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After Shen Yan left Mu Zexi's office, he got out of the car park and got his car. Just as he started the engine and was about to leave, his phone rang. The caller ID showed his sister's number.

After hanging up the Bluetooth earpiece, Shen Yan started up the car. The scenery outside the window backed off, and an old song sounded out from the CD: I am Me, It's a Smoke with Different Colors. The sky and the sea are vast, I have to make the strongest foam …

"Sis …"

"Where are you?"

"You just came out from Jersey. Did something happen to you?"

"It's not a big deal. Just this Sunday, the family introduced you and you have a look?" Shen Jie truly cared about his little brother. She knew that Shen Yan had always had a girl in his heart, but for the past five years, he had not seen a single shadow. How could this person always remember the past and never come out? In the end, Shen Jie still called.

"Sis," Shen Yan sighed, "I don't have time on Sunday."

"Don't give me any excuses, you won't have the time. Where else can you go? I'll send you the address later, the girl is pretty good."

"Sis, in the years that brother-in-law left you, have you forgotten about the matter between the two of you?"

"That's different. Your brother-in-law and I split up after we were together all those years ago. "But you, girls don't know that you like her."

"Sis, all emotions are the same. "Alright, I won't talk to you anymore. It's not safe to drive a car." Saying that, he hung up without caring if the other party was happy or not.

Shen Yan turned the steering wheel, and the car drove forward. His cold and deep eyes flashed with a hint of sadness, if there was a choice, he would definitely tell Xia Mu that he likes her, and would never hide this feeling in his heart, regardless of his age or lack of it, let his beloved girl understand his feelings, and catch up to her was the most correct decision.

However, there was no 'but'. Without any assumptions, Shen Yan was truly regretting his decision.

It was a very hot summer vacation to know Xia Mu. Xia Mu was the neighbor of Shen Yan's maternal grandma, and at that time, he was just entering middle school, a little girl with two braids. He couldn't tell if she was pretty or not, but it was just this little girl that attracted Shen Yan's attention.

He couldn't help but get closer to her life, carefully making her fall in love with him. Because of her smile, he secretly rejoiced, because of the adoration in her eyes.

Xia Mu got into the A University entrance exam. In addition to being happy, Shen Yan also began preparing a confession. However, before he could confess, after that meeting in October, Xia Mu suddenly disappeared.

Shen Yan also returned to Xia Mu's hometown, but Grandma Xia told him that she has never seen Xia Mu before. Time and time again, she failed to find Xia Mu, and time and again Shen Yan couldn't find any trace of Xia Mo.

Gradually, all of Shen Yan's energy was focused on the development of Everlasting. In a flash, five years had passed, and the scope of his career grew larger and larger, but Shen Yan was always alone, and in his heart, he still remembered his girl. He firmly believed that he could find Xia Mu and tell her that he liked her!

When Wei Meng received Mu Dongdong's first text message, the content really couldn't be any simpler. It was just a simple "hmm" and was as straightforward as this man with few words. However, just this one word made Wei Meng unable to contain his joy for an entire night.

However, Wei Meng was a woman who understood what she was doing. She knew that people like Mu Dong could not force him too much, and Wei Meng's actual actions were not as agitated as Mu Dong's reply. She still sent him a few text messages every day, and gradually, Mu Dong got used to this communication method, but did not take the initiative to send him a message. However, from Wei Meng's point of view, having a response proved that there was a chance for him to sing.

While Wei Meng was thinking about how to break through the barrier between him and Mu Dongdong, Xia Mu's days were no different from every other day in the past. Every day, he would set up stalls and earn money to support his family. Although it was very arduous, even though every penny came with great difficulty, this strong girl never lowered her head. She believed that every tribulation was for the sake of gaining a better grasp of the situation and gaining the motivation to move forward. Life, to everyone, will not be small, after suffering, will see sweet!

At the Mu residence.

Mu Dong's old-fashioned cell phone was ringing non-stop on the sofa in the living room. Jiang Lanying, who was reading in the living room, had been reading for a long time. She tried to turn off the phone several times, but she always stood up and sat back down.

However, the other side seemed to have a lot of patience as they kept dialing.

Finally, Jiang Lanying couldn't hold it in anymore. She took a glance and saw that it was a string of numbers, but she couldn't tell whose it was. He then raised his head and looked up, but there was no movement.

Forget it, who told the phone to keep ringing and disturb his reading? After which, he could save himself the hassle of being in peace and quiet.

"Mu Dongdong, your phone number is really hard to reach!" Finally getting through to the phone, Wei Meng immediately said this. His voice was filled with the arrogance of a little woman. Her voice was very soft and delicate.

Jiang Lanying was stunned for a moment before realizing who it was. She softly asked, "Miss Wei?"

