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C20 A Living Vinegar Jar

This man was too handsome. No matter how one looked at him from afar, he was perfect. His deep and narrow eyes were calm, but also as attractive as magnets.

"What? Do you really want to open the door?" Muh Linfeng deliberately paused and changed to a more mocking tone. "Or do you want others to know that you spent the night here with me? And you are wearing my shirt. Hmm? "

Er... A single man and a woman spent the night together, and she was still wearing his shirt. Even if she knew that nothing had happened between them, no one would believe her.

Thinking of this, Xia Yuan felt her face burning up. How did things become like this?

While she was still letting her imagination run wild, her vision suddenly turned black. Muh Linfeng's tall and straight body suddenly appeared in front of her and his big palm landed on her small face.

His rough and rough finger landed on Xia Yuan's delicate little face, like a jade caressing a piece of jade.

"You... You rogue!" Xia Yuan frowned and slapped Muh Linfeng's big hand away. She turned around and ran into the bedroom anxiously.

"Bang!" After the door was closed, she leaned against the door and panted continuously. Her chest rose and fell.

Muh Linfeng stared at the tightly shut door. His eyes darkened. Where was his usual self-control?

He pursed his lips and cursed in his heart. Damn it!

After Qin Yun came in, he asked worriedly, "Boss, what's wrong? His face did not look too good."

Although Muh Linfeng's face was long, his fair skin was constantly blushing. If one looked closely, one could even see sweat on his forehead.

"I'm fine." As Muh Linfeng walked back, he asked, "Did you bring the things?"

"Yes, I did." Around five o'clock, Qin Yun received another call from his boss, saying that he would bring a set of female clothing when he came over.

Qin Yun naturally knew who the clothing that the boss wanted was for, so he did not dare to be neglectful and got Linda from the company's secretarial department to prepare one for him.

Firstly, he was a man, so it was inconvenient for him to prepare these.

Secondly, he was not clear about the temper of the CEO. He was just a living jealous person.

He did not want to die so early.

Muh Linfeng took the shopping bag from Qin Yun. He opened it and looked at it. His eyes fell on the black lace shorts. He frowned. "Did you buy it?"

Although Qin Yun did not know what Linda had prepared, seeing the murderous look on the boss's face, it was definitely not a good thing.

He shook his head and looked wronged. "Not me. After receiving your call, I called Linda and asked her to prepare it."

After listening to Qin Yun's explanation, Muh Linfeng's expression eased up a little. "Alright, go to the car and wait."

"Okay, Director Muh."

After coming out of the apartment, Qin Yun took a deep breath. He looked at the man standing in the living room through the floor-to-ceiling window and suddenly missed Director Muh, who was not close to women.

If this continued, he would not be a special assistant for long.

He took out his phone and called Linda. "Hello, Linda, I asked you to prepare a set of female clothes. What did you prepare?"

On the other side, Linda held her phone with one hand and wiped her lips with lipstick with the other. When she heard Qin Yun say this, she replied with a smile as bright as a flower, "It's women's clothes, but there are many articles inside. It's... Oh my, you'll know when you see it yourself. I guarantee you'll be satisfied."

There were many articles!

Qin Yun was speechless." This time, he was really screwed over by Linda.

"Special Assistant Qin, don't thank me. I like to work as Lei Feng, but remember, when I go back to the company, I will reimburse you for your clothes." Linda said with a smile.

Qin Yun's breathing suddenly became heavy. He was really not afraid of god-like opponents, but of pig-like teammates.

"But speaking of which, Special Assistant Qin, I really can't tell. You already have a girlfriend. I thought you have been with Director Muh for a long time and don't like women anymore..."

Linda was still talking non-stop on the other side. Qin Yun was so angry that he hung up the phone.

No wonder the boss was so angry. It turned out that it was caused by Linda, this pig teammate.


Xia Yuan heard the knock on the door and opened it.

Muh Linfeng handed her a shopping bag and said, "Put it on."

Xia Yuan took it and opened it. Her eyes were immediately attracted by the black lace underwear and her face burned. "This... You didn't buy this, did you?"

"No." He knew what was in the shopping bag. He did not want Xia Yuan to treat him as a gangster again.

Xia Yuan heard this and heaved a sigh of relief. She then asked, "Did Special Assistant Qin buy it?"

Compared to Xia Yuan's embarrassment, Muh Linfeng appeared calm and composed on the surface. "The female secretary of the company's Secretariat Department bought it."

"... " Oh!" Luckily, it really scared her.

Holding the clothes in her hands, she raised her eyes to look at him and gave him a look to let him out, but he didn't move even half a step.

Helpless, she could only say, "If you don't go out, how can I change?"

Muh Linfeng came back to his senses, covered his mouth and coughed lightly, using it to hide his embarrassment. "Come out after you change. I'll wait for you outside."

These few short words were low-mute and magnetic. The kind that would get pregnant if one heard them.

Xia Yuan felt that her eardrums were about to go numb.

Calm down, calm down. She could not reveal a infatuated look. If Muh Linfeng noticed, she would be really embarrassing.

Fortunately, the dress inside was a little exaggerated. The dress outside was quite normal, and the size matched her waist. Overall, it was not bad.

Xia Yuan changed her clothes, opened the door, and stuck out half of her head.

In the living room, Muh Linfeng had also changed out of his home clothes. He was dressed in a well-ironed suit, and his hair was neat and tidy. His appearance in the morning was like heaven and earth.

However, the only thing that did not change was his handsome face. Whether it was before or now, he was always so handsome and charming, which made people unconsciously fascinated.

"Director Muh." Xia Yuan walked in front of Muh Linfeng and pulled on her skirt with her small hands. She smiled at the man drily.

Muh Linfeng turned his head and met the clear eyes of the little woman. She was both silly and attractive.

He rolled his Adam's apple and tried his best to restrain himself. He turned around and said with a hoarse voice, "Let's go. Qin Yun is waiting outside."

In the past, he thought he had good self-control. However, after reuniting with Xia Yuan, he realized that he was no different from ordinary men.

He had feelings, fetters, and desires...

To him, Xia Yuan was the morning dew, and also the Yellow Grain Dream. The more he cared, the more he wanted to catch her, but the more he could not keep her. To him, Xia Yuan did not have a sense of security. He did not know when she would leave. So he hoped to keep her by his side.

She was afraid that she was the only person in the world who could influence him like this, but Muh Linfeng was still willing to endure it.


Zhou Yu laid on the table and looked through the floor-to-ceiling window at the tall building across from her. She grumbled, "Sigh, nowadays, I'm so poor. Rich people die. No, why do you think Yuan has such a big gap between the rich and the poor?"

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