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Xia Mu's little bit of strength was nothing to Mu Dongfang, but he was able to pull the workshop closer to him.

Perhaps it was due to the impatience of the woman, but with a tug from the man, his entire body was pushed over.

The sky spun and Xia Mu was pressed into the gap between the tea table and the sofa. Beneath him was a thick carpet and on his body was the drunk man.

After being pushed down, Xia Mu's foot slammed heavily onto the tea table. His foot was already injured, but this only made it worse.

At the tip of his nose, there was a faintly discernible fragrance, extremely similar to the simple and elegant gardenia blooming in the garden. It was faint, but impossible to ignore.

"Hey, you …" Xia Mu wanted to push the man away, but the man's breath was so close to her neck that it caused her lower jaw to itch. Meanwhile, the man mumbled something that she couldn't hear clearly.

"East …" She suddenly recalled the day at the hospital when Wei Meng had called her that. Xia Mu had wanted to use that name to awaken the man's mind, but he realized that he was completely wrong.

The situation had gone awry because she discovered that after hearing the name, the man had actually raised his head. That face was hanging right over her. His forehead was very hot, and right now, it was pressed against her own forehead.

"What did you call me?" The man's voice was very low, as low as the whisper of a lover.

"To …" Before he could finish his words, Xia Mu's lips suddenly tightened, as a completely unfamiliar aura came crashing over!

It had been a long time since he'd come into contact with such a warm touch, Mu Dongfang could no longer remember. It was as if after Cheng Su Xin left, his life had turned into a different color, he suppressed the longing for his wife in his heart and focused all of his energy into his work, using intense training to numb his body, burying the pain in his heart so that no one could see him.

However, only he himself knew that the scar had been scabbed and scarred, never to be healed.

He was desperate for more …

As for Xia Mu, from his initial panic, to his current humiliation, to his final anger, she felt that she had misjudged this man.

She raised her hand to push against it, but the shackles only deepened!

Xia Mu was about to go crazy. He regretted coming to this room today. No, he shouldn't have come here to work, otherwise, he wouldn't have been bullied by a man he wasn't familiar with.

It was hard for her to breathe, so she could feel his movements through her thin clothes. A feeling of fear rose from the bottom of his heart as those memory fragments slowly appeared in his mind. Xia Mu suddenly thought of that strange man, that night five years ago, and that man's blurry memories …

No, Xia Mu began to fear, for the first time, she felt that this man was more dangerous than she had imagined, full of aggression. She wanted to shout for help, but she was powerless to break free.

Finally, she found a slight gap and without hesitation, she bit down on the man's lips with all her might …

The feeling of regaining his freedom was actually this joyful. Xia Mu breathed heavily, his lips still had a strong scent, his eyes became astringent and he almost cried.

Rushing to the bathroom to wash his face, Xia Mu calmed himself down, went to the bar, and told the person at the bar about the VIP private room. He then took back the wine list and handed over his receipt before leaving in a hurry.

"Xia Mu!" As soon as he stepped out of the door, Xia Mu was stopped.

"Mist!" Xia Mu turned his head and looked at Wang Lan Lan who was standing under the eaves.

"Help me." Wang Lan Lan waved her hand at Xia Mu, and Xia Mu hurriedly ran over, only to discover that Wang Lan was reeking of alcohol.

"Why are you drinking so much?" Xia Mu pulled Wang Lan Lan's arm and placed it on his shoulder as he asked with concern.

"Hehe, sister, drink more, then you can get rich." As Wang Lan Lan giggled, she let her head rest on Xia Mu's shoulder as she borrowed Xia Mu's strength to stand.

"Girl, it's not good to drink too much."

"Elder sister, it doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman. As long as you're willing to drink, you can buy whatever you sell!"

"Oh." Xia Mu responded and supported Wang Lan forward.

"Hey, I heard from Little Seven that your list today is pretty good!" The Xiao Qi Wang Lan Lan spoke of was the person in charge of the bar.

"Not bad." With regards to this matter, Xia Mu did not wish to speak any further. All he wanted to do was to leave this place as soon as possible.

"You haven't been bullied, have you?"

Xia Mu suddenly thought of Mu Dong's kiss and frowned slightly. He replied in a light tone, "No, everyone took care of me."

"Big sister, actually, I think that with your character, you are not suitable for this place. "But you're in a hurry to use the money." Perhaps because she had drank too much, Wang Lan Lan felt that this time, her head was heavy and her feet were light. Even when she spoke, her tongue was still curled.