The woman obviously did not expect to hear a woman's voice, but Wei Meng was such a smart person. He immediately understood the woman's identity. "Sorry, Aunt. I thought it was to the east!" Listen, even the name has changed.

"Dong Zi is out. When he comes back, I'll have him call you back."

The two of them chatted for a while before hanging up.

Jiang Lanying had always kept her son's bell ringing in her heart. Her eldest brother, Mu Zexi, was already thirty-two this year, but she had never seen anyone around her. Her second son, Mu Dongdong, had married at a young age, but daughter-in-law Cheng Su was a lucky man. With regards to Wei Meng, Jiang Lanying was quite satisfied. Based on today's call, there should be some hope for the two of them.

Jiang Lanying took her cell phone and went upstairs to tell Mu Dongdong about Wei Meng's call just now. She then instructed him to return the call to Wei Meng.

Mu Dongdong understood Wei Meng's intentions. From his point of view, his heart had already died, and he would have to give his family an explanation for his marriage, so he tacitly allowed Wei Meng to interfere in his life. Of course, this was only to the extent that he was allowed to.

Mu Dongfang took the phone from Jiang Lanying's hand. He didn't ask any further and immediately dialed the number. The matter didn't matter as Wei Meng suggested that the weather was good on Sunday and he wanted to go for a walk. Mu Dongfang agreed since he had nothing to do on Sunday.

Sunday, the weather was clear. In this cloudy day, it was rare to see such white clouds.

Early in the morning, the courtyard was bustling with noise and excitement.

Zhang Xiulan came back from the noodle stall early in the morning. Today, she agreed to let Xia Mu meet with her nephew, Zhang Dali, and started to plan things from yesterday, first telling her nephew to pack up neatly and then explaining a few things to take note of. After that, she ran over to Xia Mu's room and chatted for a long time, the main idea being that Xia Mu had to go there on time, and as for the children, she could take care of them for them.

It was only a little past 8, and Zhang Xiulan was standing in front of Xia Mu's door.

"Yo, Nannan and the baby are eating. Xia Mu, it's getting late so the children will be handed over to me. You pack up, it's time to go."

"Aunt, the children are still eating. Besides, it's still early." Xia Mu said while wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of pale, washed jeans.

Zhang Xiulan waved her hand in a commanding manner, "It's not early in the morning yet. You have to clean up after the blind date. You can't be dressed like this, can you?! 'Little girl, how could I lie to you? Come, come, quickly, change your clothes, pack up and dress up beautifully. "

Xia Mu wore a long, watery blue dress that accentuated his slender figure. She was thin to begin with, and her long, white hair accentuated the watery blue of her upper body, accentuating her petite face. The dress wasn't the most fashionable style, but it was simple and elegant. There was a lotus leaf pattern embroidered on the waist area, so it didn't seem too old-fashioned.

"Mom, it's really beautiful!" The baby who was eating saw them and put down the spoon as he giggled.

"Hurry up and eat!" Nannan tapped her brother's forehead.

"Oh." The baby answered and began to eat obediently.

After saying that, her brother, Nannan, threw away her bowl of rice and ran in front of Xia Mu. She circled around Xia Mu and asked, "Mom, what are you going to do?" Compared to the question of how her mother, who the baby cared about, looked good today, Nannan was more concerned about the reason why her mother was dressed so well!

Xia Mu squatted down and looked at Nannan with a smile as he said, "Mom has some things to take care of in the morning so you stay home with your baby. Mom promises you she will be back soon, okay?"

"How long will it take?" Nannan knows that her mother definitely did not tell the truth. Sometimes adults really hate it!

Xia Mu smiled. His daughter had been sensible since she was young, only three and a half years old, yet she was already like a little adult. Helping take care of his little brother made Xia Mu feel very gratified.

"Be sure to come back before eleven." The agreed time was 9: 30, and with the time on the road back and forth, Xia Mu felt that he would definitely be back before 11: 00.

"Alright, I understand."

"Good girl. "To eat." Xia Mu kissed his daughter's cheek.

"Mom, I haven't wiped my mouth yet." Nannan curled her lips in disgust.

Xia Mu accompanied the two children to eat breakfast, and after washing up his bowl and chopsticks, he dried his hands and turned around.

"Nannan, at home, there is no need to carry your backpack." Xia Mu said.

"I know." Even though she said that, Nannan's hands did not stop moving as she stuffed all the things she needed to use into her schoolbag and zipped it up before saying to Xia Mu: "I brought my brother to play in the courtyard."

"Did you bring the key?"

"It's on my neck!" Holding the baby's hand, Nannan responded.

Seeing that it was about time, Xia Mu closed the door and left the house.

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