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Rainbow kindergarten, teacher's office.

"Nannan's mom, you finally came!" Just as Xia Mu entered, he heard Teacher Wang's voice.

"Sorry for being late."

There were a total of three children in the office. One of the children was being hugged by a woman while her own family's Nannan and baby stood there. When Nannan heard Xia Mu's voice, her face immediately lit up, and when the baby saw Xia Mu her wrinkled little face relaxed.



The two children shouted together.

Xia Mu ran over and squatted down to hug the two kids. He asked, "It's okay, mom is here."

"Teacher Wang, according to what you said, we've waited for a long time. This parent is here as well. Tell me, my child was beaten up in school. How should we settle this?" The parent holding the child said with an unfriendly tone.

"Mama Nannan, it's like this." Teacher Wang thought for a bit before slowly opening his mouth, "This morning during the outdoor activities class, Nannan hit Xiao Fei. I asked him for the reason but the child refused to tell me. Where's mother Xiao Fei, she is very nervous." With regards to Xia Mu's family situation, Teacher Wang also knew a bit about it, and Nannan and Baby were very obedient. Teacher Wang usually took good care of these two children. Xiao Fei, on the other hand, was one of the mischievous and mischievous types in the class, taking the lead and jeering all day long.

This time the children in the class saw that it was Nannan who made the first move. Even though this little girl was not big, if they were to fight she would not be at a disadvantage. Just looking at the scratches on Xiao Fei's face was enough to tell.

"Teacher Wang, I understand." Xia Mu directed his words to Teacher Wang before turning his gaze to the two children.

"Who can tell Mommy what happened?"

The baby looked at Xia Mu and was just about to open his mouth when Nannan snatched it away from him, "Mother, I beat the person up. I apologize, I apologize."

Poppet looks at her sister's face, her lips moving, but she doesn't make a sound.

Xia Mu saw the two children's actions and gently asked, "Baby, tell mom, what happened?"

However, no matter how much Xia Mu asked, the baby just shook his head and didn't make a sound.

"Auntie, I hit him, so I apologize. Xiao Fei, I shouldn't have hit you, but you did hit me too. Nannan stared at the little boy in her mother's embrace with a hint of warning in her eyes.

Listening to his daughter's words, Xia Mu shook his head internally. He was the one who started the fight, but this sounded reasonable. This child's personality, he really didn't know who he was!

In the end, under Teacher Wang's persuasion, Xiao Fei's mother let loose and didn't pursue the matter of the fight.

Xia Mu apologized profusely. No matter what the reason was, it was his own child who started it. In Xia Mu's mind, no matter what the reason was, it was wrong to beat someone up.

"Teacher Wang, sorry for troubling you."

"Big sister, why didn't you tell Mommy?" The baby pulled on Nannan's sleeve.

Nannan looked at her mother who was speaking with Teacher Wang and retracted her gaze. She gave her brother a look that said "you're stupid" and said, "You can't let mom know what Xiao Fei said. If you do that, mom will be hurt."

"Oh." "But do we really not have a father?"

The cause of this was very simple, but because the weather was good today, the duration of the outdoor activities class was extended. Since morning, Xiao Fei constantly showed off the model of the plane he had just bought and claimed that his father bought it for him.

They were all a bunch of three to four year old kids, and since they were interested in everything, they naturally moved closer to Xiao Fei.

As the children chattered, someone asked, "Nannan, why haven't I seen your father come to pick you up from school?"

"My dad is away on business all year round. He's not in G City." Nannan patiently replied.

"Nannan, you can't possibly not have a father!" Xiao Fei continued.

"You don't have a father!" Nannan retorted.

"You don't have a father? If you have one, then call your father and have him come to pick you up from school. Let us all see!" A three year old child, his eloquence quite good. After saying this, he did not pause at all.

"Just you wait. Tomorrow, I'll make my father come and pick us up. I'll let you guys see for yourselves!"

"Every child has a father, so we have one, too. Smiling, mom is coming over. "

"Oh." The baby answered, looked at the approaching summer foam, pulled out a brilliant smile.

Small Theatre:

On the busy street, the baby and Nannan each had a sign on their chest saying: Daddy, where did you go?

Baby: Sis, look at that uncle. Is he good enough?

Nannan looked at him and thought, "No, I can't. I'm too short."

Baby: Sis, that one, isn't it tall enough?

Nannan shook her head as she did not have enough face.

The baby's eyes lit up. This must be enough.

Nannan rubbed her eyes: "Go!"

The two little bun charged over like arrows from a bow. They hugged a certain someone's thigh and cried out in tears: "Daddy, don't leave us behind!"

A certain someone cried. Whose family did this child belong to?

The prawn gave a wretched smile. "Lord Mu, this is your seed, do you not recognize it?"

"Nannan's mother, I know that it is not easy for you to take care of these two children by yourself, but now that everyone has such a precious child, I hope that after you go back, you can properly tell Nannan that this little girl is very smart but she is too easy to move. For this, this baby is very good." Teacher Wang said while pushing his glasses up on his round face.

"I know. I will tell the child about this when we get back. Teacher Wang, sorry to trouble you." Xia Mu forced a smile.

