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It's dangerous for me to run into you, but it's fatal for me to run into you at that particular time.


As night fell, the lights dimmed.

A man staggered out from the elevator in the upscale apartment area north of the city.

The man staggered into the bedroom and lay down on the bed without looking at her.

Unexpectedly, he hugged a warm body.

"Pure Heart, Pure Heart …" "Did you come to see me?" The man was ecstatic.

When Xia Mu awoke from his stupor, it was as if he were floating on the surface of the sea. It was like he was floating on the surface of the sea.

As the man moved, that innocence grew further and further away from him …

"Pure Heart …" The man mumbled to himself, but he couldn't hear what he said clearly. Xia Mu's desperate struggles only resulted in a deeper shackle …

The night was so long, so long, so long that she couldn't see a shred of hope …

In the last moment before he lost consciousness, Xia Mu saw the cold and dazzling light of metal …

In the master bedroom at the end of the corridor, the person on the bed was sleeping soundly, completely forgetting about how he had used the guest bedroom to stay the night. Only, there are many times when fate would twist and turn when we couldn't even think of it.

By the time Xia Mu was completely awake, the weight on his body had already disappeared. Without much time to think, he picked up the clothes on the ground and put them on, trembling.

All his fear had disappeared at this moment. There was only one thought left in his mind:

Get out of here and everything will disappear, really!

And in his pocket, the chain connecting her to his fate was lying there quietly, witnessing everything that had just happened.

Next day

When Mozzie woke up in the morning, she looked drowsy. When she suddenly saw the people in the living room, she was shocked. "When did you come back?" he asked as he went into the kitchen and poured a glass of water.

"Last night." When he woke up in the morning, he felt that there was something strange about his body. Yesterday's dream was too realistic, to the point that when he woke up in the morning, he felt that he had fallen deeply into it. However, how could he have fallen asleep on the ground, and the bed sheets also disappeared without a trace!

"Hey, how long are you going to hide here?" Muzzlesi kicked the man's leg, motioning him to sit down.

The man moved to make room and said hesitantly, "Yesterday, forget it." His hand moved to his neck out of habit, only to discover that the chain hanging there had disappeared!

Mu Zexi glanced at her brother and decided to continue helping her family members. She cleared her throat and said, "Dong Zi, Luo Xin is no longer here. You should understand."

Mu Dong was an extremely handsome and outstanding man. His skin was darker than Mu Zexi's, and his hair was short and black. He looked very handsome. With his thin lips under his nose and a determined chin, he said in a calm voice, "I'll go back and look around. I'll be back tomorrow."

Mu Zexi embraced her younger brother's shoulders. "That's more like it!"

After Mu Xiangdong walked away, the living room returned to its normal tranquility. Mu Zexi placed the cup back in the kitchen and remembered that he had brought back a person yesterday. However, why was there no one around now?

He scratched his hair and was about to go upstairs when his cell phone rang, and when he finished the call, he forgot about the incident with Xia Mu.

Half a month later, in A City, which was located a few hundred kilometers away from G City, Xia Mu was sitting in his room in a daze after disappearing for half a month. In a room separated by a wall, a benevolent old man was peacefully sleeping.

On the table in front of him, there was a handkerchief and a chain. On the lower right corner of the handkerchief, there was a word that was very easy to read. She could not imagine connecting the man of that night with the owner of the handkerchief. Nightmare, this dream, Xia Mu decided to forget about it! Forgot forever!

That person, that person was actually him! Xia Mu didn't know how he should face up to this, but how should he continue on his future path?


In previous years, the peach blossoms had already bloomed and lost in April. However, this year's G City, spring had started a little late. On this April's day, the peach blossoms had bloomed in a very beautiful manner.

For the better part of the morning, Xia Mu was so busy that his feet didn't even touch the ground. Just as he was about to wash up the last bowl and wipe it clean with a cloth, his phone on the chopping board started squeaking.

The sound coming from this knockoff phone was really loud, causing Xia Mu's heart to tremble. The bowl in his hand almost fell to the ground.

"Baby mommy." He didn't need to press the hands-free button at all. His phone was completely voiceless. Just as he pressed the answer button, he heard a woman's voice.

"Hello, Teacher Wang!" Xia Mu held his phone in one hand and a cloth in the other as he prepared to clean the breakfast table.

