Marriage in Midnight: Ghost Hubby/C5 What's your man's name?
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Marriage in Midnight: Ghost Hubby/C5 What's your man's name?
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C5 What's your man's name?

"You ?"

Just as Hua Xiaoxian wanted to open her mouth, she attracted the cold gaze of Mei Er who was in front of her, but after that, she forcefully swallowed back her words. For some reason, she felt that the woman in front of her was not simple, but at that moment, she felt that she was being touched by that guy's hands to the point that she felt uncomfortable.

Was this the kind of sexual harassment that everyone was watching?

"Truly deserving death ?"

Without making a sound, she carefully cursed.

"What's your man's name? If you say it's right, then I'll let you go. If I say it's wrong, I'll go kill that He Jin right now.

The man's charming voice suddenly changed again, as if he was blown into Hua Xiaoxian's ear, causing Hua Xiaoxian to unconsciously reach out and rub her ear.

It was so familiar that it even caused Hua Xiaoxian's face to turn red. Immediately after, the wrong hand slowly slid downwards, causing Hua Xiaoxian's heart to instantly ring a bell, telling him to go to hell with it! She instantly surrendered, trying hard to recall the name that the man whispered in her ear.

However, just at this moment, as if her memories were a short film, she couldn't remember what the hell those two words were.




After thinking of the two names lingering in his mind, he immediately rejected those two damned names in his heart.

"I made you think of your man's name, but I didn't make you scold me in a disguised manner!"

The annoying voice in his ears turned cold instantly, Yan Ye wanted to tease her, after all, he knew that under the effect of the enchanting fragrance, this girl would definitely not remember the words he said to her, but for some reason, he felt unresigned. If she could remember it, it would help to eliminate the unwillingness in his heart.

"Ye, you are Yan Ye ?"

Just as Yan Ye was deep in thought, at the critical moment of Hua Xiaoxian's mental struggle, she suddenly heard a name. He did not know why, he could not remember it, but she knew her name.


What he got instead was a moment of silence. Yan Ye didn't reply for a long time, and for some reason, the moment his name was called, he felt his heart that was as calm as still water suddenly throb, and even felt a very strange throbbing.

Surprise? It seemed that he really underestimated this woman. He didn't expect her to remember his name at such a time. Of course, he was satisfied with this answer.

"It should be enough."

Hua Xiaoxian resisted the urge to shout loudly.

"Not bad, you're amazing. But you have to accept the reward."

As she spoke, a handsome face suddenly appeared in front of Hua Xiaoxian. In the next moment, she blocked Hua Xiaoxian's neck and unceremoniously kissed her lips.

The cool sensation made Hua Xiaoxian momentarily forget about struggling, she just let the man in front of him kiss him, pry open her white teeth, and that kiss was deepened by Yan Ye.

"This reward isn't bad, right? From the looks of it, your expression isn't bad."

He stretched out his hand and used his ice-cold finger to lightly caress little sister Hua's lips. Then, he quickly put his fingertip into his own mouth. A look of reluctance flashed across his eyes.

"Enough is enough ?"

Hua Xiaoxian vigilantly looked at the other people in the carriage, but at that moment, she did not know why, but they were all motionless, as though time had been frozen.

"As for them, you don't have to worry about them at all. I have already temporarily controlled them, and when I kissed you earlier, they did not notice that I, Yan Ye, was not generous enough to show everything I have to outsiders."

Yan Ye said as he reached out to pat Hua Xiaoxian's face. When Hua Xiaoxian came back to her senses and was about to open her mouth, the Yan Ye in front of her suddenly disappeared. Once again, she met the pair of cold eyes that had never let her go.

The next moment, he was forced back into his stomach.

Dammit, who would want his reward? Moreover, it wasn't that he was clearly at a disadvantage, but that he had taken all the advantages.

He felt like he had suffered a disaster for eight lifetimes, which was why he found a way to swindle such a god of pests from the hands of that damnable Fatty Qian. Right now, he had really agreed to the old saying, "Please, it's easy to send this god away, this old saying is too right, it's not wrong at all, I'm afraid that I'm going to get entangled in it."

No, she absolutely couldn't do this. Once she knew about this, she must think of a way to find her master and get him to help her get rid of this damned pervert no matter what.

"Your idea is not bad, but I don't know if your master will want to marry you to me. Sigh, after all, we have to meet. Should I learn from you humans and think of a way to cheat the betrothal gift?"

The playful voice sounded again, these words made Hua Xiaoxian angry and annoyed. Why does this guy in front of him know everything?

"Let me tell you, I have already merged with your bones and blood. If you were not with me, then you might have a way to remove the Blood Ring. But now, look at your thumb!"

When Yan Ye said this, he instantly looked down to see the patterns on his finger. He didn't know if it was because he was mistaken, but the lines that were originally not very large suddenly increased in number again, becoming clearer than before.

"This ?"

Hua Xiaoxian was shocked.

"What are you screaming for, we're here, get off ?"

Miss Mei impatiently grabbed her backpack to urge Hua Xiaoxian, who had finally made a sound.

"But ?"

Hua Xiaoxian originally wanted to get up, but the evil vine was not retracted by the man. Instead, she climbed all the way down, and finally wrapped around her ankles like a anklet before quieting down.

"But, get out of the car and go up the mountain."

The crude man showed no mercy at all as he pushed Hua Xiaoxian hard, causing him to fall out of the carriage.

Fortunately, the vine that had suddenly appeared at her ankle was able to stabilize her body at the critical moment, allowing her to avoid falling off the car.

"It's him again. I'll remember this debt first."

Just as Hua Xiaoxian was staring at the man who was pushing him, she suddenly heard Yan Ye's unhappy voice.

"It's none of your business. I'll teach him a lesson when we get to the mountain."

Hua Xiaoxian secretly said that, indicating that she could take revenge. When Yan Ye heard her words, the hidden face suddenly appeared out of thin air, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, and he gave Hua Xiaoxian a supportive smile.

"Hmph, just you wait, I, Hua Xiaoxian am definitely not someone that can be easily bullied."

She might not dare to say it in other places, but she would definitely have countless ways to make these four people walk in and out of Sunset Mountain.

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