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C6 Deal with Ghosts

Yan Ye looked at the proud and complacent woman, he was actually a little more interested, but he wanted to see what methods this little girl had.

However, right after they had just stepped into the mountain gates where Sunset Mountain was located, Yan Ye clearly felt that this was definitely not an ordinary mountain, but a mountain filled with Yin energy. As for what was called Yin Mountain, Yan Ye did not want to think too much about it at this moment, but he wanted to know how the little girl used to live in this forest filled with Yin Qi that was still not affected by the Yin Qi.

With such a curiosity, Yan Ye decided to be a spectator. He wanted to see what kind of tricks this little girl in front of him could come up with.

"Little girl, you'd better have some use after this. Otherwise, I'll definitely make you unable to see the sun tomorrow."

The woman pushed fiercely, pushing Hua Xiaoxian to the side. Suddenly, a black figure jumped out, gently giving Hua Xiaoxian the power to stabilize her body, of course, Hua Xiaoxian did not see this, but Yan Ye who was constantly hiding in the shadows could see her very clearly.

Interesting, truly interesting. What Yan Ye did not expect was that the Mountain Demon would actually help humans.

"Compared to those guys, I think that damn ghost of yours is better."

Hua Xiaoxian misunderstood a little, she thought that the one who would be helping her this time was still Yan Ye, who was hiding in the shadows.

"I am not without compensation. This time, I will let you owe me something. The next time you want my help, I will repay you with everything I have."

"You ?"

Hua Xiaoxian was completely speechless towards this damned man. He was already a ghost, why did he still not change his lecherous mind, and master's words were indeed correct, a obsessed ghost cannot be reincarnated early, and he also thought that he should find a suitable time to persuade this ghost in front of him to let go of his obsession early on, and not pester him any further, only then would he be reincarnated.

"Why are you feeling cold? Let's go."

Hua Xiaoxian's train of thoughts was instantly pulled back, as Hua Xiaoxian led the way and became a spear. Hua Xiaoxian did not say anything, and led the group of people forward.

Suddenly, an ancient stone bridge appeared in front of them. At this moment, a white-robed woman was standing on the bridge, her back facing the crowd as she emitted desolate sounds of singing.

"Meeting is better than not seeing each other. We don't need to see each other again. If we have no regrets in this life ?"

"Who is it?"

The tall man asked, a trace of unspeakable seriousness appearing between his brows.

"There's no way ?"

Fresh blood seeped out from the ground in front of them, forming strange blood-red words on the path they were walking on.

"This is the path of ghosts. Watch me break it."

A rough and fat man suddenly opened his mouth. He lifted his hand and a peach wood sword on his waist was stained with some unknown powder. He began to draw strange patterns around him. The moment he was about to finish, he raised his head and shouted, "Break!"

After that, the bloodstains on the ground quickly disappeared. Suddenly, the woman in white seemed to be soaked in blood from the inside out, and her face, which was originally facing away from them, suddenly turned around. That's right, she just turned her head around, but her body didn't move at all.

She was very beautiful, that was Hua Xiaoxian's first thought. Immediately after, her face swept across the crowd and unexpectedly let out a creepy laughter.

"Hehehehehehe ?"

"Eldest young mistress, what the hell is this?"

The most timid man finally opened his mouth to the ferocious woman who had been standing motionlessly at the side, hoping that his big sister, who was very knowledgeable in the world, would be able to tell him what she was thinking.

"I also don't know what exactly she is. If she's a red-clothed fiend, then judging from that situation, she should have already pounced over. But if she isn't, then what is she."

The ruthless woman was obviously very conflicted because at this moment, she didn't know what the hell this person who suddenly appeared in front of her was.

"Hehe, you actually compare me to those ordinary evil spirits. I'm afraid that even you can only come this far. Since you didn't hear the warning, why don't you all stay here and be my collection?"

The lady spoke as she slowly walked forward, but when she saw Hua Xiaoxian's face, she suddenly stopped in her tracks, standing in the distance, she sized Hua Xiaoxian up, and a profound look appeared in her eyes.

"Perhaps, you really can ?"

In a flash, her figure floated to Hua Xiaoxian's side and reached out to grab both of Hua Xiaoxian's arms.

"Are you crazy? What are you trying to do?"

Hua Xiaoxian did not know why the female ghost in front of him was so agitated, but it was obvious that the female ghost was grabbing onto him tightly.

"Do you want the Yang Reversal Mirror?"

Sensing that she had lost control of herself, the female ghost released Hua Xiaoxian's hand and looked over apologetically.

"Of course!"

Hua Xiaoxian answered without even thinking, because only by retrieving the Yang Returning Mirror would she be able to save He Jin.

"Then let's make a deal. If you can help me save the girl called Mei Yu, one of the ten girls who will be sacrificed this year, then I'll tell you exactly where the Mirror of the Returning Sun is."

She had been waiting here for too long, and now that she had finally found someone who could take a life, how could she let him go so easily?

"What if I don't agree?"

Hua Xiaoxian still wanted to give it a try. As a swindler, trying to maximize the benefits was the real purpose of her swindling.

Don't be naive, look at your arm, when I grabbed you just now, I had already injected the Yin Qi in your body. If you don't get rid of it within three days, then I'm afraid you will never be able to reincarnate.

was a liar, but she was not an idiot. She hurriedly pulled up her sleeves to check and in an instant, she found that there were indeed two green marks on her arm. His expression turned ugly in an instant.

"Darling, I'll be happy to help you if you ask me."

Hua Xiaoxian finally understood that this Yan Ye was trying to rob him while he was still by her side. Otherwise, why would he play this move every single time she tried?

"I agree to your request."

In a fit of anger, he agreed to the female ghost's conditions.

"Darling, why do you have to be so angry? You would rather help that ghost girl who threatened you than to trust your man. Why are you doing this? Come, let your husband kiss you. I'm not angry."

After saying that, Yan Ye brought his face closer to Hua Xiaoxian with an evil smile, and unrestrainedly took a bite off Hua Xiaoxian's face.

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