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C12 Uneducated Thing

It could be seen that Shangguan Zixuan had an extremely prominent position in this family.

As the butler led her along, Leng Wanyan followed obediently.

There were several people sitting in the luxurious living room.

Leng Wanyan remembered seeing such a familiar scene in her childhood. A family together, a man and a woman smiling, but behind the smile were their own thoughts, just like when Leng Wanyan saw these people.

Amongst all of them, the one who attracted Leng Wanyan's attention the most was the man who played with her ring the whole time.

A man with a face like that of unpolished jade, refined and unrestrained in contradiction.

Leng Wanyan's brown eyes widened when she saw this man. He looked so familiar, as if she had seen him somewhere before, but she just couldn't remember where.

At this moment, the man raised his gaze and swept his gaze over her with an indifferent gaze.

Shangguan Yiping raised his head and saw that his future daughter-in-law kept looking at him with a polite nod.

The woman Shangguan Zixuan brought back must not be simple.

Leng Wanyan didn't know that while she was staring at Shangguan Yiping, everyone else in the hall had their eyes fixated on her.

"Hello everyone, my name is Leng Wanyan. I'm Leng Wanyan. Icy coldness. Euphemistic Wan. Wordless words." Leng Wanyan introduced herself, unperturbed and calm.

The smile on Shangguan Yiping's face stiffened. He raised his eyes and looked deeply at the woman called Leng Wanyan.

"What's your name?"

"My name is Leng Wanyan. Icy coldness, euphemism, and silence. Do you remember?"

"Yes, I will remember you."

A long memory flashed through his mind, and his expression changed slightly. Then he restrained himself and returned to normal.

"Zi Xuan, you really did not disappoint Grandfather!" This girl is so beautiful. Come over and let grandpa have a look. "

Shangguan Shuo saw Leng Wanyan standing beside Shangguan Zixuan. She was slender and graceful, yet she did not lose her dignity. Facing their gazes, Leng Wanyan did not feel inferior at all. Just her first impression already made him think that Leng Wanyan was not an ordinary girl.

Leng Wanyan looked at Shangguan Zixuan. Shangguan Zixuan nodded and signaled her to go over.

She walked into Shangguan Shuo, and Shangguan Shuo warmly welcomed her. His hawk-like eyes didn't have the usual sharpness and measurement, but instead, they were filled with a bit of benevolence and appreciation.

Shangguan Shuo looked and looked at Leng Wanyan, then patted her on the shoulder and said, "Not bad at all. The woman Zi Xuan brought back to see me must be something special."

Leng Wanyan smiled and said politely, "Thank you, grandpa, for your praise."

Shangguan Shuo was stunned for a moment and then said with his eyes wide open, "Girl, what did you call me just now? Grandfather? "Hahaha, your little mouth is too sweet, I like it!"

"Dad!" Dong Ying had been wearing a straight face and didn't say anything. She had been trying her best not to show her anger on her face. But this time, she couldn't hold it in anymore.

Hearing Dong Ying's unsatisfied voice, the hall instantly sank into a heavy awkward silence.

Dong Ying did not hide her dissatisfaction with Leng Wanyan at all. and scolded Leng Wanyan: "You are such a shameless person, don't even mention being our Zi Xuan's girlfriend now, even if you accepted his name in Shangguan Family, you would have to wait until later to call him grandpa, don't you know this kind of etiquette? This wild thing is raised by someone and not taught by anyone! "

This merciless rebuke caused the atmosphere in the hall to become even more awkward.

Leng Wanyan wasn't intimidated by Dong Ying's imposing manner. Her gentle smile was always hanging on her face. Listening to Dong Ying scolding her that there were people who didn't teach her and didn't know how to be polite.

This kind of insult not only scolded her alone, but also caused her parents in the underworld to fail to discipline her.

Her expression turned cold and solemn in an instant. Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, she stood there with her chest puffed up, looking indifferently at every single man and woman who had their own thoughts in the house of this so-called famous noble.

Leng Wanyan knew that she couldn't panic at the moment. She must play along with Shangguan Zixuan to perfection.

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