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"Look east, those two children are so cute." In the rolled down window, Wei Meng pointed at the two children by the side of the road as he spoke.

At a red light in front of them, Mu Dongfang slowed down and the car slowly stopped. Mu Dongdong followed Wei Meng's gaze and saw two children.

The two children looked to be about three or four years old. The little girl was a little taller, wearing a red sweater and a small blue backpack. The picture of a big-faced cat on the bag was already worn out. In her hand, she was holding a little boy. The little boy was wearing a yellow woolen jacket, and on his legs was a pair of grey pants. This time, his woolen coat was open.

"Elder sister, you left, right?" the baby asked.

Nannan looked at the red light and turned her head to her brother to say: "That's right, I remember the road. "Don't worry!"

"But, Mom will worry if we come out like this."

"No, we'll be home before Mom gets home."

"Oh." The baby turned his head to face Weymond, who was looking out the window of the car.

Wei Meng waved his hand and smiled as he greeted the baby. This kid had thick eyebrows and big eyes. Wei Meng liked him from the first glance.

"Look east, look at that kid, he's so pretty." Wei Meng shouted.

After passing by Wei Meng, Mu Dongdong also saw the child. With just a glance, the man frowned. "Such a young child, why did she come out by herself?"

"Probably from around here."

With the green light on, Mu Dongdong started the car. Wei Meng waved his hand at the boy with great interest, then retracted his gaze and sighed, "I wonder whose family's child it is, to be so adorable." From the looks of it, they are still twins! "

Through the rearview mirror, Mu Dongdong watched the little girl holding the little boy's hand as they slowly crossed the road. The two of them seemed to be talking about something. A strange feeling passed through Mu Dong's mind as he watched the two children grow smaller and smaller. It was only then that he looked away. Calming his nerves, Mu Dongfang stepped on the throttle.

"Elder sister, look at that car. It's really pretty." The baby pointed to Mu Dong's car.

"When big sister grows up, buy some for baby as well."


"Seriously, when have I ever lied to you?"

"Buy the baby for sister as well."

"Alright. "Tick, tick, tick."

"Pull the hook! A hundred years, don't change!"

Many years later, when Nannan and Baby had grown up, they had already forgotten about this first time meeting, but as a father, Mu Dandong always remembered that at this crossroads, he saw two children at such a close distance for the first time. When the green light lit up, he drove the car away, and behind him was his two children.

Was it a miss or a mistake?

"Cotton candy!" Mu Dongfang, stop the car! " Wei Meng pointed somewhere in the park and shouted excitedly.

Mu Dong stopped the car. Wei Meng said, "I'm sorry. It's been a long time since I last ate cotton candy. Looking at it today, I'm a bit excited." Due to his excitement, Wei Meng's beautiful eyes were sparkling at that moment.

"I'm fine. "Go ahead, I'll wait for you here."


Looking at the woman walking out of the car towards the cotton candy stall, Mu Dongfang parked the car beside the road and waited.

"Go east. Taste it. It's very sweet." A beautiful voice resounded in his mind.

Mu Dong reluctantly took a bite, but Cheng Su Xin refused. She forced him to take a bite. Seeing the man's expression, which was filled with too much sweetness, she smiled happily.

"Go east. Eat something sweet. Eat it with a smile." The corner of Cheng Suxin's lips slightly curled up, her face full of pride.

"You!" Mu Dongfang pinched Cheng Susu's little face and said helplessly.

Cheng Su Xin proudly held onto Mu Dong's arm and held a cotton candy in her hand. It was so sweet that it flowed from her mouth all the way to her heart.

Pure Heart...

The memory from many years ago matched the reality before his eyes. A dull pain struck Mu Dongfang's chest. He fidgeted with his short hair as he opened the door and got out of the car.

Not far from the parking lot was a street park. Mu Dongdong looked at the people coming and going.

While he was still in a daze, his thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of his cell phone.

"Dongzi ge, I'm sorry for disturbing your date." The call was from Mu Xiangxi.

"What's the matter?"

"Bro, didn't I tell you about a classmate of mine last time? I just happen to have an idea. The day after tomorrow, I'm going to H University to report. I want to take advantage of tomorrow to visit her hometown. Can you accompany me?"

"Alright. I'll go home at night. "


Just as he hung up the phone, he heard a voice call out, "Mu Dongfang!"

Mu Dongdong turned around. Not far away, a young woman in casual clothes held a big cotton candy in her hand as she looked at him with a smile.

"It's very sweet. Are you sure you don't want to try it?" Wei Meng asked while biting on the cotton candy.

Mu Dong shook his head and increased the distance between him and Wei Meng. He was still not used to being intimate with women, especially women with perfume. His nose was too sensitive and could not smell too strong of a scent. However, Mu Dongfang didn't tell Wei Meng about this because he didn't think it was necessary.

Mu Dongfang's tiny action didn't escape Wei Meng's eyes. Her pupils darkened before they ignited into flames once again. She quickened her pace and caught up to Wei Meng. Taking advantage of this, she naturally grabbed onto Mu Dongfang's arm.

The man's movements were even faster. The moment Wei Meng got close to him, he dodged to the side. Wei Meng's hands missed their target.

Embarrassment flashed across his gorgeous face. Wei Meng raised his hand and caressed his face. As if nothing had happened, he said, "The weather is getting hot."

Mu Dongfang's deep eyes remained calm as his cold voice sounded out, "Let's go." After he finished speaking, he started walking forward.

Wei Meng bit his lower lip and chased after him.

Mu Dongfang walked very quickly. This had a lot to do with his profession. Wei Meng rarely walked. Other than going to the gym, she was always on her high heels.

