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C12 Living in Seclusion

"Miss Xia, are you alright?"

Xia Yuan's head buzzed and her vision slowly blurred.

When warm blood flowed down her forehead, the pain finally made her stunned conscious a little awake.

She covered her forehead and looked at the woman on the bed with a ferocious expression. Her eyes were filled with shock.

"Don't look at me with such shocked eyes. You deserve all of this. Do you think I will really forgive you? If it wasn't for you, a mourning star, entering our Lee family, my son... How could my husband be so heartless as to abandon me and leave? My life was originally very blissful. It was very beautiful, but your arrival made my happy and happy home. It was suddenly shattered, my son was gone, and my husband was gone... I am left alone to live... "

Lee's mother stared at her fiercely and gritted her teeth. She wished she could drink her blood. She ate her flesh, "My son and husband are both dead, you evil person. Why is the Fallenstar still alive and well? Why don't you die? Why... "

Xia Yuan looked at Lee's mother sadly. Tears fell down her face and blood dripped down.

How could she not think about death but she knew that she could not.

Before Lee Lan died, he asked her to live well and take good care of Lee's mother. She agreed, so no matter how difficult life was, she gritted her teeth and persisted.

She did not live and die for herself, but to fulfill her promise to Lee Lan.

Actually, it was not difficult to die. What was difficult was to live. To live and bear the pain of these nights and nights, as well as enduring the hatred and hatred of her family members towards her, even in Lee's mother's eyes, she was no longer a family member.


The nurse supported Xia Yuan to the emergency room and sighed helplessly, "Miss Xia, didn't our head nurse repeatedly remind us that without the permission of the hospital, don't let the patient go without permission? Look at her now. She was originally a beautiful face. Now it's broken."

Xia Yuan lowered her head and her mind was not on the wound at all. Recalling the look Lee's mother gave her, she felt her heart ache.

"Miss Xia, although your wound is not very serious, you still need to be careful. After all, it is on the face. If you get infected and have a scar, it will affect your beauty."

As she spoke, the nurse turned around and closed the medical kit. She reminded again kindly, "Also, before the wound recovers, you must not be tainted by water. Especially when it is raining in this kind of weather, you have to be more careful. The rain now contains..."

The nurse turned around as she spoke, but there was no one in the room. Looking at the large open door, she sighed speechlessly.

Other people said that women should look after themselves for those who like them, but for someone like Xia Yuan who did not cherish her face, there was probably no other person in the world.

But who would know that if a person's heart died, he would not care about anything anymore.


Xia Yuan was like a puppet that had lost its soul and walked into the heavy rain just like that, allowing the rain to wet herself.

Her face was pale without any makeup, and her eyes were clear and clear.

She did not belong to the kind of stunning beauty that people would look at, but after looking at her for a long time, she was very thought-provoking. She was especially attractive and attractive.

She sobbed as she sat on a stone stool by the side of the road and curled herself up tightly.

This time, no one would reach out to her. No one would say to her, "Don't be afraid. Come with me."

Yes, there would never be another...

Why did those people that she cared about always have to leave her one by one?

Why was it that every time she ignited her hope for life, there would be a new blow to her heart, once again extinguishing her passion for life.

Why, why...

Xia Yuan curled herself up into a ball, her tears mixed with the rainwater flowing down. She shrugged her shoulders, causing others to feel heartache.

At this time, a black car slowly drove in front of her in the rain.

Xia Yuan did not know that after Muh Linfeng found out that Xia Yuan came to the sanatorium, he drove over.

Not long after she left the sanatorium, Muh Linfeng noticed her. The car had been following behind her, but she did not know at all.

"Director Muh..." Qin Yun called out.

Muh Linfeng came back to his senses and frowned. He said coldly, "Umbrella."

"Director Muh, let me go. I'm afraid the rain will wet you." Qin Yun said. He knew Muh Linfeng had a habit of cleanliness. He hated rainy days like this.

But this time, it was an exception.

"Give it to me!" Muh Linfeng insisted. Qin Yun had no choice but to pass the umbrella to Muh Linfeng.

He opened the umbrella and walked towards the curled up little girl.

Even though he hated her, when he saw her trembling little body, his heart seemed to be tightly gripped by something.

"You think you don't need to return the money just because you pretend to be pitiful?" He had his pride. Even though his heart ached for Xia Yuan, on the surface, he still looked cold and indifferent. Even the tone of his voice was still so cold.

Xia Yuan heard him and slowly raised her head. She looked at Muh Linfeng with a face full of tears.

When she saw the gauze on the little girl's forehead and the red flowers on the gauze, her eyes immediately sank. An unprecedented anger swallowed his reason.

His heart felt as if it had been pierced by a sharp sword. It was incomparably painful.

Xia Yuan lowered her eyes and stubbornly said, "I will return the money to you."

"Get in the car!"

Seeing that the little woman did not move, Muh Linfeng could no longer have a good temper. He directly reached out to pick her up, hugged her in his arms, and dragged her into the car.

It was not until she got in the car that she came back to her senses. She stepped out of Muh Linfeng's arms with some concern and kept pulling back to the car door.

"Why are you here?" Xia Yuan tried her best to control her sobbing.

Muh Linfeng looked at her coldly. "I'm just passing by."

Qin Yun, who was sitting in the front row, rolled his eyes at the sky. His boss was lying and did not care about his feelings at all.

Whether it was the Muh's or his apartment, it was the opposite of the sanatorium.

"Passing by?" What kind of passing by was this?

Muh Linfeng, who was as smart as Muh Linfeng, sensed Qin Yun's little movement. Muh Linfeng gave him a cold look and said in a deep voice, I'm just passing by." Qin Yun, if you feel hot, you can go down and rain. This way, you might be able to cool down."

Qin Yun immediately sat up straight when he heard that. "Director Muh, I'm not hot at all."

He smiled as he spoke. Just as he was about to turn his head, a big hand pushed his head. The force was so strong that it almost caused him to have a concussion.

"Don't look back." Muh Linfeng gave a strong warning.

He looked down at the little girl beside him. Because of the rain, the white shirt on her body was sticking close to her body, faintly visible.

Damn it, I almost let others see such a beautiful scene.

When he thought of this, he was so irritable that he wished he could gouge Qin Yun's eyes out.

How could Qin Yun not know what his boss was thinking? He resisted the urge to wipe his cold sweat and said, "Director Muh, my myopia is getting worse and worse. Can you give me half a day off some other day and let me go and get a new pair of glasses?"

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