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Xia Mu looked at his own reflection in his glasses. He was dressed in a plain flowery qipao, which was the uniform of every waitress here, and it was modified to fit her perfectly, outlining the curves of the girl with the upper body, hugging all the places she should be hugging. However, the tight binding made Xia Mu very uncomfortable, as her breathing seemed to be wrapped in the thin qipao, making her feel very uncomfortable.

"Xia Mu!" The door to the locker room was pushed open and a woman came in.

"I am." Xia Mu turned his head and saw someone had arrived.

"You were introduced by Wang Lan Lan. I believe she told you the details. We are in a high-end clubhouse with our own rules. You just have to follow the instructions of the customer." The person said.


"It's getting late. Get ready, it's time to go to work."

Xia Mu looked at his reflection in his glasses again, and pulled out a chain from around his neck. The cold texture of the chain calmed her nervous heart, and as he put the chain back on, Xia Mu took a deep breath, adjusted his emotions, and prepared to start work.

When he opened the door, he saw that it was a completely different world. The men and women in this world were bright and beautiful, living a carefree life.

As he held his plate of wine and shuttled back and forth between those people, waves of pain came from his legs. Taking advantage of the time while they were waiting for the bartender to take the wine, Xia Mu half-bent his waist and rubbed his legs. She wasn't used to wearing high heels, so she was afraid that her feet were swollen this time. A salary of two hundred yuan an hour really wasn't that easy to earn.

"Table 18." the bartender said to Xia Mu as he placed the guest's wine on the plate.

"Thank you." Xia Mu picked up his plate, and while enduring the pain from his swollen legs, walked towards table 18.

After serving another round of drinks, Xia Mu glanced at the clock on the bar. It was just 9: 30, and there were still three and a half hours until the end of the day. When he left home in the evening, Xia Mu told the two kids that he had something to do at night so they could go to bed early.

Just now, he borrowed Wang Lan Lan Lan Lan's mobile phone to call the child, telling the child to go to bed early. Both of the children were particularly sensible, promising Xia Mu that they would go to bed early and let their mother come home early so that they wouldn't stay out too late.

Thinking of his children, Xia Mu's heart felt sweet.

"Xia Mu, help me bring the wine to VIP private room, my stomach is hurting a lot!" As he walked back into the hall, his hand was stuffed with a tray.

"Oh!" Xia Mu took the tray and looked at the list on it. This wine was ordered by VIP chartered room.

This VIP private room was the biggest one in the entire 'Faint Blue'. Unlike the noisy hall, the entire floor was quiet. The high heels were placed on the thick floor without any sound.

Looking at the wine on the tray, Xia Mu sighed lightly. A person who could consume this kind of wine was truly rich! This wine was worth a year's income from Summer Foam.

While his imagination was running wild, Xia Mu had already walked to the door of the VIP private room.

"Knock knock knock —" Polite knocks sounded from the door. Xia Mu held his plate with both hands and waited patiently, but there was no movement from inside the door.

"Hello, waiter." Xia Mu shouted as he held the plate with one hand and pushed open the door.

The thick and heavy door was pushed open. The room wasn't too bright, and people could be seen in twos and threes, "Hello, here's your wine." Xia Mu stood at the door and said politely.

"Oh, put it there." Tang Yihuan pointed at the tea table in the middle and then continued talking to Li Xi.

Xia Mu carried the tray and walked towards the tea table. On the sofa opposite the coffee table sat two men, each occupying a different end of the sofa.

When Xia Mu pushed open the door and entered, he leaned back slightly on the sofa with his eyes slightly closed. When he heard the girl's voice, he immediately opened his eyes and looked towards the door.

It was her!

The embarrassed girl who crashed into him while riding on the electric car, the young girl who cried as she ran into the emergency room, the shy girl who thanked him with a blushing face, the person who was nicknamed "Nannan's Mama" in his contact list!

Why did he appear here?