Wei Meng frowned as he looked at the man in front of him, silently cursing how this man was so uninteresting. Ordinary men would flatter her when they saw her, but this man was cold and hard, and he really didn't know where to start.

He was in a bad mood. Even the cotton candy in his hands had become tasteless. When the sun shined down, the cotton candy had slightly melted. At this time, there was no sign of it being sold at all.

Feeling bored, Wei Meng threw the cotton candy into the trash can. This thing really did not suit him.

He took out a wet towel and wiped his hands clean. Then he looked up and saw that the man walking in front of him was standing there, waiting.

The grievances he originally felt immediately disappeared. He raised his head again, and Wei Meng chased after him with a smile on his face.

In the middle of the park, Nannan and Baby found an empty space. It was very lively here as there were stalls to buy some small things. There were students who put up a drawing board to draw and there were people who led their children to watch the show.

"Baby, come, sit down and rest for a while." Nannan took out a book from her bag and placed it on the ground, gesturing for her brother to sit.

"Elder sister, what are you going to do?" The baby asked in confusion.

"Look, I painted this to see if I can find Dad." Nannan propped up a small drawing board with a picture on it. It was the cartoon image of two children and there was even a line of words written on it: Daddy, where are you?

Perhaps the two children were very pretty. One of them was a pair of twins. Within a few minutes, they had attracted the attention of many people. A few old ladies came up to greet them.

"Little friends, what are you doing here?"

Nannan looked at the person asking the question and saw that he was an old lady about the same age as the neighbor Grandma Wang. Her face was kind and Nannan said, "My dad lost his way, so we came to find him."

When everyone heard this, they all became happy. This was the first time they heard that an adult found a child that was lost, but now, a child came looking for a father. It was truly new.

"Then what is your father's name? If I don't write my name on it, how do I find it? "

Nannan shook her head: "I don't know the name either."

Everyone started talking at once.

"Could it be that someone is secretly filming this for an entertainment show?" Someone said.

"I think so too. Look at this kid, he's so pretty. "

"Yes, I think so too."

The baby was sitting on the ground with his head raised. He was at a loss as he listened to what they were saying. Looking at their mouths, Zhang He's breathing suddenly became rapid.

"Aiyo, look at that little boy. What happened?!" The crowd that had surrounded them had scattered after seeing the pale face of the baby lying on the ground, afraid of causing trouble.

"Baby, baby …" Nannan was frightened into a jump, tears immediately flowed down her face as she cried out.

"Please, save my brother!" The child's mournful wails that were mixed with the tender voice sounded out, and the hearts of the surrounding people were unable to bear it.

"Young man, help me call 120." The one who spoke was the old man who spoke with Nannan.

A warm-hearted person had already pulled out his phone and made an emergency call.

"Hello? 120? It was a street park, and a child had fainted. What, I didn't see the lord. "Yes, Street Park."

"Is there anyone who knows about first aid? Is there anyone who knows about first aid?" After the warm-hearted person finished his call, he stood on the flowerbed and shouted loudly.

Mu Dong and Wei Meng were about to leave when they heard the voice. Mu Dongfang turned around and saw the person who had shouted.

"Wait for me here." Then, he ran towards the crowd.

"Mu Dongfang!" Wei Meng shouted and chased after them.

"Give way, give way." Mu Dongfang pushed his way through the crowd and saw the situation clearly.

This child? The man's eyes narrowed as he recognized the two children. They were the children he had seen at the Crossroads.

"Save my brother, save my brother!" After all, she was only a three year old child, so Nannan was already crying to the point of being out of breath. Her tears and snot flowed down her face.

As for the boy who was lying on the ground, his face was pale and his eyes were tightly shut.

"Disperse." Mu spread out to the east, smoothing out the baby's body, unbuttoning his sweater jacket, and reaching for the boy's nose. He could feel the faint breathing.

Breaking open the child's mouth and seeing that there was no foreign body in the mouth, he put his hand on the child's neck. Fortunately, there was still a pulse.

This child should have a heart attack. He was originally here to walk, but now he would feel the heat and faint.

When Nannan saw Mu Dongdong's actions, she acted as if she had found her lifeline as she cried and said, "Uncle, please save my brother, I beg of you!"

The crying of the child did not affect Mu Dongfang's movements as he calmly said to Nannan: "Do you have any way of contacting your family?" At the moment, he had to contact his family at the same time as sending the doctor. Mu Dongfang felt that such an irresponsible parent was something he wanted to see what it looked like! Mu Dongfang himself did not know why he had such a thought.

The ambulance roared over and Mu Dongdong carried Nannan and followed the stretcher into the ambulance.

Looking at Mu Xiangdong, who had completely forgotten about him, Wei Meng shouted in grievance, "Go east!"

"Wei Meng, I'm going to the hospital with my car. Go back by yourself." Mu Dongfang ordered.

"I …" Before he could finish his sentence, the doors to the ambulance closed and they sped off in the direction of the hospital.

"Little brother, little brother, what's wrong?" Nannan, who was being embraced by Mu Dongdong, kept on calling out to the baby as she cried until her eyes were red.

"It's okay, your brother is just sleeping." In the ambulance, the doctor had already put a drop on the baby.

"Really? Uncle, did you lie to me? " Nannan turned her head, crying until her eyes were red, looking at Mu Xiangdong.

Under the child's clear eyes, a wave of pity flashed through Mu Dongdong's heart. He raised his hand to rub the top of Nannan's head, "Uncle won't lie to you." "Right, what's your name?" Mu Dongfang distracted Nannan's attention.

"I'm called Nannan, my brother is called Baby."

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