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Jiang Si Ran understood Xia Mu's personality. Ever since she was young, she had always been a stubborn girl. Once she decided on something, she would follow her own plan and no one would be able to stop her.

"Bro, I live quite well here, there's really no need to move. If you want to come over, then just come over and have a taste of my cooking skills. "

Seeing that Xia Mu didn't want to move, Jiang Si Ran didn't force him. After chatting for a while longer, the two children were tired. Xia Mu settled the two children first before turning around to see Jiang Si Ran looking at him.

"What's wrong? Is there something on my face? " Xia Mu curiously asked.

"I didn't eat at night. This time, I'm hungry. Jiang Si Ran smiled lightly. In front of Xia Mu, he was always very relaxed, being able to let go of all of his defenses and become more realistic. "


The dumplings were ready. Summer foam boiled water and cooked the dumplings. When the dishes were served, Jiang Si Ran couldn't wait any longer. He picked one up and threw it into his mouth, ignoring the hot ones.

Alright, the dumplings that just came out of the wok are really hot!

In just a few minutes, the entire plate of dumplings had been completely wiped out. Even the dumpling soup that Xia Mu had poured out had been drunk to the brim.

Satisfied with his chopsticks, Jiang Si Ran smacked his lips and said, "I never thought that Little Mo'er would turn into a big girl in the blink of an eye. Her culinary skills have become so good!" Not only the culinary arts, but even the child was already so old. Thinking of this, Jiang Si Ran felt a little upset. He didn't ask who the child's father was, but that didn't mean he didn't care! If he found out who started it, he would definitely not let that person off!

At this moment, he suddenly sneezed a few times while pulling someone up with him. Could it be that someone was talking about him behind his back? Mu Dongfang smacked his lips, then moved on to his next move.

To Jiang Silan's words, Xia Mu smiled and said, "Brother, you should think about how many years it has been since we last met. But you, did you find me a sister-in-law? "

"I don't want your brother!" Jiang Si Ran said deliberately.

"Big brother, aren't your standards too high?"

In these 16 years, many things had happened to Jiang Si Ran and Xia Mu, but they didn't ask each other about it. The two of them were like family members they had just met yesterday, freely chatting and smiling.

Happy times always pass quickly. When Jiang Si Ran left, it was already past ten and Nannan and the baby were already sleeping soundly.

In the courtyard, only the east room was still lit, and Xia Mu sent Jiang Si Ran out.

"It's getting late, hurry up and go in. I'll come see you tomorrow." Jiang Si Ran thought to himself that he should buy something to bring over tomorrow. Just as he looked around, he realized that there were too many things missing in this house!

"Big brother, you should go back quickly!" "I have something to attend to tomorrow, so you don't have to come over here. I just gave you my number, so before you come over, let me know in advance. I'll make you steamed buns to eat!"

In his memory, Jiang Si Ran loved to eat the steamed pork steamed buns with soy sauce, but he refused to loosen his chopsticks even after eating so much each time.

"Then I'll wait!"

"Yes." Xia Mu smiled and nodded his head.

Only when Jiang Si Ran left the courtyard did Xia Mu retract his gaze, lock the courtyard door and return to the East Room.

This night was truly marvelous. Xia Mu met his older brother whom he hadn't seen for many years. The care and concern between relatives caused Xia Mu's heart to feel especially warm.

Early in the morning, Mu Dongdong woke up as usual, changed his clothes, and headed downstairs for his morning run.

When he went downstairs, he saw Jiang Lanying coming out of the kitchen.

"Mom, why are you so early?"

"I couldn't sleep, so I got up to take a look." Jiang Lanying did not look well.

"Are you not feeling well?" Mu Dongdong looked at Jiang Lanying and asked.

Jiang Lanying sighed, "Yesterday, I called Silan. No matter what, it's not that he doesn't want to see your grandfather. Tell me, where is the enmity between father and son?!" If you say that you don't know anything about the Jiang Clan, then forget it. The thought of the estrangement between her brother and her father made Jiang Lanying worry.

