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C8 Midnight Cry

Yan Ye originally only wanted her to forget about him, but never thought that at this moment, the fragrance that belonged solely to him actually seemed to have infected her body.

"Darling, do you think I should hide you and never let anyone spy on you?"

A trace of ruthlessness flashed past Yan Ye's originally gentle eyes, but it quickly spread out along with it. As the red vine gradually disappeared, Yan Ye's entire body was also drawn into the pitch-black night.

When Hua Xiaoxian woke up, she had a kind of unspeakable charm that made the hidden Yan Ye want to tease him for a bit, such as sneakily stealing incense from him, or using her fingers to draw circles on Hua Xiaoxian's neck nonstop. More importantly, he even threatened to rub Hua Xiaoxian's chest if it hurt.

"Yan Ye..."

, who could no longer endure, finally called out the name of the fellow who wanted to take advantage of him at all times. But what made Hua Xiaoxian think of was that when she heard calling his name, she became even more excited and moved her hands and feet.

"Darling, I'm tired."

Suddenly, Hua Xiaoxian felt her shoulders sink, as though she was being harassed by a real ghost. The fellow who was constantly blowing cold air by her ear, was someone that Hua Xiaoxian could not ignore, and as long as she could ignore him, Hua Xiaoxian would definitely not pay attention to him.

"Darling, is it heavy?"

As if he didn't know how tired Yan Ye seemed, no matter how he played, he just didn't have enough fun as he lay on Hua Xiaoxian's shoulder and mumbled softly.

Of course, none of the people surrounding him could see his actions, he could do anything he wanted, and the only person he could only silently endure was Hua Xiaoxian, who was being harassed. After all, she wasn't on the same side as these people, and it was unknown why under consideration for her safety, she would actually choose to believe this perverted person on her back.

"What do you think?"

Hua Xiaoxian was in a bad mood. At this moment, she was carrying a pervert that was even taller than him and stronger than him.

"Then is it still heavy?"

It became even more so as Yan Ye's legs wrapped around Hua Xiaoxian's waist in the next moment, both of his hands hugging her shoulders, causing the distance between them to change from touching to sticking close, and in the next moment, Hua Xiaoxian only felt a dry heat. The weight on his back suddenly lightened, and following that, a mouth of ice started to flirt with her jade neck.

"Yan Ye, you ?"

Hua Xiaoxian was truly speechless at this moment. Just thinking about it, Hua Xiaoxian still felt that her legs were unsteady, but what did this fellow want to do now?

"What about me?"

Yan Ye replied very innocently.

"You're fine."

Hua Xiaoxian didn't know why she suddenly couldn't say a word when she had already thought of a way to use it.

In any case, he wouldn't be able to resist at all even once or twice.

"Darling, are you angry?"

Yan Ye went on and on with his flirting, but Hua Xiaoxian did not have any reaction, so when she felt bored, she stopped and took a step back.

"Dearest ?"

"My wife ?"

"Wife ?"


Yan Ye used all the words that he could think of, but the Hua Xiaoxian in front of him acted as if he did not hear him, and did not answer him at all. This made him feel an indescribable sense of frustration in his heart.

"Darling, seeing how much you don't like me, I've decided to give you a chance to get rid of me. If you can get through it safely, then I will leave you on my own accord. "

"Is that true?"

Indeed, Yan Ye's words caused Hua Xiaoxian's eyes to light up.

"Really, I, Yan Ye, have never liked lying to people. If you can really spend the night in the Shi family village and do not need my help, I will take the initiative to leave and not pester you again."

Yan Ye spoke with confidence, and hearing that Hua Xiaoxian in front of him had truly believed his words, the corners of Yan Ye's mouth raised in a beautiful curve, seeing that Hua Xiaoxian had already taken the bait.

This time, you won't be able to escape.

The bet between the two made Yan Ye extremely obedient for a period of time, and even gave Hua Xiaoxian the impression that Yan Ye had already left.

"You will stay here tonight, and lock up the windows and doors. No matter what you hear, do not be moved by curiosity. Go and check. The only area you can move is your room."

Hua Xiaoxian's contemplation was interrupted by the woman's voice. Soon after, the group of five entered the inn that the lady gave them.

The red lantern hanging at the entrance of the inn looked as red as a fish out of a pool of blood in this night. The weak red light flickered and dimmed in the wind, giving off a strange and unspeakable feeling.

"The hotel and midnight snacks cost 144 yuan per night for each of us. As for the special services, we will add 44 yuan for each of them. How many of you are in charge of the other expenses?"

"Creak ?"

The ancient inn didn't open slowly, but an old lady walked out from it. From time to time, she would issue out a hoarse bid.

"Why does it sound so unlucky, all four?"

The short man said in a low voice to the tall man beside him when he heard the old lady's words.

"Yeah, I don't know why I feel like this inn looks so unreliable." "That woman might have lied to us on purpose."

The tall man nodded in agreement. Afterwards, the three men looked towards the woman who had remained silent. She was focusing on her surroundings and did not seem to care about the other three men.

"One room, no special service is required."

She did not want to admit her defeat so early. Rather than stay outside, she would rather stay in the tavern than stay inside. That woman might be worth trusting, as she was extremely likely to know her grandfather.

"Ok, I'll send you to my room for dinner. Why don't you five eat together at a table before returning to your room?"

The old lady's face was very low, and not a single person among the five could see it clearly. They could only hear the low voice.

"Just as Grandma said, we'll go back to our room after dinner."

The person who spoke was a different person. The old woman didn't seem to care at all as she lowered her head and walked into the inn.

Inside the inn and in front of the dining table, it was quite strange. At this moment, there were only the five of them in the enormous inn. Even the woman who had guided them earlier seemed to have suddenly disappeared.

"You're really lucky, the food is still fresh and fresh tonight."

"Creak, creak, creak ?"

As the old lady spoke, she slowly pushed a dining car towards them from the dark and deep corridor.

"Wa, wa, wa ?"

"Wa, wa, wa ?"

The bone-piercing cold wind suddenly came, and what was mixed within this cold wind was unexpectedly the cries of a cautious infant. "Wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu

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