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Mu Xiangdong drove the car while the person sitting in the first passenger seat kept looking out the window, enjoying the scenery outside.

"G City has changed quite a bit." After reading, Jiang Si Ran came to a conclusion.

"Yes." Mu Dongfang always spoke the wrong words.

"Give me the phone." Jiang Si Ran extended his hand toward Mu Dongfang.

Mu Dong took out his cell phone and tossed it to Jiang Si Ran. Looking at the product of an unknown era, Jiang Si Ran smirked and said, "Second nephew, are the wages in the country really that low?"

Mu Dongfang frowned. He was obviously getting used to Jiang Si Ran's way of speaking. However, it was rude not to answer when an elder asked him about it. Therefore, he said, "You can make the phone call."

Jiang Si Ran raised an eyebrow and asked, "What's your number?"

When you come back, you always have to call to say hello.

The housekeeper answered the call. When Jiang Lanying received it, Jiang Si Ran spoke into the phone, "Sis, I'm here." I won't go to your place. "

The other party seemed unhappy. After saying a few words, Jiang Si Ran continued, "Just let Dong Zi accompany me. Don't worry, you won't get lost." Really, big sister even thought of me as a few years old child, and I still knew how to lose it!

However, he remembered Jiang Lanying's kindness to him in his heart.

After hanging up, Jiang Si Ran casually threw Mu Dong's old phone onto the counter and said with disdain, "It's time to change your phone. Right, let's go to the Multi Colored Life first, I want to buy something. " There was only one thing on the plane, and that was the bad taste. Nothing else. These past few days, he hadn't been able to eat any good sweets. At this time, his craving had flared up and his heart was itching.

When Sheng Huan received Jiang Siran's call, he happened to be patrolling the shop located in the central square.

"Huanhuan, guess where I am?" The receiver was filled with Jiang Si Ran's usual teasing voice.

Sheng Huan commanded the shop assistant to rearrange the goods according to her earlier instructions. She then spoke into the phone, "Young noble, why did you call me?"

"Huan Huan, LalimeMousse, is there anything else?" That afternoon, the sun was as bright as it was today. In the West Point room of the internship, Jiang invited Sheng Huan to have a taste of a lalimeMousse, the most suitable dessert for a lover in the Pierrehermé cupboard. The sweet lemon mousse was wrapped in a slightly sour raspberry jelly and covered with a layer of crispy pistachio fruit crumbs. He took a small bite, and the sour taste slowly disappeared in his mouth, as if he was in love for the first time.

"Jiang Si Ran, you're back?" Due to a woman's inherent sensitivity, Huanhuan asked.

"Those who know me well!"

Mu Dongfang had never felt much about dessert, but after Jiang Si Ran destroyed several pieces of cake consecutively, he felt that his entire being was not good. He was obviously a man, but he had such a handsome face.

Jiang Si didn't want to know Mu Dongfang's inner complaints. He was feeling especially happy right now, because he had his favorite dessert. More importantly, it was made by Sheng Huanhuan himself. It was fresh from the oven!

Therefore, when Mu Dongdong was about to taste the egg tart, he could clearly feel the coldness that Jiang Si Ran was emitting. He retracted his hand and put down the egg tart, then said, "Please wait a moment, I'll make a phone call."

Jiang Si Ran narrowed his eyes and picked up the last egg tart with his slender fingers. He said to his nephew in satisfaction, "Go. If your broken phone doesn't work, uncle will buy you a new one later!"

Listen to me, these words are so mighty and domineering, so much like the words of a senior!

When Huanhuan brought out the lalimeMousse, he saw Jiang Si Ran sitting alone at the table. The dining plate on the table was clean and tidy.

"Where's Dong Zi?"

"I went out to make a phone call." Jiang Si Ran said lazily with a relaxed expression.

"Here, your alimee Mousse. Eat quickly and leave as soon as you're done."

"Huanhuan, it's been so long since we last met, do you not miss me?" Jiang Si Ran chased after her and embraced her. He squinted his long and narrow eyes and asked with a smile.

Huanhuan raised his hand and punched Jiang Si Ran in the stomach. With an innocent smile on his face, he shrugged and said, "Our Mu said that you must stay away from Jiang Si Ran when you see him!" Huanhuan's words meant that Mu said he had to stay away from you, so I was forced to do so. Please forgive me.

Seeing such a delicious dessert, Jiang Si Ran decided not to pursue what Sheng Yue had just said. He quickly finished off the lalimeMousse on his plate, wiped the corner of his mouth with a napkin and asked, "I'm homeless, what do I do?"

Before Sheng Huan could return, he heard a clear and melodious voice say, "I heard that there's still a place under the Sky Bridge. Mister Jiang can go and try. Perhaps there's still your seat."

The person was dressed in casual attire and had a faint smile on his face. When he looked at the happy scene, the smile on his face became even wider.

"You're here." Laughing merrily, he walked up to her.

The person in front of Jiang Si Ran said, "Since you're back, you should go back to your own home."

"Third Young Master, I've returned from a long journey, is that how you treat me? I'm so sad! " Jiang Si Ran pretended to exaggerate as he spoke, almost holding his heart and pretending to be sad.

"Dong'zi, send your uncle back." These words were said by Mu shi in the direction of Mu Dongfang.

"Yes." At this moment, Mu Dongfang felt that he shouldn't have agreed to bring Jiang Si Ran back to the country. Those present were all his elders. None of them could afford to offend him!

Rainbow kindergarten.