"Dong Zi, if you have nothing else to do in the next few days, go and accompany your uncle. If you need anything, help him run around for a bit." Jiang Lanying said to her son.


Running errands?

The image of the sweet loving and handsome man appeared in Mu Dongfang's mind. He frowned slightly and said, "Alright, I will."

Mu Dongfang changed his route and headed in a different direction this morning.

For some reason, the breakfast stall was particularly busy today. From the moment he came out of the stall, Xia Mu never stopped. Pancakes were spread one after another, and he was always busy.

When Mu Dongfang reached the intersection, he happened to see an early breakfast stall by the side of the road. He didn't think too much and walked straight over.

"Lady Boss, a bowl of porridge and two pancakes." After finding a seat, Mu Dongfang sat down.

Just as Xia Mu was about to serve the rice porridge, he heard a familiar voice.

Raising his head, Xia Mu saw Mu Dong's face and Mu Dong just happened to look over. The two of them stared at each other in shock!

He did not expect that after that night, he would see Xia Mu again so quickly. He quickly covered the surprise in his eyes as he realised that he did not bring out the chain he was wearing, as he was just about to reach into his pocket.

His gaze moved from Mu Dong's face down to his thin lips. He could still see a faint imprint on his lower lip as he recalled that night. Xia Mu's face reddened as he lowered his head and asked, "What do you want to eat?"

"A bowl of porridge and two pancakes." He only thought that Xia Mu was embarrassed when he saw him, but he didn't think that it was because the girl in front of him thought of the frivolous actions he did that night.

The millet porridge was fragrant and delicious, and the pancakes were on the high side of the heat. Looking at them, it was quite appetizing.

Mu Dongfang took out a pair of chopsticks and picked up a piece of pancake to take a bite. The taste was really good!

Why would this person come here to eat breakfast?

Xia Mu muttered to himself as he sat on a stool in front of the stove with a spatula in his hand, staring at the man who was eating his porridge.

"Lady Boss, how much is it?" A voice interrupted her.

"Oh," Xia Mu came back to his senses and said, "Five yuan." As he spoke, he took a five-dollar bill from the customer.

Mu Dongfang lowered his head to drink some porridge, his ears listening to Xia Mu's every word and gesture towards the customers. This stall wasn't big, but it was clean and tidy.

"This is for Zero, thank you for coming." Hearing Xia Mu's voice, Mu Dongfang's interest in this woman increased.

Mu Dongfang ate very quickly, and this was a habit he had for many years. He couldn't change his habit, and because of the speed at which he ate, Jiang Lanying would often talk about him during his limited time home time. The gist of it was that the program had said that eating too fast was bad for the body and was not conducive to digestion.

Mu Dongdong couldn't hear what Jiang Lanying was saying, but his hands didn't move at all. Usually, Jiang Lanying hadn't even finished speaking when he put down his chopsticks and said, "Mom, I'm done eating. Take your time."

Jiang Lanying was stunned. She swallowed her words before she could finish them. Then, she watched her son stand up and leave the restaurant.

Jiang Lanying was too lazy to say more and just let Mu Dongfang do as he pleased. In fact, every year, the amount of time Mu Dongfang spent eating at home was extremely small. In the end, Jiang Lanying did not mean that her son was eating fast or not, she just wanted to use this matter to talk to her son.

After the two pancakes were eaten, Mu Dong put down his chopsticks and raised his head. He then shouted in Xia Mu's direction, "Lady Boss, give me two more pancakes."

When Mu Dongfang raised his head, he coincidentally caught Xia Mu's peripheral vision. Under the morning sun, a young girl wearing an apron was sitting in front of the stove with her left hand holding the handle of the wok and her right hand holding the spatula. Her delicate and pretty face was filled with concentration and seriousness.

Hearing the voice, Xia Mu raised his head and looked into Mu Dongdong's eyes. Under the sunlight, his dark eyes were exceptionally bright.

