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A bunch of kids knew that Mu Dong had come back to take his vacation. They had been talking about getting together, but they hadn't had the time to talk about it. That night, they had finally gotten their hands on a group of people.

Those who were married all went on vacation with their wives, such as Song Ziqian, Li Xi, and Tang Yihuan. As for Song Zijing and Song Zizhou, they naturally did not have the time to attend such a gathering, so they both called to inform him. After some calculations, only Mu Zexi and Mu Dongdong were left out of the unmarried couple.

The meeting place was in a private club called "Faint Blue", which was the property of the Qin Group. The President of the Qin Group, Qin Zi Yu, had a business relationship with Song Ziqian. This place was a very safe place. No matter how much trouble it caused, it was still a place for one's own family.

Not long after their wedding, Gu Panpan became pregnant. Tang Yihuan had never thought that she would suddenly be promoted to become her father, and in addition to being happy, there was also a bit of dissatisfaction. One must know that before the honeymoon was over, she had already discovered that she was happy to be her father.

Of course, although it was strange, Tang Yi was still very proud of his superpower. He was obedient to his wife, giving her whatever she wanted.

"Yo, this guy hasn't even arrived yet?" Song Ziqian came in with Li Xi and saw Tang Yihuan on the sofa as soon as they entered the room.

Tang Yihuan was holding the phone to ask her daughter-in-law if Gu Panpan had eaten supper. Gu Panpan's appetite had increased greatly after her pregnancy, and she had to eat five meals a day. However, she was worried about getting fat, so Tang Yihuan couldn't help but urge her to eat more every day.

Tang Yihuan hung up the phone happily. On the other side, Song Ziqian and Li Xi were drinking a cup of wine each.

Tang Yihuan raised her eyebrows and said to the two: "Brother Dong Zi came. You two brothers have to help me. I got married, but Brother Dong Zi didn't come back."

Li Xi glanced at Tang Yihuan and teasingly said: "Come here, give your big brother a smile. I'll help you!" That tone, it was as rogue as it could be. There was no helping it, Tang Yihuan was the prettiest of them all, especially when she was young. She was as beautiful as someone in a painting. Li Xi's size was suppressed by Tang Yihuan, but she still liked to tease him.

"Brother." Tang Yihuan stretched out her voice. Her peach blossom eyes widened as she looked over, making Song Ziqian smile.

"Alright, that's enough. We'll be father's men soon." Song Ziqian couldn't stand it any longer and said this.

As the three of them were talking and laughing, the door to the private box was pushed open. Two men walked in, one after the other.

"Who's bullying our Huanzi?" The one who spoke was Mu Zexi, and Tang Yihuan's mother, Mu Ruying, was Mu Zexi's aunt.

"Well, those two," Song Ziqian teased, "What do you mean by 'popular', love each other, kill each other!"

With that sentence, everyone laughed.

"Dongzi ge, you really are busy, I want to see you again, it's really too difficult!" Tang Yihuan was still brooding over Mu Dongdong's failure to attend his own wedding!

Mu Xiangdong didn't say anything. He walked up and gave Tang Yihuan a punch. "Speak, what did you see?" Towards his younger brother, who was about the same age as him, Mu Dongfang had always been willing to do anything he wanted.

"Dongzi ge, I knew you were my true love!" Tang Yihuan shouted in confusion, making everyone burst out in laughter.

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