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C9 It Was Killing Her

Spend money and learn a lesson!

She did not take the blame. Moreover, what the other party said was not true at all.

"Manager, you can't just listen to the side of the story of others. I admit that I did bump into someone today, but that wasn't during working hours. Also, I also apologized. I definitely didn't use a bad attitude."

Previously, the employee in the suit said that he would complain. She hadn't taken it to heart, but she hadn't thought that she would actually complain. The most important thing was that she was still talking nonsense. At that time, she was subservient... Why didn't she apologize? Why was her attitude so bad?

When the manager heard Xia Yuan's rebuttal, his expression became less kind, "Little Xia, you're saying that I handled the matter differently and listened to your side of the story, right?"

Although she was easy to talk to, she could not stand being wronged, and she was not the kind of soft persimmon that could be kneaded by others. Furthermore, she knew in her heart that the manager did not like her. Otherwise, with her glib tongue, she would not have needed to be a panda person part-time job.

There was no other way. People had to lower their heads under the roof. She needed money. No matter how hard it was, as long as the salary was paid, she was willing to do it.

She did not care if she was squeezed, rejected or bullied, but she could not deduct the salary.

"Manager, that's not what I meant. It's just that this is the truth. If you insist on deducting my salary today, I definitely won't let this matter rest."

Seeing Xia Yuan's tough attitude, the manager's expression became even more displeased. She originally did not like Xia Yuan. Ever since Xia Yuan came to the mall, all the men under her were surrounding her, treating her like a hot potato.

She was an older woman, so what she hated the most was young and beautiful women like Xia Yuan who could coax men without doing anything.

She was pretty, wasn't she? Let her wear a heavy panda costume and see how she would seduce men.

"Little Xia, this is your fault. Although you are working part-time here, but there must be an attitude and resolution." The manager leaned against the back of the chair and said, "I gave you this part-time job because of your financial difficulties. So that you can get more income, no matter what, I helped you before, the manager said, leaning back against the chair. As the saying goes, people cannot forget their roots. Don't be the flower snake in the farmer's arms. "

Xia Yuan frowned. She found a part-time job herself. The so-called help was to let her do the dirtiest and most tiring work in the shopping mall. With her glib tongue, she could totally go upstairs to do sales work.

However, the manager refused. He always found various reasons to reject her. Sometimes he said that she was inexperienced, and sometimes he said that she did not understand the actual situation of the product and thus could not do sales.

Actually, these were just excuses. The real reason was that she did not like her and did not think that she did not know.

Although she did not like to argue, it did not mean that she was really stupid.

"Manager, if you insist on arguing with me about this, then I think it's necessary to settle the score properly. If it doesn't work, let's go find the vice president and let him judge."

"What do you mean? Threatening me with the Vice President?"

"Manager, you must be joking. What right do I have to threaten you? I just want to know how much our part-time salary is."

It was common knowledge that this old woman deducted her salary. Not only that, but she also frequently received rebates. The underling had long complained. It was just that due to work needs, they were angry but did not dare to say anything.

She was also one of the many people whose salaries had been deducted. If it were in the past, it would have been fine. But today, if the old woman insisted on deducting her salary, she could only break the can.

"Hehe... Alright, Xia Yuan, you can do it." The manager had a ferocious look on his face and his chest was bent in anger. After opening the drawer, he took out the envelope from inside and threw it on the table. "This is today's salary. You have to take it well."

Xia Yuan calmly took the envelope and even specially opened it to count." Thank you manager. Then I will go first. "

She got up and walked towards the door. Just as she held the door handle, an old woman's cold and low voice came from behind, "Xia Yuan, in this society it is impossible to not be flexible. But it doesn't matter. There is still a long time. There will be plenty of opportunities to 'get used to' in the future."

Xia Yuan glanced back at her and replied in the same cold tone, "Thank you for the manager's reminder. I have always been like this. If others respect me by a foot, I will definitely repay them by a zhang. But if others bully me, I will not swallow my anger. "


Just as he came out of the mall, the phone in his bag suddenly rang.

He took it out and saw that it was a call from the hospital.

He had a bad feeling about it and immediately picked up the call.

"Miss Xia, where are you now? Quickly come to the hospital to see your mother!" On the other side of the phone, the nurse shouted rudely, "Your mother has an illness again. It's noisy and noisy. She even randomly smashed things. Her emotions are very unstable."

"Alright, I got it. I'll rush over immediately. Please take care of my mother first. Please..."

After hanging up the phone, she immediately rushed to the sanatorium.


On the other side, Muh Linfeng was sitting in the back row with his eyes closed. He closed his eyes and closed his eyes. His hands, which were clearly bonded, were clenched into fists and placed on his knees.

Qin Yun sat in the front passenger seat. He glanced at him from the rearview mirror and said tentatively, "Director Muh, it's not too late to go to the banquet now."

"I said not to go!"

"But Mr. Simon specifically agreed to come this time. As the owner, it's not appropriate for you not to go..." Before he could say the word polite, he was interrupted by Muh Linfeng's cold voice.

"Qin Yun, you have a lot to say today."

"Sorry, Director Muh." Qin Yun braced himself and considered his words, "Then should we go back to the company now or..."

Muh Linfeng's expression eased a little when he heard this, but luckily he snorted coldly, "Help me investigate a person."

"Miss Xia?" Qin Yun asked tentatively.

“ Mm! "


In the city sanatorium.

"Let me go. Why are you locking me up? I'm going to find my son. I'm going to find my son. Let me go, let me go..."

The sound of violent glass shattering could be heard. The woman's face was pale and her expression was shattered. She screamed at the top of her lungs and seemed to be in a state of madness.

A few nurses went forward to stop her, but they were afraid that she would hurt them. They could only surround her and try to comfort her, "Auntie, we have contacted your daughter. Please calm down. When your daughter arrives, we will ask her to take you to your son. Okay? "

The family relationship in this family was that of a daughter and a mother, but it was very complicated inside.

A daughter was filial to her mother. Everyone in the sanatorium saw it. However, her mother always wanted to find a son, and her attitude towards her daughter was very bad. If he was not careful, he would beat and scold his daughter. If he did not know, he would think that his daughter was a gift from the sanatorium.

Of course, it was difficult for an official to resolve domestic affairs. As for the specific situation, they could not figure it out either. It was just that this auntie was too good at making a fuss. A small fuss every three days and a big fuss every five days. It was simply fatal.

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