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C9 mother and child

"Heroic Spirit, I've found the body you wanted. I hope you keep your word and let the last daughter of the Meng Clan go ?"

As she spoke, she bent down and let go of the dining car, then grabbed Hua Xiaoxian's arm and turned towards the dining car, causing Hua Xiaoxian's entire body to crash into the dining car.

Looking up, Hua Xiaoxian could not help but suck in a breath of cold air, what kind of food was on the dining cart in front of him, it was a coffin with an open lid, following that, countless of long hair flew out from the coffin, tightly wrapping around Hua Xiaoxian's body, pulling her towards the coffin.

"My dear, your situation is not very optimistic. Do you need help for your husband?"

Yan Ye's voice came out at a casual pace, causing Hua Xiaoxian to grit her teeth in anger. Every time she heard a question from the party that was about to succeed, she felt uncomfortable.

"Thank you for your concern. No need."

At the same time, Hua Xiaoxian extended her hand to grab onto the edge of the dining car, telling herself that even if she did not use the help of that damned pervert, she would still be able to escape from this predicament.

"Darling, why do you have to go through so much trouble? Why don't you let your husband deal with it for you?"

At the moment, Hua Xiaoxian did not want to hear the standard demon note. She remembered what Yan Ye had said before, that as long as she could endure through tonight, he would automatically leave.

"I can do it, I really don't need to."

Hua Xiaoxian still persisted on, afraid that she would accidentally say words that asked him to help her. It was only this time that she didn't want to compromise with him.

"I wish you good luck ?"

Yan Ye was in a good mood, he kept thinking that no matter how he teased and teased the little girl, he wouldn't feel bored, and the more he teased her, the more he was curious as to what the girl would do next.

"Mother, where are you, mother ?"

The window suddenly began to shake violently before it was completely destroyed by an external force. A two year old red-clothed child slowly crawled in through the window. His eyes were full of viciousness as he looked around.

"You are the ones who harmed my mother. I will kill you."

The originally tender and cute face instantly turned malevolent as she rushed towards the crowd. Her long nails mercilessly stabbed into the table and split the table into two.

"Kacha ?"

After a "kacha" sound, the remaining four people became flustered.

"Bang ?"

"Bang ?"

After the sound passed, Hua Xiaoxian felt her body becoming light, and was lifted up into the air by a huge force, followed by a miserable laugh above her head.

"Body, I want your body ?"

The next moment, a huge force tightly wrapped around her neck, as if trying to pull it out.

"Sister Hong, hurry up and think of a way. Brothers, you don't want to throw away your life before getting your hands on the money."

The three men obviously believed in the woman in front of them. At this moment, they couldn't care less about hiding the identity of the woman, they could only call out.

"Save Master Hua first, she can't die right now."

The harsh woman's face darkened and she suddenly took out a talisman from her bosom to attack Hua Xiaoxian who was entangled tightly. At the next moment, she muttered, "Old Lord Taishang is anxious like an order, he's evil ?"

He waved the blood-stained belt in his hand and threw it towards the child.

"Pa ?" After the voice fell, the long hair that was originally stuck close to Hua Xiaoxian's neck snapped apart. Hua Xiaoxian dropped from the sky and gasped for breath heavily.

"My son, my son ?"

"Quickly stop them from meeting. Otherwise, once they merge into one, the consequences will be unimaginable."

The woman immediately became anxious and chased after the ghost head. The three men behind her also followed, wanting to help the woman stop the ghost head from approaching her.

Hua Xiaoxian's face was filled with panic as she looked forward, only to see that the three men and one woman were doing their best to stop the ghost baby from getting close to the flying woman's head.

"Ying Ling, this old woman apologizes to both you and your son. Now it's up to you two to decide your own fortune."

After the old lady finished speaking, she turned into a streak of green smoke and disappeared, leaving the angry woman's head floating in the air as she yelled fiercely.

"Don't think that I will let you off just like that. Stop dreaming. You owe me. I will make sure that your descendants will never be able to reincarnate."

The woman's eyeballs rolled in her empty eye sockets, and then fell out of her eye sockets in an instant. In the instant it touched the ground, a small figure appeared from the corridor, grabbing a pair of eyeballs that fell to the ground, and put them into a jar and sealed it with a yellow talisman.

"My eyes, my eyes ?"

The ghost girl's head let out a painful cry before falling down as if it had lost all energy, creating a loud sound as it hit the ground.


"Mother, mother, where are you, where are you ?"

The infant ghost's voice also became anxious. Then, as if it was afraid of something, it rushed out of the window and disappeared.

Everything returned to normal in the next moment. Everyone fell to the ground, breathing heavily. Even the little girl who was hugging the jar was sweating profusely.

The other five may not have known what had happened, but as the successor of the Lantern House, she knew that the feeling of being cursed for all her life was just too terrible. However, if she couldn't find the body of that ghost girl, then she wouldn't be able to get rid of this curse.

"This is not a place that you should come to. I will only keep you for one day. You should leave tomorrow as soon as possible!"

The girl held the jar and looked at the crowd.

"Why can't we stay?"

All of this was too strange, she once again thought of the countless times her master had warned her.

"Xian'er, you have to remember that you can go to Mount Setting Sun, but only the Shi Clan is not allowed to."


Every time this happened, he would look at his master curiously. However, his master would only shake his head at him and leave without saying anything else.

Master's back...

He helplessly looked at himself, then walked into the deep forest. At the end of the forest, there was a stone tablet with the words "Yin Yang World" carved on it in fresh blood. This stone tablet had the words' Yin Yang World 'written on it.

"No, Master, no ?"

He reached out his hand to grab the departing figure, but what he managed to grab in the end was nothing more than air.

Unknowingly, tears had begun to flow from the corners of his eyes.

"Why, you're crying again ?"

The next moment, the ice-cold feeling touched the tear stains on the corner of her eyes ?

"Yan Ye, do you know what is the other side of the Yin Yang World?"

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