"Oh, wait a moment." Xia Mu replied.

The time it took to make two pancakes was really short. Not long later, the crispy and delicious pancakes were brought over on a plate with some radish on the side. "This pickled radish is made at home. Try it." Xia Mu said.

The shredded radish was sliced very thin, and it was obvious that the person who cut the vegetables was skilled. Mu Dongfang picked up a pair of chopsticks and took a sip. With a sweet and fragrant taste in his mouth, he said, "It tastes very good."

"If you like it, I'll bring more over." After saying that, without waiting for Mu Dongdong's consent, Xia Mu turned around and went to get some pickled radish.

The shredded radish was placed in a small bowl next to Mu Dongfang's hand.

"Thank you." Mu turned to look at Xia Mu as a deep voice rang out.

His hair should be very hard. Further down was his broad forehead, eyebrows, eyes, and the bridge of his nose, and further down was his lips. At that place, suddenly, Xia Mu's face felt warm, and she touched her own face somewhat uncomfortably, replying, "You're welcome."

Four pancakes, a bowl of millet congee, and a small bowl of pickled radish were eaten clean by Mu Dongfang.

The feeling of eating one's fill was not a normal feeling of satisfaction. Mu Dongfang put down his chopsticks in satisfaction, as his darling mother's cooking skills were not bad.

This breakfast was the most comfortable one for Mu Dong. He ate four pancakes in one go, and the pickled shredded radish that was used as a meal was also wiped clean. Even the bowl of millet congee was eaten.

Mu Dongfang put down his chopsticks and stood up, but his cell phone rang in his pocket. It was an unfamiliar landline.

"Hello, who is this?" Mu turned east and pressed the answer button, then walked over to Xia Mu.

"I want breakfast." A clear and cold voice came over the phone.

Seeing the man standing there, Xia Mu's handsome eyebrows creased as he asked in a low voice, "What do you want to eat?"

Was this to deliver breakfast to his girlfriend? Xia Mu suddenly thought of the young woman who had appeared in the hospital with Mu Dong the other day. She was a very beautiful woman.

After hanging up, Mu Dongdong said, "Four pancakes and a bowl of millet porridge." As he spoke, he handed a bill over.

"Wait a moment." As he said that, Xia Mu started making pancakes.

Mu Dongfang was very tall. He stood in front of Xia Mu, blocking out most of the sunlight. He looked at this young girl, his eyes relaxed, and his expression calm. He was meticulously working. The morning sunlight enveloped her body, forming a faint halo. On her delicate and pretty face, her skin was white and there was no dissatisfaction with life in her bright eyes.

The four pancakes didn't take much time. Xia Mu placed the pancakes into the lunchbox and filled the bowl with congee. Then, he found a small box and filled it with pickled shredded radish. He placed the three boxes into a bag and passed it to Mu Dongfang. "The pancakes need to be cooked while it's still hot."

As for the food, Xia Mu insisted on not accepting it. He hadn't even paid for the medicine for sending the baby to the hospital, so this little breakfast really didn't count for much.

However, Mu Dongfang insisted on leaving the money and left with the food box.

Looking at that large sum of money, Xia Mu rubbed his hands together and put it into his pocket, thinking, when would I be able to completely exchange this debt of gratitude!?

Mu Dongfang didn't drive his car out. He grabbed a taxi and went to the hotel where Jiang Siran was staying.

When Jiang Si Ran opened the door, his hair was still dripping water. When he saw Mu Dong Fang, he didn't say much and instead asked, "Why is it so slow?!"

"I just came from the suburbs." Mu Dong walked into the house and placed the bag on the table in front of the sofa. Then, he took out the food box. The journey was quite long, so the pancakes were probably cold.

"Where to?" Jiang Si Ran sat down on the sofa, grabbed a pair of chopsticks and opened the box.

"Morning run." Mu Dongfang answered Jiang Siran's question without hesitation.

