Marriage in Midnight: Ghost Hubby/C3 Deal with the Devil
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Marriage in Midnight: Ghost Hubby/C3 Deal with the Devil
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C3 Deal with the Devil

"You, stay away from me!"

Hua Xiaoxian's almond-shaped eyes opened wide as she glared fiercely at the ghost, but aside from the air, there was only that terrifying female ghost that was slowly approaching, the only thing she could not see was that detestable male ghost.

"Woman, don't forget that you brought me back yourself."

The voice seemed to be referring to something, causing Hua Xiaoxian's body to tremble slightly. Then, she suddenly remembered that she had tricked him out of Fatty Qian's hands, and when she lowered her head to look, she was suddenly stunned.

"Where did he go?"

Hua Xiaoxian's face revealed a tinge of panic, she almost popped out her thumb.

"Die! I want your body! I want ?"

Just then, the female ghost who had been neglected for a long time suddenly raised her hand, the head in her hand dropped onto the floor of the elevator with a "pa" sound, she smiled sinisterly at Hua Xiaoxian who was holding onto her neck tightly.

"Cough, cough ?"

Hua Xiaoxian felt that she was really unable to escape from this calamity this time, it could be seen that if she did too many deceptive things, she would inevitably be hated, and just that before she could even save He Jin, she would have to fall into the hands of the ghost.

"Woman, I can save you, but you must give yourself to me."

The sound of someone looting and burning could be heard in her ears. Hua Xiaoxian wanted to ignore them, but at this moment, she was in too much pain. She looked as if she would rather die than submit.

"I see that you really won't shed tears until you see the coffin, then I'll tell you this, this is a headless ghost, one of her heads searching for the right one, and the heads of everyone who was killed by her will be removed and placed on her body, so that the dead person's soul will be forcibly torn into two, and the incomplete soul will not be able to be redeemed, so it will become the same as her, unable to be reborn for all eternity, trapped here forever."

The devilish male's voice entered Hua Xiaoxian's ears at a leisurely pace, causing Hua Xiaoxian to momentarily feel fear in his heart. Naturally, he sold himself to the devilish thing in front of him that he couldn't even see.

"Very well, since you've agreed, then become my possession!"

Following the man's overbearing words, a blood red vine suddenly extended out from Hua Xiaoxian's back and wrapped around the headless corpse's arm. The two arms that Hua Xiaoxian originally could not shake off were suddenly torn off by the vines.

"Ah ?"

The head on the ground suddenly let out a miserable shriek, and its hideous expression turned to one of panic.

"You, who exactly are you?"

"You don't even deserve to know who I am. Since you've angered my people, then don't even be a ghost."

As the man's voice faded, countless vines suddenly swarmed in, quickly wrapping around the female corpse in front of him. After a while, a fragrant mucus slowly seeped out of the vines, and the area where the corpse had touched the mucus started to roll its eyes. Not long after, the female ghost disappeared with a mournful scream, and even the head on the ground was completely melted away by the vines.

"Ah ?"

Originally, she should be extremely happy to be pulled back from the brink of death, but compared to being killed by the female ghost, she was more afraid of the red vine that suddenly appeared.

"What are you thinking?"

An arm suddenly appeared out of thin air behind her, grabbing onto her waist suddenly, Hua Xiaoxian was caught off guard and fell into a cold embrace.

"Just what the hell are you? I beg you, please let me go ?"

Just yesterday, she never thought that she would meet with such a strange situation. Could it be that it was just because she lied to that Owner Qian, if she knew that it would be like this, then even if she was beaten to death, she would definitely not lie to that Fatty Qian to take away this strange ring.

"Unfortunately, it's too late. Since you're already mine, you can just become mine here!"

As she spoke, Hua Xiaoxian felt a touch of ice on her neck, and following that, her soft lips gently kissed her neck.

"No, no, I beg you ?"

Fear made her entire body tremble, and at this moment, she had no idea what was behind her. Not to mention what the thing behind him was trying to do to him.

"Why not? Believe me, you'll be very happy."

That sound was like a demon's voice, then Hua Xiaoxian could smell a familiar fragrance, the smell seemed to have smelled it somewhere before, causing her to feel at ease, there was even a voice in her heart that made her want to go closer.

Her whole body suddenly felt hot and dry. She felt like she was lost. Her previous struggles became obedient at this moment, allowing the person behind her to caress her.

No, that's not enough.

She suddenly turned around and lifted her arms to hug his neck. She saw the face of an angel, and behind her stood an exceptionally handsome man. He had a pair of enchanting blood-red eyes, and even his hair was blood-red.

"Hot, so hot ?"

The heat made Hua Xiaoxian forget about her shame and kept getting closer to the summer God Equipment, holding him and rubbing him against his body. The man who was rubbing his head slightly furrowed his brows, this was the kind of woman he wanted.

"The Aroma of Charm is indeed a good item. It can make everyone go crazy for it."

Last night, he already wanted to taste this little thing, but he didn't think that it would actually be so good to die. Speaking of which, he was really grateful to this little thing in his arms, if it wasn't for her blood unintentionally opening the seal that had sealed him for a thousand years, he probably wouldn't be able to enjoy her beauty so much right now.

"Hot, so hot ?"

Hua Xiaoxian was completely lost under the Charm Fragrance's effect, her mesmerized eyes stared at the handsome man in front of her, she only wanted to free herself quickly.

"Remember, you only have one man, and that is me, Yan Ye."

He threw his arms around the woman in front of him and kissed her seductive lips again.

"If you want to feel comfortable, you have to call me by my name ?"

Even when he was deeply immersed, he didn't forget to play with the woman in his arms as he ordered her.

"Night, night ?"

Hua Xiaoxian, whose eyes were still clouded, instinctively shouted until the man in front was satisfied. Then, he carried the cute little girl who was lying on the floor of the ice elevator like a reward.

"From this moment on, you can only be mine."

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