That's right, he was in a hurry to use his money, so he came to this place. Being bullied by others didn't mean that he would dare to reveal it. Xia Mu suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

"Sister, I'll tell you in secret. When I've saved up enough money, I'll leave here and never come back!"

"Alright, we won't be coming anymore!" Xia Mu grabbed Wang Lan Lan Lan's arm and almost dragged her forward. After walking through this door, they would arrive at the main road. They could take a taxi back.

Late at night, the road was deserted, and a few cars passed by occasionally. Xia Mu waited for a while before stopping a taxi.

It was already two in the morning when they returned to the courtyard. Xia Mu sent Wang Lan back to the west room before returning to the east room. After a simple wash, he climbed into bed and slept. There were only two hours left before he would be up at four o'clock. Xia Mu forced himself to think of nothing and quickly fall asleep. Tomorrow morning, he would have to continue setting up his breakfast.

After hearing Xia Mu's words, Xiao Qi immediately went to the VIP private room. She turned on the lights and saw a man lying on the ground, sleeping.

Towards the guests here, Xiao Qi didn't dare to be negligent. Anyone who could come and go in this room was either rich or expensive. After asking the manager, he once again confirmed the safety of the people in the room, then closed the door and left.

This night was exceptionally long.

In the dream, he dreamt of Cheng Su Xin, and he dreamt of the scene where they met and fell in love. In the dream, he was kissing a woman, that woman, and she had a faint fragrance of gardenia. For the first time, he felt that he did not hate this smell.

This dream was very, very long. It was so long that Mu Dongfang felt as if he didn't want to wake up.

The dream spun and he saw a large amount of blood. He saw Su Xin blocking in front of him, and he saw Su Xin holding onto his hand and trying to speak to him, but he could not say anything. At the end of the dream was the blood that filled the sky, it was her beautiful face …

Pure Heart, it's been six years. You still don't want to come to my dream?

I truly miss you from the bottom of my heart …

Pure Heart …

"Pure Heart!" Mu Dongfang suddenly woke up from his dream. His forehead was covered in sweat, and the pain in his head was the result of his hangover.

Raising his eyes to look at the surroundings, Mu Dongfang laughed. He had actually slept on the floor for the entire night. Fortunately, the carpet was thick enough.

He took out his cell phone and checked it. It was 5 AM in the morning. There were a lot of missed calls. When he opened it, he found that all of them belonged to Wei Meng.

After putting the phone back in his pocket, Mu Dongdong stood up and noticed a shiny object on the carpet. He picked it up and realized that it was a necklace!

Mu Dong's hand touched the chain and a face appeared in his mind. How did this thing fall here?

Mu Dongfang stuffed the chain into his pocket and stood up.

Since there were guests who would spend the night in the chartered rooms, there were still guest rooms and places for bathing.

Mu Dong's cold hands splashed on his face as he became more clear-headed. When he looked at the person in the mirror, he discovered that there was a thin cut on his lower lip. He lifted his hand to touch it.

Where did this wound come from?

Mu Dongdong pressed between his eyebrows, it seemed that he drank too much yesterday. Remembering the chain in his pocket, Mu Dongdong's heart sank. There were some things that seemed to be growing out of the ground.

When the alarm rang, Xia Mu had already woken up. He reached under his pillow and pulled out his cell phone. When he pressed on the light button, he saw that it was ten minutes to four.

Xia Mu turned his head, and the two children were still sleeping soundly, letting out even sounds of breathing. Reaching out to cover the child with a blanket, Xia Mu gently got up from the bed.

There were no lights in the room. Xia Mu was already very familiar with the furnishings in the room. She took the clothes on the stool beside the bed and changed them. After a simple wash, she pushed the door open and went outside.

"Xia Mu, you're early too." In the yard, Zhang Xiulan was moving things out.

"Good morning, Aunt." The courtyard was quiet, and the sun had just risen from the east.

"Did you hear anything last night?" Zhang Xiulan whispered as she tied the items.

Xia Mu was moving some stuff onto the cart when he heard Zhang Xiulan's question. He raised his head and whispered, "I slept soundly, I didn't hear anything."

Zhang Xiulan curled her lips towards the west side of the house and whispered, "I think he's from the west side." Zhang Xiulan was biased against Wang Lan Lan in the west room and felt that this young girl was not good at anything and wanted to be a waitress instead. In her opinion, the better part was the service industry, or to put it bluntly, who knew what kind of filthy business she was in! She had always disliked Wang Lan. She slept at home during the day, and when everyone returned home at night, she would dress up and go to work. Who was the innocent one? Who would believe these words of hers!

