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C8 Like a Madman

Facing Muh Linfeng's murderous gaze, she continued, "I'm fine now. I don't need to stay any longer. If the hospital is worried, I can write a statement. Just say that any abnormalities in the body after leaving the hospital has nothing to do with the hospital. "


Xia Yuan completed the discharge procedures as she had wished. In fact, she did not even have to go through the formalities. She just swaggered out of the hospital behind Muh Linfeng.

Tsk tsk, people are indeed snobbish.

When she went to do the discharge procedures just now, the staff members on the left and right did not agree.

But now, she was following behind Muh Linfeng, and no one dared to step forward to ask about it.

"Ah!" Xia Yuan touched her nose that was almost knocked out.

"Why are you so stupid?" Muh Linfeng turned around and looked at the little woman who hit his back sarcastically.

Xia Yuan touched her nose and felt very wronged. Who would have thought that he would suddenly stop when he was walking properly?

Could it be that this man's back was made of steel? Why was it so hard? She felt that her nose was about to break.

"Muh Linfeng!" The man suddenly said.

"What?" Xia Yuan still maintained the position of covering her nose and looked at him in a daze.

Muh Linfeng narrowed his eyes and coldly replied, "My name."

"Mu... Muh Linfeng?" Xia Yuan frowned. "You can't be the youngest CEO of the multinational group, Muh Linfeng, right?"

Although she did not pay attention to the real economy, Muh Linfeng's name was really too influential. There was no one in the streets who did not know about him.

Even she had heard of him, even though she did not care about these things.

"Otherwise, which Muh Linfeng do you think I am?" The man's face was gloomy.

"Uh..." From the moment they met, she only knew that the man in front of her must be someone with power and influence, but she did not expect him to have more background than she imagined.

"Hehe, I have long heard that Mr. Muh is young and promising. Now that I have seen him today... He is indeed extraordinary." Xia Yuan smiled and started to flatter, "I have long heard that Mr. Muh is kind and kind. Every year, he would donate love to the children in the remote mountains. It seems like Mr. Muh is quite humane... "

"Hmm?" Muh Linfeng let out a deep and cold grunt in his throat.

Xia Yuan pursed her lips and quickly corrected herself, "No, no, it was a slip of the tongue. It was a slip of the tongue. What I wanted to say was that Mr. Muh was very kind. I wonder if Mr. Muh can give me a little bit of your love for the children in the mountains?"

Muh Linfeng did not say anything and just looked at her quietly.

Xia Yuan smiled and said, "Mr. Muh, I know it was my fault for dirtying your suit. Of course, I am not saying I am irresponsible. It's just that I'm a little short on money recently, so can the compensation be arranged in installments? "

She had already said so much. She was a good-natured person and even flattered him. Logically speaking, a rich person like Muh Linfeng would at least agree to installments even if he did not want compensation.

However, the other party's answer was far beyond her expectations.

"No!" Muh Linfeng glanced at Qin Yun, who was behind him, and ordered, "Special Assistant Qin, you should go further in this matter. Remember to compensate those who need to be compensated. You will not tolerate those who try to pretend to be pitiful and avoid responsibility! "

"Yes, Director Muh." Qin Yun cast a sidelong glance at Xia Yuan. Her eyebrows were like peach blossoms, and her eyes were filled with spring water. She indeed looked pitiful when she saw him.

Muh Linfeng left just like that. Xia Yuan stayed where she was and was completely stunned.

Why did this man seem like a lunatic, temperamental?

The news even said that he was some kind and charitable philanthropist. Pui, he was simply a wolf in human skin.

What did she say? Didn't she say that she wouldn't lose money again? She never wanted to run away again?

There was nothing, alright!

She only wanted to pay in installments, but what kind of attitude did the other party have? He would definitely not tolerate it.

Tsk, he really thought that he was acting as the domineering CEO of an idol drama.

Xia Yuan stood alone at the hospital entrance and kept nagging. The passers-by who walked in and out kept looking at her.

She took a few deep breaths and calmed down her emotions. She was calm and collected.

She had tried her best to tell herself to calm down, but when she thought of Muh Linfeng's face, she felt that her chest was about to explode from anger.

Calm my a * s.

She must not have seen the yellow calendar when she went out today. Otherwise, how could she have met Muh Linfeng, who was so unlucky?


When he returned to the shopping mall, a group of people surrounded the second floor and chattered non-stop.

"Sigh, although this suit store sells high-end products, its business is still quite good. Why did it dismantle it just like that?"

"You don't know yet. At noon, I heard that Muh Linfeng came to this store and seemed to be very dissatisfied with the service of this store. Then, he asked someone to demolish this store."

"Muh Linfeng, that's the famous Yama King of Jiang City. Tsk tsk... Who doesn't know that it's better to meet a ghost than worry? He doesn't provoke the Yama King. Anyone who offended him would have a good end. I think this shop is completely out of options. "


From the words of the crowd, Xia Yuan seemed to have roughly understood the sequence of events.

She stood downstairs and heard the rustling of discussions about Muh Linfeng. A handsome face appeared in her mind.

However, from the moment they met until now, that face had never given her a good color.

She cast a sidelong glance upstairs. A perfectly fine shop had been torn down just like that. It was just a suit. She had already promised to pay for it. Was there a need to close the shop?

It really was a Yama King, cold and heartless, selfish and dictatorship...

Forget it. She could only complain on the surface. She was still in debt. How could she have the energy to care about other people's matters?

When she came to the manager's office, she knocked twice politely. Only when the word "come in" came from inside did she open the door and enter.


When the manager heard that, he looked up and saw that it was Xia Yuan. He waved at her and said, "Xia Yuan is here. Come in quickly."

"Manager, I am here to settle today's salary." She worked part-time in the shopping mall. When she had time, she would come over to work. Usually, the salary was paid on a daily basis.

The manager pointed at the chair in front of her and gestured for Xia Yuan to sit.

"It's like this, Little Xia. I'm afraid I can't pay you today's salary."

"Why?" Xia Yuan looked at her in confusion. "I came and went on time today. I've also done the work assigned to me. Why can't I pay you?"

"Little Xia, don't be anxious. The thing is like this. Just now, someone on the second floor came to complain about you. They said that you ran into someone during work hours and refused to apologize. Their attitude is terrible."

The manager looked at her and revealed a sly smile. He continued in a soft voice, "You also know that the most important thing in the business world is the problem of reputation. Your actions today have a very bad impact on the mall, the manager said. But considering that you are usually very diligent in your work, you can forget about the reputation compensation. Deducting today's salary, just treat it as a long lesson."

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