Marriage With Scheming CEO Is Difficult/C19 Was This Woman Stupid
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Marriage With Scheming CEO Is Difficult/C19 Was This Woman Stupid
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C19 Was This Woman Stupid

She thought Muh Linfeng would blame her, but he did not expect him to just say, "Be careful when you do things in the future. Don't always be so rash."

"Yes." Knowing that she was in the wrong, Xia Yuan did not say anything. Seeing the glass fragments on the ground, she hurriedly walked over and planned to clean them. Just as she squatted down and did not even have the time to touch the glass fragments, Muh Linfeng grabbed her wrist.

"What are you doing?"

She was blind. She wanted to make up for her mistake and clean up the mess.

"I'm going to clean up this mess. Don't stab me when the time comes."

"Except you, I'm afraid I can't stab anyone else." Muh Linfeng pulled her up and walked to the dining table.

Xia Yuan gritted her teeth. What did he mean? Was he calling her stupid? Or was he calling her stupid?

Xia Yuan was pulled to the dining table by Muh Linfeng and sat down. She looked at Muh Linfeng and asked softly, "About that, what do I need to do?" After all, this was her fault.

Muh Linfeng ignored her and still said lightly, "You just need to wait quietly."

Uh, was she being looked down upon?

Forget it. If she did not do it, then she would not do it. It would save her from worrying.

Xia Yuan sat on the chair and quietly looked at the busy man in the kitchen.

About half an hour later, Muh Linfeng finished preparing breakfast and brought it over.

Xia Yuan looked at the neat and exquisite steak on the table and looked at Muh Linfeng in disbelief. She smiled and said, "Haha, I didn't know Director Muh was so versatile."

Muh Linfeng ignored her. After he sat down, he started to cut the steak.

Xia Yuan looked at the golden steak in front of her and could not help asking, "Isn't it not good to eat such greasy food so early in the morning?"

Muh Linfeng put down the knife and fork and Xia Yuan immediately sat up straight.

Fine, fine, fine. The Yama King was angry again.

"Didn't you say you had no taste? This can be stimulated." Muh Linfeng handed the plate of steak in front of Xia Yuan and then carried the steak in front of Xia Yuan back to him. " Besides, this was imported fruitwood steak. Not only did it not feel greasy, but it also felt very comfortable. The taste is actually very refreshing."

Xia Yuan lowered her head. Muh Linfeng's unusual gentleness just now really made her heart beat a little.

Although she knew that the favorable impression at this moment had nothing to do with her heartbeat, it was completely out of temptation.

But she still could not stop her heartbeat from speeding up at this moment.

Muh Linfeng, this man, was simply poisonous.

The hand that was placed on the table subconsciously moved, and accidentally touched the cup. The milk in the cup spilled onto her hand.

After she reacted, she hurriedly went to find a tissue. But before she found it, Muh Linfeng had already grabbed a clean tissue with one hand and covered it on the back of her hand, gently wiping it for her.

When her fingers touched her finger, Xia Yuan acted as if she pressed a button and hurriedly pulled her hand away. She suddenly got up, "Hug... Sorry, I need to go to the bathroom."

Without waiting for Muh Linfeng's reply, she had already turned around and fled.

In the washroom, Xia Yuan used water to pat her cheeks on both sides of her face.

She had gone crazy. She had actually been moved just now.

Xia Yuan, Xia Yuan, could you be a little more promising?

But just now... Muh Linfeng had been so gentle just now. It was simply fatal.

No, no, you can't be like this anymore. Remember, there is not a ravine between you two, but a ravine even wider than the Milky Way.

He, Muh Linfeng, is the president of Muh's, how could he possibly be interested in a small figure like her.

That's right, Muh Linfeng has everything he wants, but she has nothing. This way, she probably doesn't even have the qualifications to think of him.

Thinking of this, Xia Yuan's heart was as calm as a pool of stagnant water.

Xia Yuan took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down before returning to the dining table.

"Director Muh, what is my job today?" Xia Yuan asked as she stuffed beef into her mouth.

Muh Linfeng ate slowly and unhurriedly, "You are on vacation today."

Xia Yuan stopped her actions and was somewhat puzzled. On holiday?

Today was not a Saturday nor a Sunday, so why was it on holiday?

Could it be...

Xia Yuan put down the pitchfork and leaned forward slightly. She said seriously, "Director Muh, we signed the contract. You can't fire me."

Muh Linfeng slowly put down the pitchfork and then slowly took a tissue to wipe the corner of his mouth. Finally, his gaze fell on Xia Yuan's face.

Was this woman stupid?

He was only worried that her fever had just subsided and her body was weak. If she followed him, she would not be able to take it. That was why he kindly gave her a day off. But she actually thought that he was going to fire her.

This idea was simply absurd.

It was just that he had his pride. Even though he was worried about Xia Yuan, on the surface, he still had a cold and indifferent look.

"Starting from Wednesday, my workload will be bigger, so you should rest today and adjust your working condition. Tomorrow, I need you to put 100% of your energy into work."

Muh Linfeng started to talk nonsense in a serious manner.

Xia Yuan looked at Muh Linfeng suspiciously, "Really?"

How could this stingy boss be so kind?

Muh Linfeng did not answer and just looked at her quietly. His eyes seemed to be saying that he, a great CEO of a multinational extreme, would joke with a nobody like her?

Xia Yuan tactfully nodded and flattered, "I did not expect Director Muh's management to be so humane. Thank you, Director Muh."

She did not need to thank him. Anyway, the salary of her job was paid monthly. She earned the rest in the middle.

Muh Linfeng picked up the milk in front of him and took a small sip. An untraceable smile flashed across the corner of his mouth.

This girl's intelligence was simply out of the ordinary.

After eating breakfast, Xia Yuan volunteered to wash the dishes.

Muh Linfeng did not say anything and let her go.

While Xia Yuan's delicate body shuttled back and forth in the kitchen, Muh Linfeng held the newspaper in his hand, but his eyes did not blink as he stared at Xia Yuan.

Actually, it would not be bad if they could always get along like this in the future. He had not had a woman in his life for too long.

With his current status and identity, many women licked their faces and moved forward, but he could not arouse any interest at all.

For so many years, he only had Xia Yuan in his eyes and heart. Even if he did not want to admit it, this was an unchangeable fact.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

Xia Yuan just finished tidying up. After wiping her hands, she smiled and said to Muh Linfeng, "Director Muh, take a seat. I'll drive."


Xia Yuan stopped walking and tilted her head to look at the chair. She held the newspaper in her hand and looked like an old-fashioned but handsome man.

"What, what's wrong?"

Muh Linfeng looked at her from head to toe. Although she was wearing an apron, her long legs showed in the air and she looked very good.

"Let's go back to the room."

"Huh?" Xia Yuan was speechless this time. She had no idea what Muh Linfeng was up to.

"Don't make me say the same thing twice." The man slowly stood up and put the newspaper on the table. He got up and walked towards her with his long legs.

He was wearing simple home clothes. His hair was not meticulously combed like before. He looked less aggressive and more gentle. His domineering tone, which could not be ignored, was gentle and composed, as if he was in a superior position.

At the moment when Muh Linfeng was getting closer and closer, Xia Yuan's heart was violently shaken.

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