Hearing Zhang Xiulan's words, Xia Mu pursed his lips but didn't say anything.

Zhang Xiulan continued to talk for a while, most of it was her talking. Xia Mu listened quietly, occasionally answering her.

It didn't take long for everything to be safely placed on the cart. Xia Mu returned to the house and took a look at the child. Then, he closed the door and pushed the cart out of the courtyard.

The street was quiet.

"Yo, so early!" The one who spoke was one of the sanitation workers. Seeing Zhang Xiulan and Xia Mu's cart, he greeted them.

"You are so early as well!" In such a short time, Zhang Xiulan was very good at dealing with the people around her.

"There's nothing we can do about it. This is the only life of someone in this line of work." Big Sis Li answered, but the work in her hands didn't stop at all.

Xia Mu followed behind Zhang Xiulan's car. Perhaps it was because he had slept too little last night, but he felt that his feet were all floating and his head was extremely stuffy. Taking a deep breath, he inhaled the cool air into her lungs, causing her to wake up abruptly. By the way, it's time to send money back to Grandma's. Moreover, the sky was soon going to turn hot, so it was time to get some clothes for the two children.

As he thought about it, he unknowingly walked to the breakfast stand.

"Looks like we're still early today." Zhang Xiulan said happily. The location of this area was not fixed, anyone who came early would be able to get close to the intersection.

Xia Mu looked around, and the surroundings were quiet. He then said, "It's pretty early."

Folding tables, plastic stools, stoves, and other things were being unloaded from the wheelbarrow, one by one. The table was propped up, a chopper basket was placed on top of it, and a saucepan was being placed on top of it. When all this was done, the porridge on the stove had already been boiled.

"What are you thinking about?" Zhang Xiulan set up her stall and saw Xia Mu sitting on a stool, holding his chin in a daze.

"Oh, it's nothing. I didn't sleep well last night. I'm sleepy." Xia Mu rubbed his eyes as he spoke.

"Aiya, it's better if you're young. You youngsters have so many horns, unlike me, who is an old man. I can't sleep at all, and can't sleep at all." Zhang Xiulan filled the pot with water and said to Xia Mu.

"Aunt, look at what you're saying." Xia Mu stood up and helped Zhang Xiulan carry the pot onto the stove. "I was envious of you."

"What are you envious of? I'm already at my age, what's there to be envious of?" "It's better if you guys are the young ones who have the drive." Zhang Xiulan said, but she did not stop the work she was doing. She quickly propped up the noodles on the table.

The two of them chatted for a while longer until someone else arrived too early.

When the three pancakes were completely filled, Xia Mu became a little anxious. She felt that it must be because she didn't sleep well last night. When she poured the pancakes into the pan, she was always at a loss, and when she found out, the pancakes were already fried.

Xia Mu scooped the pancakes out of the pot and set them aside on a plate. He took a deep breath and forced himself to focus. However, that man called Dong Fang would always inadvertently pop out of her mind. Her mind was in a mess. That handsome face would always appear in her mind, and she would always recall the events of the previous night.

That firm chest, that feeling of being hugged tightly by someone, that warm feeling of being touched, that strong and forceful embrace, and that indescribable impulse of having her lips and teeth touching each other …

"Clang!" Xia Mu was startled by the sound and turned around. It turned out that Zhang Xiulan had accidentally knocked over a basin of water.

"Aunt, are you alright?" Xia Mu asked.

"It's fine, it's fine. Cold water, it's fine."

At this time, it was still early, and there weren't many people who came to eat breakfast. Xia Mu simply stopped working, put down the spatula, picked up the plate filled with pancakes, stood up, smoked a pair of chopsticks on the small table, and began to eat.

Under the same sky, Mu Dongdong walked out of the blue light and looked up at the sky. It was still early, and it was only six o'clock. After the initial chaos, he was completely awake.

He opened the car door and lowered all the windows. Then, he drove out of the car.

At this time, he did not intend to go home. He did not go home for the whole night and did not know what Muzelsi had told him.

As he thought of this, he picked up the phone and dialed Mu Zexi's number.

In the apartment on the north side of the city, the jarring ringtone suddenly rang. A man reached for the phone on the bedside table and pressed the answer button.

"Hey …" From the man's voice, one could hear his impatience after his beautiful dream was interrupted.

Mu Dongfang did not expect Mu Zexi to answer the phone so quickly. He did not dawdle and directly asked, "What happened last night?" Although he couldn't remember exactly what happened last night, the wound on his lips reminded him that something must have happened yesterday. He just needed to confirm who it was!

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