Xia Mu felt a burning gaze land on his body. The room was very dark, but Xia Mu could feel that the source of that burning gaze was precisely the man sitting on the sofa. However, Xia Mu didn't raise his head, she only wanted to quickly place the wine down, leave this place, this place, it was really dangerous for her!

The distance from the door to the tea table was only about a dozen steps, but Xia Mu's hands, which were holding the plate of food, were sweating profusely. She steadied her mind and forced herself to calm down.

When they reached the tea table, Xia Mu squatted down to the side. The cheongsam was simply too tight and the side opening was too big, so Xia Mu had to be very careful not to leave.

Two glasses of red wine were placed on the coffee table, "Hello, here's your wine." As he finished speaking, Xia Mu stood up and nodded his head. Just as he was about to stand up, a bright light flashed across his neck. Before Xia Mu could even react, his wrist, which was holding onto the tray, was suddenly gripped tightly by someone!

Xia Mu was stunned. Raising his head, what entered his sight was a familiar face. His thick eyebrows were slightly raised, and his long and narrow eyes emitted a light. It was just like his voice, dangerous and distant.

It was actually him!

This was Xia Mu's first thought after he saw Mu Dong Fang.

"Where did this thing come from?" The man's cold voice rang out, and Hawkeye stared at Xia Mu's face.

Her voice was low and bright, and Xia Mu was suddenly in a state of confusion for a moment. In her mind, she suddenly recalled that night's scene, those fragmented scenes that she had deliberately buried in the depths of her memories.

Even though it was just a glance, Mu Dongfang was sure that he wasn't mistaken. That chain was the one he had given to his wife. After that beautiful night, it had disappeared. He didn't expect to see it from someone unrelated! How could this not shock the usually calm Mu Dongfang?

Everyone naturally saw this scene. The noise suddenly stopped. Only the man's ice-cold voice remained in the originally lively room.

"Speak, where did this thing come from?!"

The room was completely silent. Everyone looked at each other, confused as to what had just happened.

Tang Yihuan coughed and asked, "Brother Dongzi, what's wrong?" He felt that his second cousin must have drunk too much wine. If not, what was the meaning of holding onto the waitress' hand so tightly?

Xia Mu's wrist was gripped tightly by the man, and the chain, hanging from the collar of his plain, flowered cheongsam, shone with a faint light.

In order to maintain his balance, Xia Mu leaned forward, his body inclined in a very uncomfortable position.

Xia Mu held the edge of the tray tightly, trying his best to calm his mind, "Sir, can you let me go first?" The initial shock that he felt when he first saw Mu Dongfang had also disappeared due to the man's actions. She felt that her gratitude towards this man had completely changed due to this action.

"Tell me first, where did this thing come from?" Mu Dong did not let go of her hand. At the same time that he exerted strength in his wrist, he also stood up.

Being pulled like this by Xia Mu, he was already unable to stand steadily. His heart skipped a beat and his hands slipped. "Puff! Puff!" Two glasses of red wine fell from the tea table, soaking the carpet.

"I don't know what you're talking about. If you don't let go, I'll call for help!" Xia Mu wasn't someone who was easy to deal with. Even though his voice was slightly trembling, he wasn't afraid of Mu Dongfang's aura at all.

Song Ziqian couldn't stand to watch and gave Tang Yihuan a look. Tang Yi Huan understood and said: "Dongzi ge, if you have something to say, just say it. First, let go of this lady." Tang Yihuan was curious as to what it was.

Separated by the small coffee table, Xia Mu could feel the breath of a man and the smell of alcohol. She heard the man's voice, "This chain, where did it come from?" The man's other hand was on the chain around Xia Mu's neck.

It turned out that this thing was referring to a chain. In the not-so-bright light, Tang Yihuan was able to clearly see the chain on Xia Mu's neck. It was just an ordinary platinum chain that was sold everywhere on the market.

However, Song Zi Qian and Li Xi, who were sitting beside him, did not see anything. However, the two of them did not plan to speak.

Tang Yihuan, who had wanted to step forward to help Xia Mu, was stopped by Li Xi. With a cup of wine in her hand, Li Xi said in a low voice, "Drink and watch the show."

