Marriage With Scheming CEO Is Difficult/C11 The Guilt Towards Her
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Marriage With Scheming CEO Is Difficult/C11 The Guilt Towards Her
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C11 The Guilt Towards Her

Closing the door gently, she turned around to look at the bed.

Xia Yuan did not know how she came to the front of the bed and looked at the pale faced Lee's mother who had no blood on her lips. She sat down sadly and her trembling hands held onto the hand that was tied to the edge of the bed.

"Mom, I'm sorry..."

Although it had been three years, Xia Yuan's guilt towards her had never lessened.

Because she had been an orphan since she was young, she longed for the warmth of home and the love of a mother.

This had always been her dream. One day, this dream finally came true. After Lee Lan brought her home, Lee's mother really treated her very well, even better than when she treated Lee Lan.

Sometimes Lee Lan asked with jealousy, "Mom, I gave it to you as a phone bill, right? Why do you always favor Yuanyuan?"

Every time at this time, Lee's mother would stroke Xia Yuan's long hair. She replied with a smile," You are all my children. It is just that the ancient saying is good. A son needs to be raised poor and a daughter needs to be raised rich. In the future, you will be in our family. Yuan Yuan is the little princess of our family. "

At that time, Xia Yuan was really happy.

But good times did not last long. A beautiful and happy family just ended like that. If she did not go to the Lee family back then, perhaps all of this would not have happened.

Suddenly, a lightning bolt struck, followed by a loud bang.

Xia Yuan looked out the window. The weather in June was like a child's face, sometimes sunny and sometimes rainy.

The morning sun was still bright, but now it was cloudy. It would be raining heavily later.

Xia Yuan looked at the window that was shaking because of the wind. She stood up and closed the originally open window.

Just as the window was closed, the next second, heavy rain poured down. The dark and heavy sky seemed to collapse.

The wind in the outside world chased after the rain. The rain chased the wind. The wind and rain combined to chase the dark clouds in the sky. The entire world was immersed in the rain.

The fierce wind rolled up the storm like countless short whips, fiercely whipping the window and roaring.

Xia Yuan frowned slightly, "Why is there suddenly such a big rain?"

"The rainy season is like this, the weather is unpredictable."

A weak sound suddenly came from behind, making Xia Yuan instantly stiffen her body. She stood there with her back facing Lee's mother, as if all the blood in her body would not flow.

She originally wanted to wait for Lee's mother to wake up before leaving, but now it seemed that it was impossible.

She did not want to escape from anything, but she knew that the person Lee's mother did not want to see the most was her, and she also did not want to stimulate Lee's mother's illness.

"Yuanyuan..." A familiar shout and a familiar nickname.

When she heard Lee's mother call her name, Xia Yuan almost could not help but cry out.

Xia Yuan held her breath and tried her best to hold it in but she heard her say again, "Don't tell me you are not even willing to look at your mother now?"

"No!" Xia Yuan emotionally turned around and looked at the woman lying on the bed. She lowered her head and said to her in a choking voice, "I am just afraid that you don't want to see me."

Lee's mother woke up, her face still carrying a sickly white color, looking haggard.

"I really don't want to see you." Lee's mother shifted her gaze away from Xia Yuan's face and tilted her head to look at a spot in the void. Her tone was cold, "But compared to this point, I want more..."

She did not finish her words and after calming her emotions, Lee's mother looked at Xia Yuan again, "Do you still remember? When you first came to our house, it was also raining heavily like today. You were all drenched from head to toe. At that time, you were so thin and small. You were so lovable. At that time, the way you looked at me... You were like a homeless stray cat, so pitiful. "

Xia Yuan nodded. She remembered all of this.

At that time, she was kidnapped into the red light district. After being beaten up by her mother for a week, she finally compromised.

The first time she received a guest, she happened to see Lee Lan's plain-clothed police team carrying out a mission to sweep the yellow light. Lee Lan saved her, but at that time, Xia Yuan was like a hedgehog with thorns. When she met someone, she would stab them. She was so scared that she rushed out of the red light district like a madman.

It was raining heavily outside. Soon, her entire body was drenched. When faced with this kind of situation, no one would bother with her. However, Lee Lan resolutely chased after her. After chasing for another three streets, finally, he caught up to Xia Yuan.

In the heavy rain, he extended his hand to Xia Yuan and smiled gently. It was as if he could push away the dark clouds in the sky. He said, "Don't be afraid. Follow me."

Because she had been injured and abandoned, she was afraid of reaching out her hand. She was afraid of the pain of having hope but also being destroyed.

It was Lee Lan who took the initiative to hold her hand and brought her home.

That was the first time she had seen Lee's mother, but Lee's mother and Father Li were especially warm to her, as if they were treating their own daughter.

"At that time, our family was so happy, but now everything is different..."


"The moment I close my eyes, I will see that bloody scene. Seeing my son, my husband lying in front of me with blood dripping down, I... I would rather die than live... " Lee's mother closed her eyes and cried," I know that it was an accident. No one can save him. An accident that could change, but... But I just can't get through it. I can't take that hurdle in my heart, I can't take it..."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." Xia Yuan's eyes were red, and her tears looked more like pearls with broken strings. One by one, they kept falling down. "I'm sorry. If it was possible, I would rather have been the one who died. I don't want to be Brother Lan... "

"What's the use of being sorry? What's the use of saying tens of millions of apologies? Lan'er, my poor son will never come back to life again." At this point, Lee's mother stared at Xia Yuan with a certain ruthlessness in her eyes. " Yuanyuan, my hand hurts. Can you help me untie the rope in my hand? "

The head nurse had said before that Lee's mother's mania was getting more and more serious. She would hurt herself even if she was maimed. That was why the hospital decided to take such measures. When her emotions were unstable, he tied her to the hospital bed. Don't let her hurt herself.

But now Lee's mother was begging him in such a humble manner. How could she not care about her feelings?

"Wait a minute, I will help you solve it now." Xia Yuan bent over and quickly untied the rope that bound Lee's mother's wrist. She was only waiting for Lee's mother's hand just now. Tang Tingting's vicious voice sounded beside her ear, "Rather than saying sorry, why not use actual action. Compared to not wanting to see you, I want you to die more."

Then, with a bang, Xia Yuan's head was violently smashed.

The nurse who just came in for the ward round saw it. She screamed and went forward to support Xia Yuan who almost fell down.

She looked at Lee's mother who was on the hospital bed with a shocked expression. If she did not see it with her own eyes, she would not have imagined that Lee's mother would be so ruthless. She directly grabbed the glass cup on the bedside table and ruthlessly smashed it onto Xia Yuan's forehead.

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