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Jiang Si Ran walked out of the gorgeous life in satisfaction. Mu Dongfang looked at the people swaggering out, then looked at the big bags of sweets in his hands, and his stomach suddenly felt sour. He came to a conclusion, the man he called uncle really loved to eat sweets!

"Alright, I'll go visit my sister another day. Take me to the hotel." Jiang Si Ran said as he got into the car and closed his eyes.

Mu Dongfang carefully placed the dessert box on the back seat of the car and started up the engine to leave.

After sending them to the hotel, Mu Dong helped them to check in and sent them to their room. He then left after saying, "Alright, you can leave now."

After tossing and turning, the sky had already darkened.

Jiang Si Ran took a comfortable bath and changed his clothes before leaving the hotel. He then hailed a taxi and gave his address.

As the lights began to shine, the city began to blossom like a brocade. As the cab headed toward its destination, Jiang Siran looked out the window, taking in the city.

The taxi stopped in front of a courtyard. Jiang Si Ran paid for the taxi and got out.

The man was tall and slender. Looking at his surroundings, his pretty eyebrows furrowed for a moment before he walked forward. The gate to the courtyard was ajar. He reached out a hand and pushed open the door.

Zhao Fugui was enjoying the cool air in the courtyard. There was a pot of tea on the table, and he was drinking happily as he watched the courtyard suddenly being pushed open by someone. A man walked in and sat up in the rocking chair, asking, "Who are you looking for?"

"Excuse me, is Xia Mu here?"

Zhao Fugui looked at this person and saw that he was white from head to toe. In this dark courtyard, he gave off an extremely dazzling feeling.

When an unfamiliar man came to find Xia Mu this late in the night, Zhao Fugui's heart skipped a beat. He felt that it was necessary to ask further. After all, they lived in the same courtyard, so it was only right for them to take care of each other.

"Who are you? Why are you looking for her?" Zhao Fugui looked at the approaching person with his eyes slanted as he asked cautiously.

Jiang Si Ran smiled. He could understand the meaning behind this man's words. It seemed that Xia Mu had gotten along well with them. Otherwise, this man wouldn't be so cautious.

"I'm her brother from home. Does she live here?" Before he came back, Jiang Si Ran specially asked someone to go to A City, found Grandma Xia, and asked for Xia Mu's address and phone number. He came straight over without even calling her today, and after all these years, he didn't know if she was doing well.

"Zhao Fugui, what are you waiting for, calling for you to come and help?!" A woman's voice sounded. Zhang Xiulan opened the door and walked out, only to see a man standing in the middle of the yard. He was all white, and he looked very pretty.

"Who is this person?" Zhang Xiulan asked.

"The one looking for Xia Mu, he said it's his brother from home." Seeing that his wife had come out, Zhao Fugui replied.

"Big brother from home?" Zhang Xiulan asked again. Didn't you hear that Xia Mu had a brother?

"Xia Mu, are you home?" Someone was knocking on the door to the east room.

"Aunt, I'm here!" Xia Mu opened the door wearing his apron.

"There's someone in the courtyard looking for you. He said he's your brother." Zhang Xiulan stood at the door of the east room and looked inside. The two children were writing on the table. Hearing the commotion, they both raised their heads to look at her.

"Big brother?" Xia Mu repeated his words, his heart full of bewilderment. "Where did this brother come from?" "Where is he?"

"Stand in the yard." Zhang Xiulan took half a step back, and Xia Mu, standing in the doorway, saw the man in white standing in the middle of the courtyard.

Perhaps because he had heard the commotion in the east room, the man in white clothes standing there looked over at Xia Mu. His long and narrow eyes carried a warm smile as he softly called out, "Little Mo Er …"

Little Mo'er, with that slightly upraised tone, that country bumpkin way of calling me, only he would call me that!

The emotions in his eyes surged, Xia Mu wanted to take a step forward, but discovered that his feet were disobeying his commands.

