invaded the person's entire body. He knew that if he let things develop, the consequences would be dire.

No, it's not easy to find her, how could he watch her disappear just like that? No way, she's his, she's his, no one can steal her away from him, even the Ten Yama Minamiya wouldn't be able to take her away from Lan Ming.

He stretched out his arms and hugged her tightly. Then, his figure disappeared from the room in a flash.

At that moment, he only had one goal, and that was to find a way to save her. At that moment, only by dispersing the Miasma from her body could he save her.

However, watching her die like this, he really couldn't bear to do so.

laughed self-deprecatingly, that hatred that was close to a thousand years old would actually dissipate the moment he saw her, and it would go the opposite way, to the point that he would even feel pain from the bottom of his heart. Indeed, the one who could not let it go the most was her, the woman who appeared like a dream in front of him, and the cute girl who stood by the well and pulled him back home.

"Hey, kid, why are you so distracted and want to jump into a well to commit suicide?"

There was an indescribable seriousness in his voice. That handsome little face was filled with questions.

"I ?"

Just as Lan Ming wanted to explain, the beautiful girl suddenly opened her mouth again.

"Isn't it usually women who jump? As a man, you should find a way to die in a domineering manner even if you die. How about I help you think of one, hang yourself, jump off a cliff ?"

Thinking about that, Lan Ming couldn't help but raise the corner of his mouth, and for a moment he wanted to pry open the man's skull to see what was inside.

However, when he came back to his senses, his expression turned serious once again. There was a hint of anger mixed in with his indifference.

She had clearly said that she would never leave, why did she choose to stay with him the moment he appeared? Just why was Lan Ming so much worse than that damnable Yan Ye?

His heart was filled with frustration and helplessness. He tightened his grip on the person in his arms and started to walk. The road ahead was still far. The destination he was about to reach was more than just danger.

However, who would have known that there were basically two paths behind the Yin Yang World Monument? The first one would lead to the Ghastly Street, while the other one would lead to the reincarnation cycle? The place Lan Ming was carrying the person in his arms was not the Ghastly Street, but the ten halls where he had turned around, Yama Minamiya.

"Friend, upon encountering the Yin Yang World, you must leave behind your Yin-Yang card. Please show me your Yin-Yang card, or else ?"

A shiny Soulreaper Knife suddenly appeared under the black cloak.

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