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At one o'clock in the morning, all the hubbub gradually subsided. After sending the last drink, Xia Mu returned to the bar to check his wine list and get ready to leave work.

This night, running back and forth upstairs with high heels was not easy.

While waiting for the order break at the bar, Xia Mu leaned on the bar counter and secretly freed his feet from his high heels. He thought to himself, "When I go back later, I should use some hot water to soak in it."

"Xia Mu, your order." He handed out a list and said, "Not bad, this result."

Xia Mu received the list and looked at the numbers on it. His clear eyes seemed especially bright under the light, "Thank you."

"You're welcome." The person in charge of the bar was a young man of about twenty-seven or twenty-eight. He was a kind man, and he smiled the moment he spoke.

As Xia Mu held the list in his hands, he put the worn-out foot back into his shoe, and smiled at the person behind the bar, "Then I'll be leaving first. Thank you for your hard work."

"Be careful on the road." The person in the bar smiled and said.

"Thank you." Xia Mu politely smiled.

The staff locker room was at the end of the first floor's corridor, Xia Mu walked at a moderate pace while wearing her high heels. Her feet were in extreme pain, and compared to the bustling hall, the floor was marble, shiny and shiny under the light.

Opening the locker room door, Xia Mu searched through a long row of keys hanging on the wall for the number that matched his cabinet.

Looking around, Xia Mu found the key, took it off and opened the cabinet door.

From the neck to the top, Xia Mu was wearing a floral qipao. He first undid the first button, then the next three buttons, before someone knocked on the door of the locker room.

"Is there anyone else?" A man's voice came from outside the door.

"Supervisor, please wait a moment." Xia Mu was slightly flustered as he rebuttoned his shirt.

Opening the door, he saw the bar manager who had handed over the list to Xia Mu just now standing outside the door.

"What's the matter?"

"There are guests in the VIP room who need to be served."

"But I'm off duty." Xia Mu said with a troubled expression.

"This time, everyone's almost gone. Xia Mu, you're still here, send the wine over. Didn't you serve in the VIP private room tonight? Come, hurry."

"But …" Xia Mu was a little hesitant. Because of the displeasure in the chartered room earlier, he was unwilling to go over at this moment.

"Don't but. You were introduced by Lan Lan, so you don't want to make things difficult for her, right? " The person mentioned Wang Lan Lan's name. The meaning of his words were very clear. If he didn't go today, then he wouldn't have the chance to be a temporary worker next time.

When they were receiving the wine from the bar, the person on the bar joked, "The VIP today is really good. We've already ordered quite a few of these. Tsk tsk, the world of rich people is really something we don't understand."

Regarding this, Xia Mu smiled but did not say anything. Suppressing the uneasiness in her heart, she firmly held onto the tray, only wanting to send the wine over quickly and then return home. She didn't want to stay in this place for even one more minute!

Standing at the door of the chartered room once again, Xia Mu's current mood was completely different from what he had been in a few hours ago.

"Knock knock knock!" Someone knocked on the thick wooden door.

Xia Mu held onto the tray, enduring the discomfort on his feet. However, no one answered from inside the door.

As time passed minute by minute, Xia Mu felt that if he kept delaying like this, the sky would light up soon!

No longer waiting, Xia Mu put his hands on the tray and pushed open the door with his back.

Compared to the bright lights in the corridor, the room was like another world. All the lights were turned off, and only the floor lamp by the wall was turned on. Under the dim light, not a single person could be seen.

"Hello, the wine has arrived." Xia Mu called out, and only her voice could be heard in the huge room.

Stepping on the thick carpet, Xia Mu arrived at the coffee table. As he bent over to put down the tray, he saw a person sleeping on the sofa.

Under the dim light, that person was actually holding the man who had questioned him about the origin of the necklace!

The mature and handsome face had lost its coolness, but there was still a bit of warmth. However, even when it fell asleep, the space between the eyebrows of the man's eyebrows was still slightly wrinkled.

It wasn't until the pain in his foot that Xia Mu realized he was squatting beside the sofa, looking at a man who was almost a stranger.

Realizing his own absent-mindedness, Xia Mu was slightly stunned. What had happened to him? Why would he have such strange thoughts towards someone he wasn't familiar with?

Xia Mu ah Xia Mu, must be crazy!

Xia Mu held onto the sofa and tried to stand up, but his feet slipped and he fell towards the sofa.

"Hrm …" A muffled groan could be heard, and the sleeping figure opened his eyes.

Mu Dong's mind was in a state of chaos for a moment. Perhaps it was only a few seconds before he regained his senses. His deep eyes met with a startled gaze.

"Sorry, sorry." Xia Mu apologized repeatedly. He took advantage of Mu Dong's chest to stand up, but his leg kicked the tea table. A heart-wrenching pain came from his foot.

"Mother Nannan …" The man's soft voice came from above Xia Mu's head.

Xia Mu struggled to get up, and Mu Dongfang was just about to do the same when Xia Mu's head slammed into the man's chin!

After a while, Xia Mu's face turned red as he sat at the end of the sofa, looking at the man who was rubbing his chin with a frown, apologizing repeatedly, "Sorry, I didn't do it on purpose."