"Oh darling mommy, your family's Nannan hit her. Hurry up and come over!" Teacher Wang went straight to the point.

Xia Mu, who was bent over as he wiped the table, suddenly tensed up, "Teacher Wang, are the children all right?"

"Come here first, we'll talk about it when you get here." With that, he hung up without waiting for Xia Mu's reply.

Hearing the "Du du" sound from the other side of the phone, Xia Mu straightened his body and quickly stuffed his phone into his pocket. He squatted down to pick up a small bag from the box and called out to the vendor: "Aunty, Nannan has met with some troubles at the kindergarten. Help me keep watch over this stall."

Next door was a noodle stall. The stall owner was a middle-aged couple. Hearing Xia Mu's words, the female stall owner didn't say anything and immediately responded, "Ride your big brother's electric bike over there. Hurry!" As he spoke, he went to get the key.

Receiving the key, Xia Mu thanked her and hurriedly got on the electric bike, heading straight for the kindergarten.

"What are you looking at?" It was almost ten o'clock and there were only a few people left at the breakfast stand. Zhao Fugui wiped his hands, took out a cigarette from his pocket, lit it up and took a puff leisurely as he asked.

Zhang Xiulan retracted her gaze from the direction Xia Mu had left in, tidying up the dishes and chopsticks as she said, "You know, Xia Mu is such a good girl, at such a young age, how can she have two children?"

Zhao Fugui slowly blew out a smoke ring, "You, hurry up and clean up this area. Later, help me pack up the stall. Why are you wasting your breath!"

"Ai, I'm talking about you. Isn't it because I care about that girl? Look at what you're saying!" Zhang Xiulan quickly returned the bowls and chopsticks to the bucket, and then began to clean up Xia Mu's breakfast.

Zhao Fugui narrowed his eyes and looked up into the sky. It was April, and the flowers were in full bloom. The air was filled with a faint aroma.

"Head, do you think introducing our eldest nephew to Xia Mu would work?" Zhang Xiulan's voice drifted into his ears.

Zhao Fugui threw his cigarette butt at his feet and stomped it out, then said hoarsely, "Your nephew, I was worried just looking at him. He even said that he would give Little Xia to him, so you should give up earlier!"

"Ah, so what if it's my nephew? He looks so good. He managed dozens of people on the construction site, so how could he not be compatible with Xia Mu? That girl was quite pretty, but she wasn't a beautiful girl after all. What could she possibly find if she dragged her two children? "This person will have to stand on solid ground. What kind of stove and what kind of pot!"

Zhao Fugui arranged his tools and set them up on the tricycle. He was a little impatient to hear his family's aunt's words, "Alright, hurry up, it's getting late. Be quick about it!"

Riding on an electric bike, Xia Mu hastily headed towards the Rainbow kindergarten. On his face, there was a look of anxiety.

It must be known that from a young age, Nannan has always had a strong personality. Xia Mu's grandma always said that Nannan should have a different personality from the baby. The baby was the younger brother and her personality was more like a girl's.

Grandmother, the thought of Grandmother made Xia Mu even more anxious. He had thought that he would be able to save up some money for his grandma. She was already over 80 years old and had not been in good health for the past few years. If it weren't for the matter of his two children attending school, Xia Mu would never have returned to G City.

Regarding this, Xia Mu consoled, "When I grow up, I will be better."

When the two children were born, the baby's physique was weaker. The doctor said that this child was born with a poor foundation, so he had to pay extra attention. After the full moon, no matter if it was weight or length, Nannan was better than the baby. And the baby is often sick, only after checking, found congenital heart disease.

The doctor's advice is to operate as soon as possible, but the cost of the operation, where did it come from? This delay lasted until the child was three years old.

What this city had left behind for Xia Mu was truly an unforgettable memory. The autumn five years ago was the worst autumn that Summer Melt could remember.

Many nights, when Xia Mu was unable to hold on, he would constantly make various assumptions in his mind. If she did not follow Shen Yan out on that day, she would not have encountered those things, much less meet that person.

If she didn't have a postgraduate exam, she would have found a job and brought her grandmother to her side. Perhaps, after working for two years, she would have a relationship, get married, have a child, and lead a bland but happy life.

However, these were all assumptions.

Yes, it was all hypothetical.