"This is mine, sir, and it has nothing to do with you." The tray in his hand had been thrown onto the ground when Mu Dongdong pulled it. Xia Mu stretched out his hand and pulled out his own chain. "If you want, go to the mall and buy it!"

"Pfft hahaha …" Li Xi couldn't hold back his laughter and was the first to laugh. This waitress was really spicy!

It had to be known that not everyone could bear the cold face of Mu Dongfang! Thinking about the people he had under his command, they weren't trained to the point of being desperate, but this young waitress actually dared to pull the hair off a tiger's neck. Tsk tsk, she really had the guts!

Song Ziqian lifted up his goblet and kicked Li Xi's leg, indicating for him to be quiet. He didn't even want to watch the show!

Lish received the order, held back his laughter, and continued to read.

"Sir, if there's nothing else, feel free to do so." As Xia Mu spoke, he stretched his hand out to try and break Mu Dongdong's hand. However, the opponent's strength was too great, and Xia Mu had to spend a lot of effort to break it, but he still couldn't.

"Dong Zi, this young lady said that the chain is her own. Come, let go." Li Jun glanced at the people who were obviously watching the show. Li Jun sighed with emotion as she mistakenly made friends with someone and tried to persuade Mu Dongfeng on the surface.

A hint of disappointment flashed through Mu Dongyou's dark eyes. When Xia Mu saw this emotion, her heart skipped a beat and she unexpectedly felt a bit sad.

"Sorry, I got the wrong person." The man's voice was low, and when Xia Mu's wrist was empty, he let go.

Having regained his freedom, Xia Mu straightened up, gave a slight bow, picked up the tray on the floor, and left.

Mu Zexi, who returned to his room after receiving the call, clearly felt that the atmosphere wasn't right. Mu Dongdong sat on the sofa, maintaining his open palm posture without moving an inch. Song Ziqian and Li Xi were drinking wine alone, while Tang Yihuan's face was filled with worry.

"What happened?" Mozzie asked.

Lishi raised her finger and pointed it at Mu Dongfang, but she didn't say anything.

"Dong'zi, Dong'zi." Mu Zexi called out twice, but Mu Dongfang did not respond.

"What happened?"

"I'm fine." Mu Dongfang gave a self-deprecating laugh. He had been drinking too much, how could he feel that the chain was his!

However, how could that person work in such a place!

Mu Dongfang lowered his eyes and sat down again. He poured himself a cup of wine and finished it in one gulp.

The three of them looked at each other after watching the show. Song Ziqian spoke first, "Huanzi, go and pour your Dongzi ge another cup of wine."

"En!" Tang Yihuan replied before picking up the bottle of wine on the table and squeezed to Mu Dongdong's side. "Dongzi ge, little brother will toast to you."

After Xia Mu left the room, Mu Dongfang obviously acted like a different person. He did not refuse any of the toasts and even took the initiative to find someone to drink. Not long after, he was already drunk.

"Dong Zi, you know that little girl from before?" Song Ziqian pursed his lips, took a sip of wine, and asked.

Upon hearing his question, the crowd pricked up their ears as if they wanted to hear the answer. Mu Zexi, who had heard the story from Li Xi in a low voice, had a curious expression on his face. He really wanted to know what kind of woman could cause such a reaction from his little brother.

After a long silence, when everyone thought that Mu Dong would not answer this question, he answered, "Yes."

Song Ziqian raised his eyebrows and moved the hand holding the goblet. The dark liquid followed his movements and lightly swayed in the goblet, "It's pretty delicate." Song Ziqian didn't care about how a person looked like at all. Just from the sound of the voice, it seemed like he had grown up quite a bit.

"Yes." Mu Dong replied again.

"Ideas?" Song Ziqian followed up with a question. Everyone held their breath as they waited for Mu Dong's answer.


Alright, I have to say, once this "no" was said, everyone felt a little bit disappointed, because it was really hard to see which woman Mu Dongfang had such strong feelings for. This young waitress was definitely the first!

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