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C19 Farewell

Hua Xiaoxian endured the pain and grabbed onto Lan Ming's collar tightly. Lan Ming looked at the innocent girl in his arms and an indescribable pain appeared on his face. Thousands of years ago, it was the same for her as well. She was clearly countless times stronger than Yan Ye, but the cute her was definitely deceived by him, and it was also probably because of his physique. Otherwise, how could the little girl's heart be easily deceived by him.

She used to be able to melt her heart that was as cold as ice and frost, but now, she was also like this. Even though she had thought of all sorts of ways to torture her for thousands of years, but at this moment, it was as if she turned into nothingness. All that was left was her heartache.

"I'll take you."

These four words came out of his mouth word by word, and Yan Ye's eyes were filled with confusion. The little girl in front of him was his, and she could only be his.

"You want to leave? It won't be that easy."

With a flash, he blocked Lan Ming's way, looking like he would not be able to leave this place today if he did not stay.

"Brothers, I am opening the door to do business, you must at least give me some face, how about this, I will give you the Yin-Yang card right now, look ?"

Yin Sanniang's face was filled with a fawning expression as she gestured to the young maid beside her to quickly go get her Yin Yang medallion. The young maid was quite quick-witted. It didn't take her long to bring out four pieces of Yin Yang medallions.

However, none of the two men in front of him were willing to give in. All they could do was stare at each other.

"Yin Sanniang, we will take our leave now."

Lan Ming's eyes flashed, reached out, grabbed two of them, and was about to turn around and leave when Yan Ye, who was similarly grabbing onto Yin Yang medallions, suddenly moved to block his path.

"Where are you taking her?"

's aura instantly surged, as he extended his hand and grabbed Hua Xiaoxian, who was still in Lan Ming's embrace, and pulled him in. The next moment, Hua Xiaoxian, who was still enduring the pain, entered Yan Ye's embrace.

"I hate you, I hate you ?"

Hua Xiaoxian muttered with eyes filled with hatred, but her entire person had clearly become blurry, to the point where she did not have the strength to struggle free at all.

"Yan Ye, I really don't think Nian Xi is worth it. If she knew that the man she loves deeply had abandoned her just because of a woman he had only known for a few days, what do you think she would do?"

At this moment, Lan Ming was not in a hurry to snatch Hua Xiaoxian back, but instead used words to directly attack Yan Ye's weak point. That's right, in this world, only he knew how important Nian Xi was to Yan Ye, but at the same time, this was also a bargaining chip that he could easily win.

"Nian Xi..."

A hint of conflict appeared in Yan Ye's eyes but the hands that were holding onto the person in his embrace could not leave for some reason.

"Let me tell you, there isn't much time left for the Inhibition Formation that I have placed on Nian Xi. If you are still unable to bring her back to Ghastly Street to see the Ghost Doctor, then perhaps you will never be able to see that Nian Xi who loves you to death again."

Yan Ye was a pervert, so he would never be able to pass this trial of love. Furthermore, it was the woman he thought he was deeply in love with, at this moment, he would never abandon Nian Xi and the person in his arms, who he had the intention to reincarnate.

"I ?"

Yan Ye continued to look at Lan Ming who was in confusion, in the end, he fiercely bit Hua Xiaoxian's neck with his mouth lowered, and knew that blood was seeping out from her neck. Only then did he use his red eyes to look at Hua Xiaoxian affectionately.

"You ?"

Lan Ming could not help but frown. He never thought that the Yan Ye in front of him would actually use half of his cultivation to suppress the pain in his arms in an instant. This man was truly crazy.

"Lan Ming, you've won, you're right, even though I no longer love Nian Xi, I'm still unable to let her go. If you're sincere to her, then please treat her like a treasure."

He was extremely unwilling, but he was helpless as he passed the small girl, which was obviously more secure in his arms, to Lan Ming, who was in front of him, like a rare treasure.

"I will. She will be the most precious treasure in my life."

At this moment, Lan Ming also admired the opponent in front of him. However, he had spent ten thousand years calculating in order to get the person in his embrace, and now that she had finally appeared in front of him once again, how could he so easily let go of her hand?

Even if it was against the heavens, he still wanted to save her life.

"Remember what you said, and she's not normal."

Yan Ye said to Lan Ming meaningfully, and with a trace of deep attachment, he once again looked at the person in the other person's embrace, which looked very eye piercing, but what could he do? He had to do it, this was what he owed Nian Xi, for the past ten thousand years.

Looking at Yan Ye's leaving figure, Lan Ming held the little girl in his arms even more tightly. That's right, Yan Ye was right, the little girl in his arms was not ordinary, but how did he know that she was the same girl from before? He thought that he would never see her again, but he never expected that unexpected gains would cause her to return again.

This time, no matter what, he had to properly hide her. He definitely wouldn't let those people discover her again.

"Yin Sanniang, let's go."

Lan Ming coldly swept a glance at the three Yin-Yang years in front of him, then disappeared from the Yin-Yang Inn in a flash.

But the moment Lan Ming's figure disappeared, the Yin San's face, which was originally full of smiles, instantly turned cold.

"Lady Boss, I didn't know you were such an easy person to talk to. Why did you ?"

The shopkeeper at the side had never seen his Lady Boss this easy to talk to. Which shopkeeper here didn't want to obtain a Yin Yang card of the Yin Yang World, but which one of the two men had easily obtained four pieces? This made the storekeeper, who always knew what kind of character his petty shopkeeper was, extremely puzzled.

"Shopkeeper, this transaction is very worthwhile. Someone will soon deliver us lots of gold and silver. You just wait patiently!"

Yin Sanniang smiled meaningfully at the shopkeeper beside her, causing everyone in the inn to turn cold.

"Yes, Lady Boss. I understand."

Just as the old shopkeeper opened his mouth to speak, two groups of people entered the Yinyang Inn. After they sent out their greetings invitation, they were invited into the VIP room by the shopkeeper of the Yinyang Inn.

"I didn't expect that all of you would come so quickly ?"

Yin Sanniang walked into the room with a face like a spring breeze. The two black-clothed men sitting there instantly opened their mouths.

"You really saw them?"

"Why would I lie to the two Law Enforcing Lords!"

With a casual wave of his hand, a projector appeared in front of the two black-clothed men. When the two saw the projector in front of them, their eyes instantly filled with a burning passion.

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