"Xia Mu, Xia Mu …" Zhang Xiulan shouted, interrupting Xia Mu's train of thoughts.


"Do you know that person?" Zhang Xiulan thought to herself, "If I don't know him, I should send him away quickly. It's not safe at all to have an unfamiliar man in the yard at night."

"Yes, yes." He hurriedly took off his apron and threw it on the table beside him. He tugged at his T-shirt and lifted his hand to retract the hair that had fallen on the side of his face behind his ear. After doing all of this, the surprise in his eyes became even more intense, and even his words became faltered: "Aunt, this side of mine …"

Without saying much, Zhang Xiulan understood what she meant and said, "Aiya, it's getting late. I need to go back and prepare the things for tomorrow." With that, he left the east room.

When they went back to the house and closed the door, Zhang Xiulan looked through the gap in the door to the east room. Xia Mu had already walked out from the east room. The two of them were standing under a tree, talking.

"What are you looking at? Why aren't you closing the door!" Zhao Fugui said.

"Nothing!" Bang! Zhang Xiulan closed the door.

"You, you …" Xia Mu's "you" didn't manage to utter a complete sentence after a long time. Large teardrops dripped down from his eye sockets.

"Little Mo Er …" Jiang Si Ran's cold eyes were filled with affection. He took a step forward and reached out his hand to pull her into his embrace.

The night breeze was cool and refreshing, blowing on people's faces, it was especially comfortable, the smell of a man's love filled the nostrils, Xia Mu choked with sobs and could not utter a complete sentence, she was suddenly very worried, worried if there was still the smell of oil smoke in her hair and clothes, or if it made Jiang Si Ran uncomfortable.

"Little Mo'er, where have you been all these years? It was hard for me to find you." It seemed to be a sigh, a clear and cold voice filled with warmth and affection, a warm embrace, like the incense of a calming spirit, intoxicating Xia Mu.

It was as though this embrace was really very warm, causing her to be unwilling to awaken.

"Big brother …" Finally, the girl cried out. Her face had long since been covered in tears …

"Bad man, let go of my mother!" A young and tender child's voice sounded out, followed by a kick on Jiang Si Ran's calf.

Jiang Si Ran, who was carrying Xia Mu, looked down and saw a little girl staring at him with a guarded expression. Behind her, there was also a little boy.

"Nannan, don't be rude!"

"Mom, you're crying. He's a bad guy! " Nannan hurriedly ran over to Xia Mu's side and pulled on Xia Mu's clothes as she loudly said.

Xia Mu wiped away his tears and hoarsely said, "Nannan, this is my mother's brother. Come, call me uncle."

Even when he entered the room, Jiang Si Ran still had not figured out the situation. These two children, even though they were four years old, how could they be Xia Mu's children?

Especially that little girl, she really looked like Xia Mu when she was young!

Just as he was thinking, Nannan glared at Jiang Si Ran. Jiang Si Ran finally understood. This little girl, it seems like she has a grudge!

"Bro, drink some water first. I'll tell you later." Xia Mu knew what Jiang Si Ran wanted to know, and it was true. No matter who saw this, they would not believe that they had such a large child. Furthermore, it was two children!

Towards this stranger in the house, the two children both looked at him with wariness. In the eyes of the children, the most important thing was that when Xia Mu cried like that, the two children were scared, instinctively thinking that Jiang Si Ran was a bad guy that bullied Xia Mu.

"This is Nannan, it's elder sister, this is the baby." "Come, this is uncle. Call for someone."

The two children were very obedient. Although they doubted the sudden appearance of their uncle, they still called for someone.

"Good boy." Jiang Si Ran smiled at the two children.

"Go play. Mom and Uncle will talk."

The two children nodded and sensibly left.

Looking at Jiang Si Ran drinking water from his cup, Xia Mu opened his mouth and asked, "Do you have anything to ask?"

