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C20 awakening

A tower turning the wheel road, is already a half Yin person, if want to return to the world, certainly wants to pass the Bridge of Helplessness.

On the long road, Lan Ming carried the slumbering Hua Xiaoxian and advanced. After a while, a boundless bridge appeared in front of him.

This was also Lan Ming's first time here, after all he had chosen to enter the Phantom Barrier to avoid death, and not reincarnate, because he was unwilling, so he chose to embark on that road. But now, he did not regret it, and it was unknown how many years had passed before he could hold her in his arms.

This kind of feeling was really good, so good that it was unprecedented. Hopefully that Nian Xi would not let him down, and only this way would she not disappoint her piece of Ten Thousand Year Old Yin Ice.

With a face that hadn't perished for ten thousand years, he was only willing to lie in wait. If he could look back, then loneliness would be of no use. Of course, Lan Ming had to admit that at that time, he was truly moved by that woman called Nian Xi, and he could not help but feel a tinge of guilt in his heart. Such a woman, such decisiveness, if not for him making use of it, perhaps she would not have done such a thing, and only then would he truly be able to get his hands on the woman, who was his, and be completely able to belong to him.

So what if it was worth it, cultivation level was nothing, peeling off the heart meat forcibly, destroying his cultivation would not matter, because from the very beginning when Lan Ming chose this path, he knew that if he was not ruthless enough, he would get nothing.

Thinking of this, the guilt in his eyes was drowned by cold arrogance again in the next moment. He only wanted to be with her, to kill gods and devils in the face of demons.

"It's okay, you'll be fine."

The next moment, he leaped and carried her onto the turnstile.

"One step to reincarnation, forgetting the world, two steps to reincarnation, and this new student ?"

When the white mist dispersed, an old man who was around half a year old suddenly appeared at the bridge, his gloomy voice sounded beside his ear, causing Lan Ming's heart to tremble, could it be that this old man was the Young Master Meng who had not left for thousands and thousands of years on the bridge?

Actually, he had only heard of it before, but he was not sure whether or not there would be a Lan Ming on the bridge. He was the one guarding the Reincarnation Palace, not living, not dead, only guarding.

He looked at the lonely bridge across the great underworld spring.

"Dare I ask, Uncle, is this Grandpa Meng?"

Lan Ming went forward and bowed deeply as he inquired.

"Who are you? Why are you here?"

The old man was startled when he saw Lan Ming. After all, he had been guarding the Reincarnation Temple for countless of years and had never allowed anyone to enter. Now that there was suddenly someone here, how could he not be surprised.

"I am Lan Ming, from Ghastly Street. I have come here today to find a stalk of Underworld Red to dispel the Yin Qi from my lover. I hope that Young Master Meng will give it to me for the sake of Lan Ming's love."

Lan Ming was extremely moved. He knew that in this Underworld, only the Hall of Samsara would have this kind of flower. Only by finding this kind of legend could the person in his arms be saved.

"Dark Red, you actually want Dark Red, hahaha, hahaha ?"

The next moment, the old man did not refuse, nor did he agree. Instead, there was a self-deprecating, wailing and laughing mixed in, he did not expect that the yellow haired kid from the Ghastly Street would actually want to enter the Rebirth Hall wrongly, and also wanted to obtain the Underworld Emperor's most beloved Deep Red Flower. He was either too bold, or he was courting death, but now, he had another complicated feeling, he knew that he was not like that, and when he looked around, how did his lover bring him here.

How many years had it been? He had already forgotten that if he had really chosen another method, then the person he loved the most would not have to suffer for tens of thousands of years and could only wait helplessly.

"Please grant me your wish ?"

This was the first time in Lan Ming's life that he had ever kneeled down to this old man who was close to ridiculing him. Ever since he had transformed into a ghost, he had never kneeled down before a ghost before this old man, yet, he kneeled down so easily in front of the old man. The reason was to ask for the consent of the old man in front of him. He had already thought about it this time, it might really be a narrow escape, but if she failed to live, then he would absolutely not live by himself.

Hua Xiaoxian's eyelashes trembled as she slowly woke up from her sleep. For some reason, when she woke up this time, she actually couldn't feel any hint of unbearable coldness, her entire body felt warm, as though she was being carefully hugged in her embrace, and it was so warm. Just as she wanted to embrace that warm feeling that belonged to her, in the next moment, her entire face collapsed because she saw the person in front of her, and a wave of heart-wrenching hatred instantly surged out.

Due to the fact that she used too much strength, her body escaped from Lan Ming's embrace in the next moment. After rolling 180 degrees on the ground, she came into close contact with her beloved ground for the rest of her life.

"It hurts ?"

Rubbing his nose, he frowned as he sat up, fiercely staring at Lan Ming who was kneeling on the ground as though he was proposing marriage with his father, as though he was looking at his mortal enemy, and immediately spoke out.

"Stop joking with me. Even if you kneel down with your knees cramp and legs cramp, I will still not marry you."

"Puchi ?"

Lan Ming laughed, it was a carefree laugh, as though he was the big brother of the Lin Family, looking at Hua Xiaoxian lovingly.

"Are you stupid? You can still laugh like that?"

Hua Xiaoxian felt that the person in front of him was a fool, she had scolded him in such a manner but he was still able to smile, and even more so, had a foolish smile.

"Sorry for making you suffer."

A trace of guilt flashed across Lan Ming's eyes as he looked at Hua Xiaoxian. At that moment, Hua Xiaoxian was actually able to see the sincerity in that pair of blue eyes, she felt that her world was going to be turned upside down.

"Hmph. Continue acting. Don't think that you can end your crimes just like that. I will absolutely not forgive you for the things you've done to me."

Since she was pretending, Hua Xiaoxian planned in her heart. No matter what, she would expose the lie of this damned fellow in front of her, and see how much longer he can pretend for.

"You'll forgive me."

A hand suddenly pulled her back, and in the next moment, she was pulled into Lan Ming's embrace. In that instant of astonishment, Lan Ming's cold lips touched her head.

"What are you doing, you dead pervert ?"

Hua Xiaoxian was like a chicken whose hairs were standing on end, she suddenly struggled free and jumped three metres away, looking at Lan Ming with a face full of vigilance. But what surprised Hua Xiaoxian happened again, not only did the person in front of her not get angry, she revealed a gentle and refined smile to her once again.

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