CEO, Leave Me Alone/C15 Do We Have to Do It Again!
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CEO, Leave Me Alone/C15 Do We Have to Do It Again!
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C15 Do We Have to Do It Again!

"What are you shouting for!" Just as Leng Wanyan was about to write this sentence, she felt that it wasn't appropriate. Although she hadn't called him before, she had heard it on TV. However, the sound of a woman wanting to die was really hard to make out.

However, if he didn't call today's performance a waste, when he opened his mouth, her face turned red again. She really couldn't make such a sound, what should he do?

"Why don't I help you? Let you call the bed? " Shangguan Zixuan said.

"Shameless!" Leng Wanyan cursed inwardly.

Shangguan Zixuan: "Success or failure depends on one blow!"

Leng Wanyan shook her head helplessly. She thought about how she had toiled with this young master for an entire day and finally managed to hide the flaw from the cunning Shangguan Shuo. How could she give up now just because of a scream?

Leng Wanyan could only obediently nod her head. However, after taking a deep breath, his mouth opened wide and his throat expanded. However, he was still unable to utter a single word.

"I'm sorry! I really can't do it! " After finishing, he looked at Shangguan Zixuan helplessly.

"Why are you being so hypocritical? It's not like I've never called you before, are we going to do it again?"

Leng Wanyan was so angry that her face turned green. She really wanted to give this shameless man a slap.

"Ah!" Leng Wanyan suddenly screamed.

It turned out that Shangguan Zixuan had suddenly approached her and quickly kissed her on the lips.

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"Ahh!" the voice kept coming out as the man bit into her lips shamelessly.

Leng Wanyan endured the burning pain as she gasped for breath. She glared at the man blocking her way, her brown eyes almost spitting fire from anger.

However, before the hatred in her eyes deepened, Shangguan Zixuan's long leg had already crossed over her body. The smell of mint was already spreading to Leng Wanyan's nose, and a pair of big hands tyrannically wrapped around Leng Wanyan's swaying waist. With just a light touch, Leng Wanyan was already in the man's embrace.

The man's breathing quickened as his eyes became blurry. He purposely said in a loud voice, "Darling, don't you want to be more charming? You look too charming!"

Leng Wanyan's big eyes were filled with hatred as she gnashed her teeth. She had originally thought that it was just a piece of paper because of her sister, Leng Wanjun, and this man. Now, she realized that it wasn't what she had imagined at all.

Finally, it was the early morning of the next day. Leng Wanyan ran out of the bedroom as if she was escaping. Who knew that Shangguan Zixuan would catch up with her as soon as she came out.

This man walked behind Leng Wanyan, his jade-like eyes never leaving Leng Wanyan's body.

A cold expression appeared on his face. This man's extremely handsome face had a slight smile on it, causing his entire being to feel warm.

When they arrived at the living room, Leng Wanyan saw her grandfather, Shangguan Shuo, her uncle, Shangguan Yiping, and Shangguan Zixuan's mother, Dong Ying, all sitting in the living room.

Shangguan Shuo smiled when he saw Leng Wanyan and said, "Wanyan! Did you sleep well last night? "

Leng Wanyan smiled as she walked to Shangguan Shuo's side and bashfully replied, "Thank you for your concern, Grandpa. I slept very well!"

Shangguan Shuo pulled Leng Wanyan's hand and looked left and right. His smile turned into a Persian chrysanthemum.

"Good, good, good! My hopes of carrying my grandson are already big now. Quickly sit down to eat breakfast and sit by my grandfather's side. Zi Xuan also came over and sat by your wife's side so that he can take care of her. " Shangguan Shuo's words made Leng Wanyan blush all the way down to her neck. She peeked at the other people in the living room and found that they were all looking at her with malicious intent.

Among these people, Dong Ying's expression was the ugliest. Leng Wanyan sat beside Shangguan Shuo, opposite Dong Ying. When she saw the dissatisfaction in the woman's eyes, Leng Wanyan simply lowered her head to eat and no longer looked at her.

When she raised her head again, Shangguan Zixuan just happened to put a green bean cake in his bowl. Leng Wanyan smiled and expressed her gratitude.

"Wanyan, eat more. You must be exhausted from last night!" Shangguan Shuo's rude remark almost made Lili spit out the mouthful of milk she was drinking.

Resisting the urge to swallow the milk in her mouth, Leng Wanyan quickly said, "Thank you for your concern, grandfather. I'm fine! It doesn't matter. "

Shangguan Shuo was very satisfied with Leng Wanyan's answer, but he purposely said, "I'm exhausted tonight, so you and Zi Xuan should be sleeping for a while longer."

"Grandfather, I'm used to waking up early, it's alright!" Then, he obediently peeled an egg for Shangguan Shuo and put it in the bowl.

"Zi Xuan!" There's a saying that the early bird gets the worm. Wanyan is so diligent, it's not that the whole family doesn't want to enter the same house, just by looking at them, one would know that they are from Shangguan Family. " Hearing Shangguan Shuo's praise, Dong Ying's already ugly face turned even more ugly.

She scolded Leng Wanyan sarcastically.

"Zi Xuan, look at the woman you're looking for!" "You clearly know that Zi Xuan is very busy every day. There are so many troublesome things to deal with in the company, yet you still have to play with men at night. You really don't understand!"

"Aiya! I say, sister-in-law, how do you know that the couple had a hard time last night? "Could it be?" Shangguan Yiping said half-jokingly.

Shangguan Yiping's words made the rest of Dong Ying's words choke in her throat.

Shangguan Shuo saw his good-for-nothing son purposely making things difficult for Dong Ying, so he looked at his grandson with an ambiguous expression and said, "Ying Ying, the children are all young. Zi Xuan, in the future, bring Wanyan to often stay at home. Grandfather has ordered the kitchen to make you some health nourishing soup, and hopes that you all can quickly add another generation of our Shangguan Family! "

"Pfft ~ ~" Leng Wanyan sprayed a mouthful of milk on Shangguan Zixuan, who was beside her.

"What are you doing, dad, I told you that this is a child without any manners. Look at the stains on Zi Xuan's body, how do you plan to go to work later?" After saying that, Dong Ying glared at Leng Wanyan.

"Mom, it doesn't matter. I'll just go upstairs and change my clothes!" Shangguan Zixuan was no longer as cold as usual.

After getting up, she whispered into Leng Wanyan's ear, "Wanyan, you did well last night. Let's continue tonight." She kissed Lili on the cheek and went upstairs.

"Dad, they haven't been together for a long time and haven't had any children yet!" Seeing this, Dong Ying could only tell her son that it was useless and could only tell the old man.

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