"Oh." The box opened, and a fragrant aroma filled the air. The pancake sucked in a bit of the steam, but that did not hinder its deliciousness. Jiang Si Ran did not say anything else as he started to heartily eat.

Compared to Mu Dong's way of eating, Jiang Si Ran's way of eating was much more refined. The handsome man held a pair of chopsticks and ate the pancake piece by piece.

The taste of his mouth made the man's narrow eyes light up, and his chewing movements quicken.

The taste was actually this good!

Actually, Jiang Si Ran didn't expect Mu Dongfang to bring anything delicious. After returning from Xia Mu's last night, he went back to the hotel by himself. Because of the jet lag, he didn't fall asleep until dawn.

He had always dealt with breakfast as he pleased. After so many years of living, he was already used to eating until there was no fixed time. Calling Mu Dongfang for breakfast was just a spur of the moment.

This was because his sister, Jiang Lanying, had said that she would be accompanied by Mu Dongdong during her days in G City. Since someone had delivered it to his doorstep, why not?

Therefore, our Young Master Jiang was not the least bit polite and directly called him. His arrangements were made in such a righteous manner that no one would be able to find any fault with it!

However, our poor Lord Mu had barely spoken a few words to Xia Mu when there were already people waiting for him to eat. There was no helping it, as he was an elder!

At that moment, Mu Dongdong sat on the sofa and looked away from the group eating breakfast. He saw a fashion magazine on the sofa, and the person on the cover was surprisingly the person eating the pancake opposite him.

On the luxurious throne, there sat a man. He sat with his legs crossed, his slender hands resting on the armrests of the throne. He looked extremely domineering. The mask with the dark golden engravings covered half of the man's face, revealing the other half of his face. There was a playful smile in his eyes, and the other half of his face, hidden behind the mask, had sharp eyes and a grim look. The mask ingeniously depicted two extremes. One half was innocent, the other half was complex. It perfectly fused with the body of a single person, causing one to be unable to stop themselves from taking off the mask to see what was going on.

Mu Dongfang glanced at the cover of the magazine, then looked at the man who was eating a pancake. He only had one thought on his mind: So, a person who is bewitching all living beings on this cover can actually eat so much in private!

Little uncle, no one is going to steal from you, okay? Mu Dongfang silently cursed.

You want to die?

That's right!

Looking at the way young master Jiang was wolfing down his food, he no longer looked like a male god at all! Such a Jiang Silan, if his fans saw him, they would only cry in the toilet!

Putting down his chopsticks, Jiang Si Ran picked up his cup and took a sip of water. He then said, "Breakfast is not bad. We can continue tomorrow."

Hearing that, Mu Dongfang couldn't hold it in anymore. He threw the magazine at Jiang Si Ran's head, but his eyes remained calm as he replied, "Yes."

"Alright, I'm fine now. Eldest nephew, you can go now if you need anything!" Jiang Si Ran stood up and walked towards the bathroom. However, after walking a few steps, he turned his head and asked, "Eldest nephew, you're not young anymore. If there's anything suitable, let's get married!"

Listening to his earnest and earnest tone, he really deserved a beating!

Mu Dongfang placed the magazine on the table and began to tidy up the food box. "Uncle, you're an elder. You go first."

Hearing this, Jiang Si Ran smirked. 'Elder, it is a matter of course for elders to bully their juniors, isn't that right?'

On the other side, Mu Dongdong's appearance was just a coincidental event for Xia Mu. She treated him like an ordinary customer, but compared to the others who came to eat breakfast, she was much more enthusiastic. This could be seen from the four thick pancakes.

Of the four pancakes, Xia Mu had also noticed it. Therefore, the breakfast that he had packed away was also very heavy.

Mu Dongfang didn't expect Jiang Siran to eat everything that he had when he saw the tall and thin man.

While packing the food, Mu Dongfang thought of a question. Tomorrow, should he continue to eat breakfast at Nannan's mother's stall and then pack another serving?

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