Marriage With Scheming CEO Is Difficult/C1 What Did You Say Her Name Was
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Marriage With Scheming CEO Is Difficult/C1 What Did You Say Her Name Was
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C1 What Did You Say Her Name Was

The Jiang City in June was like a huge furnace. The scorching sun made people unable to open their eyes.

The ground outside seemed to be covered with a layer of charcoal fire, incomparably hot.

Xia Yuan struggled to take off the heavy panda uniform on her head. Her forehead was covered with soybean-sized beads of sweat. She pursed her lips and gasped for breath. She held the sour plum juice that she had just bought and drank half of it in one gulp.

Although this was in the shopping mall and the air conditioner was on 24 hours a day, in such a big summer day, she was wearing a heavy panda uniform from head to toe and did not breathe at all.

Xia Yuan felt that her body was about to be covered with rashes.

It was not easy to wait for the shift to change. She carried the panda mask and walked forward with difficulty.

"Ah!" With a scream, Xia Yuan, who was a little hot and muddle-headed, instantly woke up.

The situation in front of her had an indescribable bitterness. A woman in OL business attire fell to the ground, and the remaining half of the glass of plum juice in her hand was poured on the white suit that the woman was carrying.

"Ah! My clothes..." When the woman saw that the white suit in her hand was covered with yellow plum juice, she felt like her hair was standing on end. After she got up from the ground, she angrily shouted at Xia Yuan, "Are you blind? Can't you see the way?"

Her expression was ferocious and she wished she could eat Xia Yuan. God knows, this was the opportunity that she had fought for with great difficulty.

Today, the Muh's Corporation's Muh Linfeng suddenly came to the suit shop. She had run so far just to pass the suit that Muh Linfeng had taken a fancy to to to the Prince Charming. But now, her plan had all failed.

Muh Linfeng was the top Prince Charming in the hearts of the Jiang City's women. He had a lot of money. He was so rich that he could rival an entire country. Most importantly, he was young and handsome. It was not easy for him to come to the shop. She was hoping to use this opportunity to get familiar with Muh Linfeng.

Perhaps she would fall into the eyes of a prince charming. Although she could not become the enviable Mrs Muh, even if it was just a night of lingering, it would still be good...

But now, not to mention getting familiar with her, she might not even be able to protect this job.

Thinking of this, her tone towards Xia Yuan became even worse, "Looking at your attire, you should also be a staff member of the mall, right? Tell me your name? I must complain to you today. "

Xia Yuan knew that she was in the wrong, so she naturally lowered her head and let the woman point at her head and scold her. She even continuously apologized.

"Sorry, sorry... I really did not do it on purpose."

"Sorry? What's the use of being sorry? Look at the suit that was splashed with plum juice. Do you know that this is handmade in Italy? It can only be dried and washed."

" I... I'm sorry. I was stunned by the heat just now. I was a little sleepy, so I didn't look at the road. How about this, I... I'll pay you for this suit, okay? " Xia Yuan kept apologizing and offering solutions.

However, the woman just did not want to let it go. She even said some sarcastic words. " Compensate? Hehe, you? Do you know how much this suit costs? Do you have money to pay? At first glance, you look like the type of person who is full of poverty, not to mention paying the full amount. I don't think you can even afford to pay for the small change."

The woman glanced at her with disdain and said in a contemptuous tone, "You think you're a panda just because you're wearing a panda costume? I'm afraid you won't be able to get the money for this suit even if you go out and sell it. "

Xia Yuan was not the kind of soft persimmon that could be kneaded by others. She had already apologized. But the other party still has a sarcastic and mean look and his words are getting more and more excessive. She straightened her back and retorted unhappily, "Miss, please pay attention to your words. First, I have already said that I am modest to you. The damage to the second suit should not be my unilateral responsibility, right? You said that I did not have eyes and did not look at the road. What about yourself? "

" What do you mean? " The woman's eyebrows were drawn very high, so there was no need to say it now, "In that case, it's still me..."

"What's going on?" Perhaps it was because their quarrel was too loud, but a deep male voice came from the second floor.

"Director Muh, please wait a moment." The man looked down from the second floor and his eyes were fixed between the woman and Xia Yuan. He asked coldly, "Why is it so noisy downstairs?"

The man was wearing a well-ironed suit and gold-rimmed glasses. At first glance, it was obvious that he was an elite of society.

"Special Assistant Qin..." The woman looked up at the man on the second floor. She immediately changed her sharp and mean look and turned to greet him with a smile, "Special Assistant Qin, this woman in Director Muh's suit is dirty."

When Qin Yun heard that, his gaze fell on the suit in the woman's hand. The pure white suit was dyed yellow. This suit probably could not be worn.

Because of the time, Muh Linfeng had already lowered himself to come to the shopping mall to try on clothes. It was not easy to pick this suit. He did not expect that such a thing would happen. When he thought of Muh Linfeng's temper, Qin Yun could not help frowning.

He looked at Xia Yuan with a deep breath, "May I ask what the young lady's name is? Where does she live? What is her contact number?"

Xia Yuan looked confused and looked up at Qin Yun who was on the second floor." What is it? Are you investigating the household registration? "

Qin Yun raised his hand and looked at his watch. His body emitted a calm aura. "Sorry, we are in a hurry. We can't waste any more time here. So please leave your contact details. We will get a lawyer to contact you later. "

"What? Lawyer?" Xia Yuan was a little confused. She had only dirtied a suit, and now she was going to be sued?

However, facing Qin Yun's sinister eyes, she was forced under pressure. She unconsciously opened her mouth and said, "I... I am Xia Yuan..." Her words came out of her mouth without thinking. After she realized it later, she covered her mouth. Then, she changed her words and said, "No, Sir. I admit that this matter is indeed related to me. But this isn't entirely my responsibility alone. I... "

Before Xia Yuan could finish speaking, another man suddenly appeared beside Qin Yun. That man had a stalwart figure, and because of his angle, he was a little unapproachable. She could not see the other party's facial features clearly, but that kind of imposing manner made her feel threatened.

She lowered her head resentfully and blinked her eyes.

Muh Linfeng slightly narrowed his eagle eyes and his gaze landed on Xia Yuan's face, which was covered in sweat, "What did you say it was called?"

Although they were separated by a floor, the man's oppression was too strong. She even felt the hot temperature around her drop by a few degrees.

"Speak!" Muh Linfeng was impatient and almost used a low roar.

Licking her dry lips, Xia Yuan bit the bullet and looked up at him. "My name is Xia Yuan. What is it? Are you guys planning to blackmail me?"

Xia Yuan!

Muh Linfeng's expression became very ugly when he heard these two words. He lifted his eyes and looked at Xia Yuan coldly.

Facing the man's pair of cold eyes, Xia Yuan's mind went blank. It was as if the air in the entire mall had frozen. Her heart sank as if it was filled with shot put.

It took a long time for her to recover. "Sir, I have just said that I am responsible for the damage to this suit, but it is not to the extent of being fully responsible, right?"

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