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"Yo, what are you chatting about? I'm so happy!" Mu Zexi's voice was heard as she entered the room.

"Ah, dear brother, you're back!" Mu Xiangxi ran from the living room in her slippers to the hallway and hugged the person.

"Silly girl!" Muzzlesi knocked on his sister's head.

Mu Xuexi pulled Mu Zexi into the living room and said with a smile, "Dong Zi ge, look, even big brother is back. Can you tell me now?"

Mu Zexi found a sofa to sit on, tore off her tie, and looked at her brother with interest. Alright, he admitted that he was very busy, but he was also very concerned about his brother's life. Who asked this person to hang up their phone?

Mu Dongfang's gaze moved from Jiang Lanying to Mu Zexi and then to Mu Yinxi. The three of them had a curious expression on their faces. They cleared their throats and said, "We can consider it."

With that, he stood up and went upstairs.

"What does that mean, Mom?" Mu Xiangxi asked.

Jiang Lanying's face relaxed as she looked at her youngest daughter, smiled and said, "Your brother means that we can continue to communicate with the daughter of the Wei family. "Good news."

"Brother, is that what you mean? Are you sure you didn't hear wrongly? "

Mozzie stood up, a tie in his hand, curled his lips, and shook his head. "So, Nian Xi, you're such a gossiper. Do you know what your future husband's family is like?"

"Mu Zexi!" A furious roar came from the living room.

Jiang Lanying smiled as she looked at the children. It had been a long time since this house was so lively.

Jiang Lanying was very happy to hear her second son's words. Ever since Su Xin had left, her second son had locked himself up, refusing to accept anyone except work. This time, the daughter of the Wei family would be the turning point, and Jiang Lanying believed that her son would definitely be reborn.

In the courtyard, Nannan was drawing something under the tree while the baby was watching.

"Elder sister, what are you doing?" Baby felt that she was becoming more and more unable to understand her sister. She was only born a few minutes later, so why was her sister so healthy?

"Something very important. "Go, get the watercolor pen from my room." Nannan did not even raise her head as she commanded.

"Yes." The baby nodded, took his short legs and ran into the house.

Inside, Xia Mu was busy in the kitchen. A tomato with scrambled eggs and a vegetable dish. This was the lunch for the three of them. There was no helping it, they only earned that little bit of money from the monthly breakfast stand. They also had to pay rent and water and electricity fees, so it was impossible for them to eat meat at every meal.

Although it was called a kitchen, it was actually built under the eaves of a house. It was hot in winter, cold summer, and there was no smoke machine. At this time, the moment the food in the pot was poured in, the smoke rose up.

After the egg juice had turned golden, Xia Mu quickly stir-fried the egg with a spoon, poured some oil and poured the tomato in. The tomato was stir-fried and the egg was an ordinary dish, the color was beautiful and nutritious, a child would love to eat it.

However, even tomato scrambled eggs were not something that could be eaten everyday. Thinking of the event fee that Teacher Wang mentioned in kindergarten next month, Xia Mu let out a sigh. He wondered if he should go find Wang Lan Lan Lan after dinner to see if there were any other ways to earn money.

After he finished cooking the vegetables, Xia Mu called out to the courtyard, "Nannan, baby, wash your hands and eat."

"He's coming."


One after the other, two voices rang out.

Nannan carefully put the newly drawn painting away in the book and stuffed it into her backpack before returning to her room.

"Mom will eat, baby will eat."

"Mother will eat, daughter will eat."

"Nannan will eat, baby will eat."

It was a simple meal. Although it wasn't a sumptuous one, it was the best to eat.

The sudden torrential rain caused the spring to become gloomy.

All night, Xia Mu did not sleep much. When the rain began to fall, she woke with a start and, seeing that the two children were still asleep, she tucked them in, got out of bed and took some pots and put them in the house to fetch water.

This house was very old, after all. Whenever there was a storm, it would be free.

After doing all of this, Xia Mu couldn't sleep anymore. His stomach was very uncomfortable, and he was in pain from the swelling. When he was sitting down, Xia Mu's nutrition had not kept up, and his foundation had been damaged. If it wasn't for the fact that he was young, he probably wouldn't be able to hold on.

At five in the morning, Xia Mu woke up. She hadn't rested well for the entire night, and under the cold water from the water pipe, she quickly washed her face and brushed her teeth, preparing to leave the stall.

When he closed the door, Zhao Fugui and his wife had already loaded their cars and were about to leave.

"Xia Mu, why are you so early today?" Zhang Xiulan asked.

"I can't sleep, so I woke up earlier."

Two carts, one in front and one in back, emerged from the courtyard. It was just a quarter past five. The streets were quiet and the sanitation workers were sweeping the floor.

When Mu Dongfang changed his clothes and left the house, it was only six o'clock. After so many years of work and rest, he had gotten used to waking up at the right time.

The weather after the torrential rain was very refreshing. Mu Dongfang followed the route and started to run in the morning.

At seven in the morning, Xia Mu's breakfast stall began to get busy. Next to it was Zhao Fugui and his wife's noodle stall. The breakfast stand consisted mainly of porridge and pancakes.

