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C18 Yin-Yang Inn

"Monument Guardian Envoy ?"

Lan Ming felt that he did not need to fight with the envoy guarding the monument at this moment, although he did not see the fellow in front of him as a threat, but Lan Ming knew that it was not suitable for him to fight with this group of people here. Just by looking at the tormented little girl in his arms, he knew that he did not have the time or the energy, the easiest way was to follow the rules set by the master of the Yin Yang World, and get lucky.

"I understand, but I would like to ask if the Yin Yang World is controlled by the Yin Yang Inn's manager, Yin Sanniang."

As Lan Ming released his aura, it caused the black robed Monument Guardian Emissary to be startled, but after that, he instinctively felt that the person in front of him was not simple, and respectfully replied.

"Milord, the current ruler of the Yin Yang World is indeed Master San Niang. This humble one's mission is to help you, milord. Please do not make things difficult."

As he spoke, he bowed deeply to the Lan Ming in front of him.

"Very good ?"

Lan Ming's eyes turned, and the person in his embrace disappeared in a burst of blue light.

The Yin Yang Inn. Two skeleton lamps hung from the red door. Under the green Netherworld Ghost lamp, there was a strange mahogany coffin. On the side of the coffin, there were four big words carved ? Yin Yang Inn.

The huge black wooden door pillar was carved with patterns of skeletons, giving off an extremely strange feeling.

Just as Lan Ming was approaching, the coffin suddenly opened with a creak, and a pale white hand slowly went into the depths of the coffin, followed by a head suddenly raising up from the coffin, a hoarse voice slowly came out.

"Do you want to stay in the restaurant or pass by?"

"Passing by ?"

To Lan Ming, these were all side dishes, and were simply not enough to look forward to.

"To the right, please..."

Suddenly, the door at the right opened with a creaking sound, and it was completely dark inside, without a trace of light. In the next moment, Lan Ming walked in, as though he had been swallowed by darkness, and instantly disappeared from the right door.

"Clang Dang ?"

The red door suddenly closed after Lan Ming's figure disappeared, giving people the feeling that it had never been opened before. At this moment, the wooden signboard hanging above the coffin slowly began to close without anyone noticing.

The moment Lan Ming disappeared, another figure suddenly appeared outside the door. On his back was an object tightly wrapped in a black cloth.

Following a dim flash of green light and after a simple conversation, the abnormally bizarre right side of the door opened up once more. Like a wisp of smoke, he stepped into the door and completely merged with the darkness in front of him.

In the tavern, Lan Ming sat in the corner and watched the surroundings vigilantly, as though he was preparing for any kind of danger, he only had one goal, and that was to succeed in obtaining the Yin Yang Medallion and pass through the Yin Yang World, as for the people seated, he did not think that they would be his opponent.

"How can it be you, Lan Ming?"

The person was dressed in red, and his eyes were filled with rage.

"Yan Ye, I didn't expect you to come too."

Lan Ming's eyes flashed a look of difference, and instinctively hugged the person in his embrace tighter. This time, no matter what, he would not let Yan Ye, who was in front of him, find out the true identity of the person in his embrace.

"What happened to her?"

When Yan Ye saw the unconscious Hua Xiaoxian in Lan Ming's embrace, his heart involuntarily trembled, and it was even mixed with an unbearable pain.

"Hmph. On what basis are you asking? Don't forget that you already took this insignificant little girl to exchange for your lover. Don't forget that you abandoned her first."

Lan Ming's words were like a poke at Yan Ye's sore spot, causing Yan Ye to be startled, he only looked at Hua Xiaoxian who was in Lan Ming's embrace.

Suddenly, his expression changed and he slapped the table in front of him.

"You actually tried to use the water energy from the nether ice to transform her body. She's just a human, do you think she can withstand it?"

The imposing aura suddenly rose, Lan Ming was also benevolent as he ignited the water vapor around his body, a huge battle was about to occur.

"Yo, what kind of wind brought the two great ghost kings to my little temple, and why did you make such a big move?"

In the blink of an eye, a ghostly shadow flashed and appeared right in front of the two Spirit Kings.

The person who came was a young woman. She walked towards the two men with a graceful body and a faint smile on her face. She gave off a faint, enchanting fragrance wherever she went, causing all of the guests around her to be enchanted.

"Yin Sanniang ?"

Yan Ye and Lan Ming called out that name at the same time, following that, their expressions returned to normal, the killing intent in their bodies also quickly converged and compressed, before finally disappearing.

"I didn't expect the two Ghost Kings to remember me. I was truly fortunate in my three lives."

She used her tall legs to walk around the two of them, and then a look of astonishment flashed past her eyes, as she looked at the strange object on Yan Ye's shoulder and then at the little girl in Lan Ming's embrace, and couldn't help but smile.

"Could it be that you two big brothers want to bring your little girls across the Yin-Yang world?"

When the two men heard this, their expressions also changed. Yan Ye once again extended a vine and instantly attacked towards Lan Ming's arms, wanting to snatch the little girl in his arms.

He did not know why he would do such a reckless action, but he did not know why he did not want to let go. Nian Xi was clearly still on her shoulders, but for some reason, he couldn't stand to watch her suffer.

Once his mind was set, Yan Ye no longer needed to think about those things that he could not obtain, no matter how much he loved, it would pass by in time, and what remained would only be this little person whom he liked the most just from thinking about it. Nian Xi had to save him, but saving him this time would also mean the end, and the woman he was destined to bear in his entire life could only be called Nian Xi, not Hua Xiaoxian.

"Darling, I found out that I love you now."

The moment he stretched out his hand, it was hit off by a merciless hand.

"Don't use your hypocrisy to lie to me, don't make me look down on you, bring me away ?"

It was Hua Xiaoxian's hand, and she still mercilessly swatted away Yan Ye's hand. She had clearly wanted to grab hold of him, but in the end, what she thought of in her mind was the scene of him choosing that goddess-like woman and abandoning her.

At that moment, Hua Xiaoxian knew that her heart that was originally beating around the bush had been completely shattered.

"Dearest ?"

Yan Ye's eyes were filled with disbelief, he looked at Hua Xiaoxian who was in Lan Ming's embrace with a pained expression.

"Go, bring me away, I don't want to see this person in front of me."

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