"It's getting late, you can take the child back first."

"OK, Teacher Wang."

After watching Teacher Wang leave, Xia Mu turned around and walked towards the pair of children standing under the tree.

Seeing the two well-behaved children standing there, Xia Mu could not bear to scold them. He walked forward and hugged one of them, first kissing the baby's face, then Nannan's, and smiled as he said, "Let's go home."

"You don't want to go to school anymore?" the baby asked.

"Today's the holidays."

"Yeah, that's great!" Nannan happily called out, "Mom, hurry up, I will help you clean up your stall."

Xia Mu lifted his hand to wipe the sweat off Nannan's forehead, "You, you only know how to cause trouble."

"Aiya, mother, hurry up and go, or it'll be too late!" Nannan giggled and coaxed.

Seeing the worry on her sister's face, the baby urged, "Mom, hurry up, it will be late."

"Alright, we are all mommy's good helpers. Come, darlings, let's go home!"

Xia Mu held his son's left hand and his daughter's right hand as he stood in the middle, the family of three chatting and laughing in the direction of their home.

"Mom, can you not go to school tomorrow?"

"Does Nannan not like school?"

Nannan thought about it and said, "Nope, it's just that if you want to go to school then I can't help you with your work."

"That's right, there's nothing fun about kindergarten anyway, so I don't need to go." When the baby heard his sister say this, he also agreed.

Listening to his son and daughter being sensible, Xia Mu's heart felt a pang of grief. A child being so sensible would only make her heart feel even more sorrowful.

The corners of his eyes were sore, Xia Mu raised his head and forced the tears back as he smiled and said: "Nannan and Baby are still young so Mom doesn't need your help. You just need to properly go to kindergarten. "Can I?"

"The kindergarten is very expensive!"

"It's alright, Mom has a breakfast stall. We can earn money here."


"Really, when did mother lie to Nannan?"

Nannan's elegant brows wrinkled before relaxing, "Then in the future, you are not allowed to lie to Nannan!"

"The baby too." the baby said, holding her mother's hand.

"Okay, mom will promise Nannan and Baby that I will never lie to you, okay?"

"Pulling the hook doesn't count."

"Right, pinky swear."

"Alright, pull the hook. It's not allowed to change in a hundred years!"

In the central plaza, in the cafe.

There was already a bit of heat in early April. When Wei Meng walked into the coffee shop, he couldn't help but shiver due to the cold air. The cold air was a bit too strong.

She lifted her wrist and looked at her watch. There were still five minutes until the appointed time. She had always been a punctual person. Even when it came to blind dates, she had never been late.

The young waiter led Wei Meng to the appointed seat. While they were waiting for the order, the male waiter couldn't help but peek at Wei Meng a few more times. He was slim, stylish, pretty and confident.

"A cup of coffee, that's all." Wei Meng closed the menu. Under the light of the lamp, his beautiful and delicate fingernails added a bit of radiance to his pair of white hands.

"Alright." The young servant took the list, bowed and left.

From his bag, a bell rang.

"Mom," he said softly as he picked up the phone.

He didn't know what the other person said, but Wei Meng's grumbling voice rang out, "I'm already here, but where is that nice person you're talking about?"

Just as he finished his sentence, he heard a slightly magnetic voice, "My apologies, but the road is congested with cars."

Wei Meng raised his head. His resolute features and the contours of his face gave people a stable aura. His fierce eyes were devoid of emotion. Her heart was a little disordered for a moment.

"Mom, I won't say anymore." Wei Meng whispered into his cell phone and hung up. He stood up and asked, "Mu Dongfang?"

"Miss Wei, there's something that I need to clarify with you." The man's tone was cold but distant.

"Are you sure you want to stand and talk?" Wei Meng asked.

The man raised his thick eyebrows, pulled out a chair, and sat down.

Wei Meng understood that even if this person wasn't wearing olive green, he would still be able to see traces of it.

Wei Meng stirred the coffee in front of him with a spoon. The man in front of him, from sitting down till now, had only said one sentence: "Miss Wei, I'm not going to get married!"

Wei Meng put down his spoon, picked up his coffee and took a sip. With a smile on his face, he asked, "Comrade Mu Dongdong, can I ask you a question?"

"Go ahead." The man answered politely.

Wei Meng raised his head and looked directly at Mu Dongdong, who was half a head taller than her. He did not seem to be afraid of this person's indifference. He raised his hand to point at the people around him and asked, "What are we doing?"

The man's thick eyebrows twitched, and his tone remained distant. "Miss Wei, we are not suitable. I've been widowed for years, I'm old, I don't have a home, I don't have the energy to look after my family. "

Wei Meng's fair fingers caressed the edge of the golden bone porcelain coffee cup. He smiled in understanding as he asked, "It seems that your position towards yourself is quite unique."

All of these things, to put it bluntly, the other party only had one sentence. We are not suited for this.

However, women were truly a strange species. The more uncommon it was, the more she had to try it out. And this Mu Dongfang in front of him was right to Wei Meng's taste.

Needless to say, the person in front of him was emitting a masculine aura that stirred Wei Meng's heart.

It looked like spring was about to arrive!

The peach blossoms outside the window bloomed brilliantly!

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