When she opened her eyes, she was still living in the small, shabby house. Every day, she would go running around for the child's milk powder money, struggle for the grandmother's medicine money, and was unwilling to buy herself a new set of clothes. However, she would do everything she could to send Nannan and her baby to kindergarten.

My dear Little Mo'er, Grandma can't bear to see you suffer so much!

This was what Grandmother said when she looked at Xia Mu, who was completely exhausted. She couldn't help but cry.

Xia Mu would wipe his granny's tears and say smilingly, "It's not bitter at all. I have a granny, Nannan, and a baby. It's enough."

Is it really not hard?

It was really bitter.

However, he still had to keep walking. He never dared to stop.

Xia Mu rode an electric bike. The bike was not new, and even the dirty ones couldn't see its original appearance.

The Rainbow kindergarten wasn't too far away from the breakfast stand, which took fifteen minutes to walk. After Xia Mu crossed the small path, he turned onto a main road.

After passing this crossroads, they would be able to see the Rainbow kindergarten. Back then, in order to enter this public kindergarten, Xia Mu had spent quite a bit of effort.

"Brother, where are you?" When the phone rang, Mu Dongdong was about to pass through the intersection. He looked at the intersection and noticed that it was a green light. He slightly stepped on the accelerator and prepared to pass through the intersection.

The phone was placed on the counter. Mu Dongdong pressed the hands-free button, and a girl's candid voice came from inside.


"Bro, let me tell you. This time, you have to stay for at least half an hour no matter what. If you don't want my mom to follow you, remember!" On the other end of the phone, Mu Xuexi was still worried.

"Got it." Mu Dong replied coldly. His face was covered with sunglasses, revealing the dark eyes of the man. His hair was very short, and no emotion could be seen from his face.

"Remember, your main task on this vacation is to complete your marriage. Remember, you have to be clear about the priorities."

The voice that answered him was the sound of the phone being hung up.

Mu Dongfang picked up the phone with one hand and pressed the red button. Just as he was about to throw the phone away, a text message came in with a ring.

Mu Dongdong stepped on the brakes and the car's speed was slightly slower. He lowered his head and was just about to click on the text message when he did not notice an electric car rushing out from a side alley!

It was Xia Mu who was running through the red light. She had wanted to take advantage of the few seconds left to snatch it, but she didn't notice the location of Mu Dong's Wrangler and simply slammed into the left door of the car.

Xia Mu's biking skills were quite average. In an emergency like this, not only did he forget to brake the brakes, he even twisted the accelerator, causing the electric bike to turn into a runaway wild horse, galloping straight towards the black shepherd.

When Mu Dongfang raised his head again, he saw an electric car screaming over from the left. He slammed on the brakes and the car instantly came to a screeching halt.

The sky spun, and Xia Mu fell off the electric car. The car fell on top of her.

"Following the sound of a pair of large hands, a man's cold voice sounded out," Are you alright? "

Those two hands pulled Xia Mu out of the electric car.

The instant Xia Mu's car accident happened, he closed his eyes in fright. At this moment, he suddenly heard a stranger's voice and felt like he hadn't recovered his strength yet. However, he subconsciously replied, "I'm fine, I'm fine."

Around ten o'clock, it was another crossroads. It was the time for people to come and go. It wasn't long before a crowd had gathered around the car. Some of the enthusiastic onlookers took out their phones to take photos, some directly called the police, and most of them were just there to watch the show.

"Say, isn't this car worth a lot of money?" Passerby A gossiped.

"What do you know? Let's not mention this car, just look at the license plate!" Passerby B said with a tone of "don't say too much if you don't understand".

"No way!" Passerby A gasped and asked in disbelief.

"Isn't that so? "In this G City, what is the thing that we don't lack the most?"

What entered his vision was a mature man's face. His features were distinct, and his eyes were obscured by sunglasses. His thin lips were currently asking, "Do you need me to send you to the hospital?"

Hearing this voice, something appeared in Xia Mu's mind, but it was so fast that no one could catch it.

"No, I'm responsible for bumping into you. Take a look at how much money you need and I'll pay you."

Mu Xiangdong glanced at the car. There were a few holes in the door where the electric car had smashed, and some paint had been used, but it was fine. In any case, the car wasn't his own.

"Nothing serious, I don't need you to fix it."

"How can that be? I was the one who bumped into him, I should be responsible." Xia Mu pulled back his hair that had drifted to the side of his face, as he spoke in a clear and melodious voice.