Mu Dongfang felt dizzy as he observed the situation in the room. It seemed that these fellows were really good friends for leaving him here alone!

"Mama Nannan." The man called out, as if to confirm the other's identity.

Because of this form of address, Xia Mu's apology came to an abrupt halt as he replied: "Ai, I am." She was right, she was indeed Nannan's mother.

"You, why are you here?" When Mu Dongfang asked this question, he reached out to pick up the wine that Xia Mu had just brought over, "Do you have a clean cup?"

"Uh, yes." Xia Mu stood up and opened the wine cabinet.

"Two." the man ordered.

Two brand-new goblets were placed on the coffee table, and a dark red liquid was slowly poured into the goblets. The man reached out with his hand and placed one in front of Xia Mu, "Come, have a drink with me."

The lamp by the corner emitted a soft yellow light, and the man's deep voice sounded in the quiet night. It was as if he was greeting the man naturally. At this moment, the wine cup was emitting a delicate fragrance, which permeated through the air and into Xia Mu's nose.

"Come have a drink with me." The man spoke as if it was as if he was certain that Xia Mu would do as he asked. He accepted the cup of wine and downed it in one gulp.

"I'm sorry, sir, you drank too much." A moment ago, Xia Mu was still warm from the man's call for his darling mother. But now, his entire being had become cold, and even his clear voice had a hint of disdain. What did this man take her to be? To drink with a girl?!

Mu Dongfang seemed to have expected this outcome. He pursed his lips and a hint of self-mockery appeared on his face. He took back the cup of wine that was placed in front of Xia Mu and put it into his mouth.

Pour the wine, drink it all, pour the wine again, drink it all again. Finally, he held the red wine bottle in his hand and started drinking right into the mouth of the bottle.

Xia Mu looked at the man with an odd expression before finishing his sentence. In just a few minutes, he had swallowed an entire bottle of red wine.

Madman! This man must be crazy!

This was Xia Mu's conclusion.

Without further ado, Xia Mu stood up and prepared to leave.

"Nannan's mother, tell me, can the dead still remember the living?" With a single sentence, Xia Mu stopped in his tracks.

"Nannan's mother, tell me, can the dead still remember the living?" The man's voice sounded again, but it was still repeated.

In reality, if he could find out, Mu Dong was already completely drunk. If he wasn't, he wouldn't have said those words in front of Xia Mu. It was simply because of this day.

Right now, it was already around one in the morning. For Xia Mu, this was yet another brand-new day, but for Mu Dong, it was an unforgettable day. This was because this was the day when he had to leave him.

Perhaps it was because his tone was too sorrowful, or because his voice was too vicissitudes, or because this man had always called him Mama Nannan, but he just couldn't bear it anymore. Xia Mu stopped, turned around, and softly asked: "You, what's wrong?"

At this moment, this man was shrouded in grief.

The other party remained silent for a long time, until Xia Mu thought that he would not answer again. Then, the low voice came again, "I'm sorry, I was drunk." He reached for another bottle of wine and poured another.

"Huh?" Just as Xia Mu wanted to stop her, she paused for a moment and stared at the wine bottle in Mu Dong's hand. It must be known that the commission from the few bottles of wine that she had opened today was enough for her to open a stall for over a month.

She struggled a little within her heart, but Xia Mu was still unable to resist the temptation. She allowed the man to drink one cup after another.

However, looking at Mu Dong, who was like a cow drinking wine, Xia Mu couldn't bear it anymore. After all, this person was the savior of this baby. Even though this wine was worth a lot, it would still harm her body if she drank too much!

"Erm, let's drink less!" Xia Mu replied, but the other party acted as if he didn't hear him, continuing to drink his wine.

"Is this thing really that tasty?"

"Hey!" "Stop drinking!"

In the end, Xia Mu couldn't stand it any longer and reached out to grab the wine cup in Mu Dongdong's hands, but the latter was willing to let go so easily. With a wave of his hand, Xia Mu's hand was grabbed.

From where his deep eyes could see, he was completely drunk. Mu Dongfang asked in confusion, "Who are you?"

Xia Mu was speechless. This person had really drunk too much. "Sir, you drank too much. I'll get someone to send you back."

"Go back?" Mu Dong repeated his words, but his tone was as though he was an eight to nine-year-old child.

Xia Mu gave up on communicating with the drunkard. She decided to go out and call the waiter to check on the situation and help them get back. If they really drank too much, then she wouldn't be able to take responsibility for anything that happened in the room.

Thinking of this, Xia Mu stood up to leave, but found that his wrist was still being held by someone, "About that, I'll go call someone to come in and help."

"Yes." Mu Dongdong replied, but he still didn't let go of Xia Mu's hand.

Even in a state of drunkenness, his nose was exceptionally sensitive. The faint fragrance made him want to find the source of the smell, so he moved his nose a little bit closer.

Her body was unsteady as she sat down between the tea table and the sofa. She struggled with her wrist and found that it was impossible to break free. Mu Dongfang's hand was like a strong iron ring that was tightly locked onto her wrist.

Xia Mu became anxious as a few traces of anger appeared on her face. She used her left hand to pull Mu Dongdong's hand, and spoke in a worried voice, "Mister, please let go!"

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