With his right hand, he turned the handle of the pot. A thin pancake would be fine, after a few minutes, he poured the egg liquid on the pancake, followed by a spoon turning the pancake over and over. Within a few minutes, an egg pancake was fresh from the oven.

On the coal stoves next to the stove were a variety of porridge that customers could choose according to their tastes.

"Lady Boss, two egg pancakes."

"Okay." "What kind of porridge do you want? Serve it yourself." It was currently peak hour, and there were also a lot of people taking their food away, so Xia Mu couldn't busy himself at this time.

"Lady Boss, why haven't I seen your treasure!" The people who ate here were either those who lived in the neighboring streets or those in the working class who rented a house. They were all very familiar with Xia Mu's breakfast stand.

"I'll be there soon." Xia Mu took the pancake out of the pan and handed it to the speaker.

Just as he finished speaking, a clear childish voice rang out.

"Mom, Mom." Nannan held onto the baby's hand and ran towards the breakfast stand.

Taking advantage of the gap, Xia Mu scooped out half a bowl of porridge for the two children and then spread out a pancake for them. Only then did he start cleaning up the dishes.

"Mom, I'll go to school with my baby later. You don't need to send me there."

Xia Mu was washing the dishes as he smiled and asked: "Is Nannan okay?"

"No problem!" I am the elder sister! " Nannan brandished her chopsticks and confidently said.

After breakfast, Nannan brought the baby to the kindergarten.

"Lady Boss, you are so sensible." A customer who often ate breakfast said.

Xia Mu raised his hand to tie up the hair that had fallen by his ear, and smiled at the person who spoke.

Shrimp have something to say: The cub appeared, some wood is very KaiSen?

Speaking of which, Lord Mu, how do you feel about your children being taught so well by Little Mo Er?

When Mu Dong received the text message, he had just finished his morning run. He took out his cell phone and checked the time. It was 7: 30 PM.

"Mu Dongdong. Good morning."

Mu Dongfang put his phone back in his pocket and went upstairs to shower and change.

By the time Mu Dongfang had tidied up properly, it had taken him less than ten minutes to do so.

Mu Ru Guang had always had the habit of reading newspapers. At this time, he was sitting at the head of the table, flipping through the newspaper in his hand.

"Dad, good morning." Mu Zexi was dressed like an elite with her tie neatly tied up.

"Dad, good morning." Mu Dongfang was dressed in casual clothes, and his hair was slightly wet.

"Dad, good morning." Mu Xuexi rubbed her eyes, still a little drowsy.

As the head of the Mu family, Mu Ru Guang put down the newspaper. He then looked at the clock and ordered, "Eat your food."

The three brothers and sisters of the Mu family sat down one by one and began to eat their breakfast. There were many rules in the Mu Family, they ate without saying anything. For a time, other than the light chewing sounds on the dining table, no other sounds could be heard.

Generally speaking, Mu Zexi rarely ate breakfast at home. During these few days, it was because her little brother had returned, making it difficult for them to reunite. As for Mu Dongfang, he maintained a fast and accurate eating speed as he lowered his eyebrows, making it hard for others to see his mood. Perhaps it was because he didn't sleep well, but his mind was a little weak, and he didn't eat as quickly as he used to.

Mu Ru Guang's gaze swept past the three children one by one. He then put down his chopsticks and lightly coughed.

Mu Xiangxi's muddled mind was jolted awake by this cough. Her mind quickly returned to the cage. She raised her head and looked at her father, who was sitting on the main seat with her two brothers.

"Jersey." Mu Ru Guang's voice wasn't loud, but the majesty in his words gave the impression of someone who had long held a high position.

"Dad." Mu Zexi looked at Mu Ru Guang and agreed.

"I hear you've been coming to your aunt's recently?"

Mu Zexi's expression did not change as she replied smilingly, "Yi Huan is back. We often gather."

"It's good that we're gathered. Don't miss the important matter."


"Go east, come back this time, stay at home for a few more days." As he said this, Mu Ru Guang looked at his son with pride in his eyes as well as unwillingness to part from him.


"Nian Xi."

"Here!" When he heard his father call out his name, he sat up straight and gave a look of appreciation.

"You've also graduated. It's time for you to pay attention to your work."

"Yes." Mu Xiangxi nodded heavily.

Seeing her daughter's expression, Mu Ru Guang opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by Jiang Lanying. "Alright, it's so early in the morning, but it's as if we're being lectured by the leaders. Everyone hurry up and go back to work."

When Jiang Lanying's words came out, the rest of the siblings stood up with the exception of Mu Dongdong.

"I'm going to the company."

"Bro, I'll take a ride."

"Dong Zi, you're not leaving?" Mu Zexi shouted.

Mu Dongfang also stood up, "Dad, Mom, I'm done eating. Please take your time."

The restaurant returned to its previous tranquility after the sound of footsteps.

"It's still early in the morning, so I can't eat properly." Jiang Lanying complained.

The man sitting at the head of the table picked up the newspaper again and said, "Settle down the matter with the Wei family as soon as possible."

"Got it." Jiang wants his son to find happiness as soon as possible.

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