During school hours, the kindergarten's entrance was filled with parents waiting to pick up their children from school. Xia Mu was one of them. She carried a shopping bag in her hand and was currently looking inside the kindergarten, hoping to see her child soon.



Nannan and Baby saw Xia Mu waiting for them at the door. The two kids could not help but shout out as Xia Mu waved at them with a satisfied smile on his face.

After checking the delivery plates, the two children came out skipping.



The two little fellows, one of them kissed Xia Mu.

"Baby, what are you doing in kindergarten today?" Xia Mu asked.

The baby held Xia Mu's hand and excitedly said, "Today teacher taught building blocks. Oh right, I even taught Tang Shi."

"So many!"

"Yeah, I built a very nice house." Nannan quickly said.

"En," the baby nodded in agreement, "The house elder sister built is really beautiful."

"They're all so good! Then mom will give everyone a reward today, okay? "

"What reward?" Nannan asked.

"Let's eat dumplings tonight!"


A simple dumpling was enough to make the two children so happy. Xia Mu felt that what he could give the children, even though it wasn't much, but if she put in all her effort to take good care of her children and allow them to grow up happily, then her mother should be considered qualified.

My children, do you know that being able to watch you grow up healthy is my happiest and happiest thing?

The kindergarten wasn't too far away, and the three of them strolled back to the school. It didn't even take them ten minutes.

Upon entering the courtyard, Zhang Xiulan was picking vegetables. The two children greeted her politely before going to wash their hands.

Xia Mu put the food he bought into the kitchen before entering the house with the bag in his hand. Inside the house, the two children were preparing to move a chair over to the yard to play.

Xia Mu called out to them, "Come, look, what is this?"

"New clothes!" Nannan happily called out as Xia Mu was holding a pink dress that was exactly what Nannan liked.

"Mom, is this for me?" Nannan opened her eyes wide as she asked.

"Of course. "Come, try it."

Nannan ran over and hugged Xia Mu as she gave him a heavy kiss, saying: "Mama, I have so many clothes, so why are you buying new ones? You should spend more money!" Even though she said that, her eyes couldn't help but look at her new dress. This dress was truly beautiful!

Seeing his daughter clearly want it and yet not saying it, Xia Mu's heart ached as he said, "My darling is so beautiful, wearing a dress is the best."

"Does the baby have one?" Nannan asked.

"Yes, the baby too."

The two children happily went out to the yard to play. Xia Mu washed his hands and began to prepare dinner.

The meat that he had bought had already been minced into minced meat in the shop, saving Xia Mu quite a bit of effort. He took a noodle out of the cupboard and poured the noodles into the water.

Initially, Xia Mu did not know a thing about the kitchen. Once he had a child, he would have to learn to do this, and with Grandma Xia getting older year by year, the elderly should be able to rest. When Nannan and the baby were one year old, Xia Mu's culinary skills had already become very good as she was able to cook ordinary dishes at home. In addition to the limited conditions, in order to make the children like to eat and eat well, she put in a lot of effort and made some food for them every day.

Since the noodles were still fresh, Xia Mu laid the table, took a rolling pin and began to roll the dough. This rolling dumplings skin, thick and thin, to pay attention to one tendons, dumplings cooked in the pot to hold the filling, eat in the mouth will not be soft, soft and hard suitable, Fang for high quality.

The dough was rolled into a long strip, and was pulled into a dough of the same size. Xia Mu picked up the rolling pin and quickly moved, and under Xia Mu's skillful hands, the dough turned into a thick and thin dough.

When the dough was almost done, Xia Mu started to mix the stuffing. After the cabbage was placed in the pot and the water was boiled, he chopped it up, wrapped it in gauze, squeezed out the excess water, and poured in the chopped meat stuffing. Then he added some salt and wine into the egg and stirred it in a certain direction.

Just as he finished doing all this, Xia Mu was just about to start wrapping the dumplings when Nannan and the baby ran in.

"Mom, let me help!" After saying that, the little girl rolled up her sleeves and was about to make her move.

"Wash your hands first." Xia Mu said with a smile.

"Come on, do it like this. Take the skin in your hands. Right, that's it. Then, put the stuffing on it. Then, use your hands to squeeze it." As he spoke, he taught the two children, and in his palm, a beautifully shaped dumpling was all that was needed.

"Mom, you see, isn't this right?" Nannan held a dumpling skin in her hand and placed some of the stuffing on it. She then pinched the dough and tried to imitate Xia Mu's actions, but her hands were too small and she did not have enough strength, leaving the dumpling with its mouth half open.

Xia Mu pinched another dumpling and did some mending work while the dumpling in Nannan's hands finally looked like a model.

"Oh, mother, look, this is my work!" Compared to Nannan's love to talk, the baby was much more silent. The little guy remembered the method Xia Mu just taught him and focused on his work. There were already several half-finished products in front of him and in the end he chose the most successful one and placed it in his little hand to claim credit for it.

While the dumplings were being cooked, the two children were still excitedly chattering about the one they were wrapping up. Xia Mu added some water into the wok, listening to the conversation between his son and daughter, smiling happily.

Outside the window, the sky gradually darkened. Inside, under the warm light of the lamp, a young mother and two children were enjoying their simple yet warm dinner.

"Eat this, mom. I'm the one who bagged this." The dumplings were served, and the baby picked one up from her bowl.

"Mom, this is Nannan's." Soon after, another dumpling was placed in Xia Mu's bowl.

"Let's eat together."

"Yes, Mom. The dumplings smell so good!"

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