Putting down the cup, Jiang Si Ran looked at Xia Mu and said, "No." He did not want to know anything about the origin of the child and its father. He only felt heartache for his Little Mo'er. All these years, how did she come to be?

He was the only one who asked such a question. Even if they hadn't seen each other for so many years, he wouldn't ask. He would only look at her like he was looking at a child and say, "Little Mo Er, are you being naughty again?"

"Big brother …" Only then did Xia Mu realize that his palms were covered in sweat. She was actually very nervous, extremely nervous for Jiang Silan's reaction. However, from the man's appearance, it seemed that he didn't care at all.

"Little Mo'er, tomorrow morning, move." This place is so dilapidated, how can we live here? Jiang Si Ran's brow creased as he spoke.

"Bro, there's no need. This place is pretty good."

"What's so good about it? Look at it, there's wind all over the place, how do you live?!" Jiang Si Ran was angry and his voice also became louder.

The two children who were painting on the table beside him looked over at Xia Mu when they heard his words.

"Bro, why are you still like how you were when you were young!"

"Bro, why are you still like how you were when you were young!" With just one sentence, Jiang Si Ran's anger was instantly extinguished.

"You, stubborn temper!" Jiang Si Ran said helplessly as he rubbed the top of Xia Mu's hair.

"Same as you!" Xia Mu replied.

After they finished talking, the two of them started laughing, as if they were children again. They sat in the yard, helping Grandma Xia to break up her bag while they bickered.

Jiang Si Ran and his mother grew up together. Jiang Si Ran's mother worked outside of home to get to know Jiang Si Ran's father, Jiang Feng, so the young and beautiful woman naturally attracted the attention of mature men. She became one of the many women in Jiang Feng's family, and very quickly, she became pregnant with Jiang Si Ran. Jiang Si Ran's mother brought him back to his hometown. It wasn't until Jiang Si Ran was 15 that the Jiang family brought him and his mother back and sent them out of the country.

During the first few years abroad, Jiang Silan's mother had often contacted Xia Mo's mother, but later on, Jiang Silan's mother suffered from severe depression, illness at times, and her memory was severely damaged.

When Xia Mu was thirteen years old, his parents drove to the city to do some work. On their way back, they met with a car accident, causing both of them to die. At that time, Jiang Si Ran was really worried because of his mother's illness, so he ended his contact with the Xia family.

It had been sixteen years since Xia Mu and Jiang Si Ran had been separated, since they were eight years old. During these sixteen years, Xia Mu had experienced the pain of his parents' and his parents' deaths, as well as the embarrassment of having an unmarried child. In these 16 years, Xia Mu had matured, and all she saw in her eyes was the yearning and strength to live.

Perhaps, she had also experienced times of sadness and sorrow. She felt that her life had brought her more pain than happiness. However, she was still able to smile and face everything. She was always like this. This was Xia Mu, like a small sun that always radiated positive energy, bringing you limitless light and warmth.

Jiang Si Ran liked this kind of summer foam, liked that little Mo who had been following him all day and shouting "Big Brother, Big Brother", liked that little Mo who would leave him half a bead even if he only had one candy, liked that little Mo who was wearing a ponytail and standing under the eaves and grinning at him. This kind of real little Mo was the brightest ray of light in Jiang Si Ran's dark and gloomy life, allowing that dark youth to retain the purest memory deep down in his heart, leaving him with this little Mo.

This sincere feeling had nothing to do with love. This was family love, the most sincere emotion in the world, the warmest memory in Jiang Si Ran's life. Years later, even if it was a warm pillow in a high house, Jiang could still remember the happiest days with Little Mo'er.

Jiang Si Ran looked at Xia Mu who was sitting opposite to him, smiling bashfully. Suddenly, he thought of the day he had left many years ago, when a silly girl had asked this question.

"Brother, if you leave, will you come back to see me?"

Little Mo'er, I'm back. I've done what I promised you.

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