The man's dark eyes scanned Xia Mu. This woman, about twenty-three or twenty-four years old, was wearing a blue coat and an apron over which one could still see traces of oil. She wore a pair of canvas shoes with a little bit of abrasion on the top.

"No need, I'm a motor vehicle, I'm responsible."

Just as the two of them were trying to decide who should take responsibility, the traffic police came over.

After a simple inquiry, the traffic police gave out their punishment and the crowd dispersed.

"Sir, I'm really sorry. Your car was hit by me. How about you leave me a phone number. As for the cost of repairing the car, I'll send it over to you another day." Xia Mu stopped the man who was about to get on the car and leave.

Mu Dongfang felt that from the girl's dressing, the conditions should be very ordinary. If an ordinary person were to meet with this kind of situation, it was already considered good. Why did this girl have to use all her strength to get closer?!

"No need." Mu Dong coldly threw down those words before getting into his car and driving away.

Xia Mu looked at the departing car and took a deep breath. This man was emitting an aura that prevented strangers from approaching him. It was a bit difficult for people to get close to him.

Wiping away the sweat on his forehead, Xia Mu bent down to support the electric vehicle, only to discover that his lower leg was in pain. Lowering his head to take a look, it turned out that the electric vehicle's skin had been broken from the pressure when he fell down.

This small injury was nothing to Xia Mu.

Through the rearview mirror, Mu Dong could see the young girl supporting the electric car. She sat upright in the car for a long time without any movement. Then, he watched her lift up the frame of the electric car and start to make a ruckus.

He had clearly only met this little girl once, but why did she give him a strange sense of familiarity?

Mu Dong stepped on the brake and stopped the car by the side of the road. He opened the door and turned around.

"What's wrong?" Xia Mu was half-crouching, fiddling with the electric car when he heard the clear and cold voice from above his head.

"Huh?" Xia Mu raised his head in astonishment and met the eyes of the man. At this moment, the eyes that were hidden behind the black sunglasses were finally revealed. They were long and narrow and deep, with a high nose bridge under the eyes.

"The car, the car can't get away." Facing this man who called himself a stranger, Xia Mu couldn't help but panic, and even started to speak with difficulty.

Mu Dongfang didn't say anything. He pressed the switch and said, "There's no more electricity."

"Huh?" Obviously, this conclusion was something Xia Mu had never expected.

"Sir, you really don't need to go through so much trouble. The place I'm going is very close to here. I'll just go there." Until she got in the passenger seat, Xia Mu was still trying to convince the man who was driving her to kindergarten.

"Where?" At this moment, after taking off his sunglasses, Mu Dong remained as distant as ever. His voice was low and gentle, making it hard to tell how he was feeling.


"Where to?" Mu Dongfang repeated.

"Rainbow kindergarten." Walk along this road and turn right at the intersection. " Xia Mu finished his speech in one breath, and then, the carriage fell into silence.

It was really a close journey, and in less than two or three minutes, they had arrived.

"Thank you, sir." As soon as the car came to a stop, Xia Mu frantically opened the door to get out.

Mu Dongfang nodded.

Xia Mu got out of the car and waved to the man in the car, only then did he walk towards the kindergarten after seeing the man drive away.

"Brother, are you lost, or are you lost? Do you want me to come and pick you up?" As soon as he drove out of the kindergarten, he received another call from Mu Xiangxi.


Mu Xiangxi rolled her eyes at the air. She knew her brother couldn't see her, but she still wanted to do it.

"The cafe in the central square."

"Got it." Mu Dong lightly tapped on the steering wheel and headed towards his destination.

After someone else hung up the phone, Mu Xiangxi couldn't help but roll her eyes again. This brother of hers was too worrisome!

"Cissy, is your elder brother here yet?"

"I'm on my way, I just called and urged again. Mom, do you think this time will work? " Mu Xiangxi asked.

Jiang Lanying raised her cup and took a sip of tea. "It's been so many years. It's been so long since I forgot."

"But, mom, it's not like you don't know the character of my Dong Zi gege's son. It's not like you don't know the personality of the person who is seeking justice. Sister Su Xin has already been gone for so long." Mu Xuesi pouted as she spoke.

"The three of you are all like this, none of you will make me worry."

"Hey, Mom, I suddenly remembered that I still have an appointment. I'll be leaving first!"

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