CEO, Leave Me Alone/C17 Beginning Cohabitation Today
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CEO, Leave Me Alone/C17 Beginning Cohabitation Today
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C17 Beginning Cohabitation Today

As the car passed Wang Tong's house, Leng Wanyan said, "I'm here, why don't you leave me here!" In order to break the silence, Leng Wanyan said.

Furthermore, she had been too busy these past few days to see Wang Tong and didn't know how worried she was for herself.

Ouyang Ruo, who was in front, did not hear Shangguan Zixuan's agreement and did not intend to stop the car.

As the car got further and further away from Wang Tong's home, Leng Wanyan said somewhat angrily, "I say, Shangguan Family's young master. I already said that I want you to stop. Did you lose your hearing or what happened?"

Shangguan Zixuan was looking at his laptop seriously and was shocked by Leng Wanyan's loud voice.

His sword-like brows wrinkled and a trace of displeasure appeared on his face.

"From tomorrow onwards, you will move into my house."

"Hey — are you mistaken? Move in with you? " Leng Wanyan was so shocked by Shangguan Zixuan's words that her eyeballs nearly fell out of their sockets.

"You're my wife. If you don't move into my house, could it be that you're moving into someone else's?" The man didn't raise his eyes when he said this, and his voice was filled with impatience.

"Shangguan Zixuan, don't forget that we are only fake and only agreed to be together. Moreover, we said that it would only be for a year, and then, it has nothing to do with you at all." Leng Wanyan thought that Shangguan Zixuan had reneged on his words and began to argue with him.

Shangguan Zixuan then looked up at Leng Wanyan, "We are now husband and wife, if we don't live together, what do you want our family to think?"

Shangguan Zixuan's words made Leng Wanyan think of those people in the old residence of the Leng Clan. Everyone there was very shrewd, who knows what would happen if they knew that she and Shangguan Zixuan weren't living together.

Leng Wanyan couldn't think of a better reason to persuade him.

"But many of my things are still in the dormitory?"

"No need!" I'll go and buy them tomorrow. If you like them, go ahead and do it. " Shangguan Zixuan handed over a platinum card.

"But —" Leng Wanyan was interrupted by Shangguan Zixuan before she could finish her sentence.

"What else?" His sword-like eyebrows creased even more tightly.

"Nothing, alright then!" Leng Wanyan saw that the man had returned to his usual cold demeanor and had no choice but to obey.

"That's more like it!" Shangguan Zixuan continued to look down at his computer.

Seeing that Shangguan Zixuan was looking at her so seriously, Leng Wanyan didn't want to bring trouble upon herself. She took out her phone and sent a message to Shangguan Zixuan: "Before I move in, can I go to Charity Hospital to see my sister?"

Seeing that Shangguan Zixuan didn't have the intention to look at his phone, Leng Wanyan got angry again.

"Master Shangguan, I want to go to the hospital to see my sister." His voice was much louder than usual.

"En!" It was a simple reply. He didn't even raise his head.

Upon hearing Shangguan Zixuan agree, Ouyang Ruo immediately drove the car towards Charity Hospital.

His sister Leng Wanjun wore a white hood over her head. Her hair had already been shaved.

Her eyes were closed as she lay on the bed. She looked like she was asleep, but there was no trace of pain on her pale face. She was still a child.

"Wanjun, don't worry!" "Big sister will definitely give you the best treatment. You'll definitely wake up." Leng Wanyan said as she caressed her sister's white face lovingly.


The night of early autumn was as cold as water.

Leng Wanyan closed the door carefully and locked it from the inside.

After doing all that, she laid down on the soft bed. Last night, she had been tortured by Shangguan Zixuan and pretended to be tired the whole night.

No, this is Shangguan Zixuan's home, does he have the key to every room here?

No. Leng Wanyan looked at the furnishings in the room. Only the bedside table could move, she didn't have the strength to move the rest.

She stood up, took a deep breath and struggled to move the bedside table to the door, then lay back down on the bed.

Leng Wanyan had fought the whole night and didn't have time to rest today. She lay on her bed for a while before falling asleep again.

"Dang, dang, dang …" Leng Wanyan heard someone knocking on the door in a daze.

Leng Wanyan thought she was dreaming and listened carefully. Sure enough, someone knocked on the door.

Alarmed, she wrapped the blanket around herself and asked, "Who is it?"

"Your husband!" Shangguan Zixuan's voice.

"It's already so late. Why don't we talk about it tomorrow? Everyone's asleep!" Leng Wanyan whispered.

"Come out for a while!"

Leng Wanyan couldn't help but raise her voice and say, "Sorry, I'm already asleep! "Good night!"

"Leng Wanyan, I'll give you five seconds. Open the door immediately!" The voice of the man at the door was ice-cold.

He could not afford to provoke this old man even though he was good at using people to attack others. Perhaps, this man might really kick the door in if he provoked too much of an outburst.

"All right! "Wait a moment!"

Leng Wanyan tiredly moved the bedside table away from the door after tidying it up a bit. Her voice was loud, so the person outside must have heard her.

When Leng Wanyan appeared in front of Shangguan Zixuan, the man's pretty face was so cold that it could drip water.

"Young Master Shangguan, if you have anything to say, say it!"

"Is it yours?" Shangguan Zixuan said with a sullen face and two long fingers holding a small piece of black lace in Leng Wanyan's hand.

Leng Wanyan's face turned red again when she saw it.

This was what she felt when she laid down on the bed. She took off her clothes and hung them on the balcony, but how did it end up in Shangguan Zixuan's hands?

"It's mine, but isn't it on the balcony?" Leng Wanyan asked weakly.

"Don't hang your clothes on the balcony in the future, especially when it's like this." Shangguan Zixuan's face was filled with disgust as he held the black lace on his fingers.

Leng Wanyan quickly snatched the inner room and hid behind her back. Her originally pure white face was now as red as two ripe apples.

"She found another owner when the wind blew from the balcony, but unfortunately, she found the wrong person!" Shangguan Zixuan looked at Leng Wanyan's blushing face. Beside her was the bedside table that was pushed to the side. Both of her hands were behind her back because she was holding Xiao Nai. She looked very much like a student who made a mistake.

"Unless..." Shangguan Zixuan paused.

"Unless what?" Leng Wanyan was angry and angry at the same time.

"Unless you want to imply something?" Could it be that what husband gave you last night made you unable to forget? " After saying that, Shangguan Zixuan left with a smile.

When Leng Wanyan finally understood the meaning of Shangguan Zixuan's words, she had already left.

This hateful man was actually sleeping in the room next door to him, and he still didn't tell him. Could it be that he wanted to watch him make a fool of himself?

Leng Wanyan locked the door after seeing that there was no one outside, but this time she did not push the door with her bedside table.

Looks like I was wrong about this man. If he wanted to come, he would have to knock on the door. He wouldn't barge in forcefully.

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