CEO, Leave Me Alone/C19 What's Your Relationship with Him?
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CEO, Leave Me Alone/C19 What's Your Relationship with Him?
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C19 What's Your Relationship with Him?

"But I still don't understand. Why would he help you?" He is our city's most prestigious diamond man! When did you meet? I heard you say his name before, I thought you were just saying it, but did you already know him by then? "

Leng Wanyan's mind was in a mess from the question. She smiled and said, "Wang Tong, can you let me go first? You're hurting me! "

"Oh, oh, oh!" Sorry, I was too excited! Tell me quickly! " Wang Tong said embarrassedly after she let go.

"Wang Tong, I met him by chance. He helped me because he needed my help himself, and because I was qualified, we reached a consensus. After I've paid him back, we won't owe each other anything, so of course I'll leave! " Leng Wanyan described the incident as though it was nothing out of the ordinary.

"Wanyan, what are your conditions? Tell me quickly, what are the conditions? Could it be … to devote one's life to someone? "It can't be, why would such a good thing happen to you!" Wang Tong's eyes lit up when she said those words, as if she had promised Shangguan Zixuan a great favor.

Leng Wanyan glanced at Wang Tong. She had always thought that Wang Tong was her best friend. What kind of best friend was that?! Hadn't the best friends in the novels asked him about her and told him not to suffer any losses?

"Wang Tong, don't think too much!" I know what to do. "

Did it really happen like Wang Tong said, to promise her with her body? This couldn't be considered as anything! The contract was a year's time. Besides, Shangguan Zixuan had promised to not take his body, and emphasized that he wasn't interested in his body.

What should he do after a year?

However, it was said that accompanying a tiger was like accompanying a tiger. This cold-blooded animal wouldn't smile no matter what. This morning, it had even angered him, so he didn't know what the consequences would be when he returned.

Leng Wanyan's brows revealed a trace of worry when she thought of this.

"Leng Wanyan, the class teacher is looking for you." Squad leader Gao Peng came over and said.

Leng Wanyan's pretty and delicate eyebrows frowned. The homeroom teacher was looking for her?

"Wanyan, Professor Tian probably only cares about you, don't worry!" Wang Tong comforted Leng Wanyan.

Leng Wanyan went to the form teacher's office.

When he pushed open the door, he saw his aunt Leng Feng and that man Wang Hua sitting in front of Professor Tian's desk.

From the seriousness in Professor Tian's eyes behind the desk, Leng Wanyan seemed to have understood why Professor Tian was looking for her.

It seemed like this woman really wanted to make things difficult for him.

Leng Wanyan ignored the existence of her sister-in-law and that man and walked straight in front of Professor Tian.

"Professor Tian, is this you looking for me?"

Professor Tian was famous for being strict at A City University. Before she became a teacher, she was a counselor. The reason Professor Tian was transferred from a counselor to a university professor was that her patients were getting younger and younger. Many children became autistic and even depressed because of a small problem, and even more so because their parents ignored their children and went on a path of no return.

Every day she faced those young patients, Professor Tian had a thought in her mind. She wanted to train more people so that they would learn how to be psychological. That way, she would be able to save more depressed souls.

"Student Leng, your aunt and uncle have already called me. They said that as long as you return to school, they would be notified. I will also call your guardian over now to get some information on your situation."

As Professor Tian said this, she cast a cold glance at her eldest sister-in-law. Since when did these two become her guardians? How hilarious.

When Leng Wanyan saw her eldest sister-in-law raise her head high, she sneered and turned to look at Professor Tian.

"Professor Tian, there are some things I want to talk to you about."

Professor Tian thought for a moment before gesturing for Leng Feng and her wife to leave.

Leng Fengli went out the door and said, "You little b * tch, you still have the nerve to come to university? Your uncle and I have already discussed this with each other. Today, we will go through with the withdrawal procedures, and today, your words will be useless even to the heavens! "

Leng Wanyan glanced at Leng Feng and said coldly, "I entered this university by relying on my own hard work. It doesn't matter if I quit or not.

"You little b * stard, you're still so stubborn. You did such a shameless thing and you still want to come here to university? "I'm telling you, if you do something like that, I'll burn incense after I get married. You're still going to university?" Leng Feng said fiercely.

"You don't have to worry whether I can get married or not!" Leng Wanyan said coldly.

"Alright!" Mrs. Leng, would you please go out for a moment? There are some things that I need to discuss with Leng Wanyan in private. " Professor Tian said.

Leng Feng wanted to say something more about being taken out by that man.

Professor Tian looked at Leng Feng's back and shook her head.

"Professor Tian, there is no need for my aunt to say anything. Please don't listen to what they say unilaterally. Some things can only be considered as a punishment!"

Leng Wanyan went all out to study and finally got into this university. She didn't even get a tuition fee from Shangguan Zixuan, but she earned it from her own work. It wasn't easy for her to attend this university.

Professor Tian propped up her glasses from the bridge of her nose and said, "Student Leng, your academic performance has always been very outstanding and you have also been very diligent. As your class teacher, I have my own distinguishing ability so I definitely won't listen to only one side of your aunt."

Leng Wanyan's eyes showed her gratitude. "Thank you, Professor Tian."

Unexpectedly, Professor Tian pushed her glasses, which had fallen down a little, and said, "It's just that —" Her eyes, which were hidden behind her eyes, showed doubt and hesitation.

"Professor Tian, if you want to know the whole story, I can tell you everything. I can guarantee that there will be no problems with my character, and the school's rules and regulations have never been violated." Leng Wanyan saw the hesitation in Professor Tian's eyes and quickly said.

"Student Leng, as your form teacher for a long time, I still have a good understanding of your character. I also trust you, but, what is your relationship with Mr. Shangguan?"

Leng Wanyan was surprised to hear Professor Tian's words. Even Wang Tong only knew about this today. Where did Professor Tian get the information from?

Could Mr. Shangguan, who Professor Tian mentioned, be Shangguan Zixuan?

"Student Leng, please don't hide anything from me. This Mr. Shangguan came to the school to look for me two days ago, and at that time, he caused quite a sensation in our department.

Hearing Professor Tian's words, Leng Wanyan finally understood why Wang Tong insisted on asking her.

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