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CEO, Leave Me Alone/C2 A Night of Shame
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C2 A Night of Shame

For the first time, Leng Wanyan was beaten to death by a beast-like man. She shouted with all her might and struggled with all her might, but what she got in return was only his brutal and crude beating again and again.

This was a humiliation worse than death.

The striking Maybach stopped at the side of the road. The lonely stars in the sky flickered confusedly, as if they wanted to say something to the sky. However, before they could say anything, they were swallowed by the lonely night sky.

Leng Wanyan was curled up in a corner of the car, shivering in the night like a wounded fawn.

She fought back tears and clenched her fists.

The man who looked like a jackal just now casually took out a cheque from the car. The golden pen elegantly wrote down a string of numbers on it.

"Take it!" This is what you got for your first time. However, what I want to make clear is that after you take this money, don't come and bother me anymore! " He glanced at the poppies on the high-end cushions, and his mouth curled into a mocking smile. Women are the same.

The man's cold words wanted to stab a sharp knife into Leng Wanyan's heart, making her feel that she was no longer qualified to feel sad. She didn't expect that she would meet such an aloof and prideful man after escaping from her sister-in-law's scheme with her life!

Leng Wanyan angrily tore the cheque from the man's hand. Her brown eyes were filled with hatred towards the man.

Then, his hands moved. Two, four, eight … Leng Wanyan threw the ripped and shattered cheque onto the man's cold and gorgeous face. The man subconsciously moved his face to the side.

"You saved my life. I'll give you my first time. We're even!" Leng Wanyan said harshly.

As she spoke, she wanted to stand up and get off the car, but the pain from her body made her grunt in pain and her delicate eyebrows scrunched together.

Shangguan Zixuan looked at the woman who was curled up like a kitten. It didn't matter when he looked at her, but he suddenly felt that his position had become awkward again.

This woman's body was too alluring. Shangguan Zixuan couldn't help but look at the softest part of the woman's body and feel the blood in his body boiling up again.

Shangguan Zixuan cursed. The drug in his body had clearly been cured, but why did his body still react when he saw this woman he picked up on the way? Damn it!

The woman's body curled up even more due to the pain. Her swaying waist and smooth calves were deeply attracting his eyes, and what was even worse was that her soft and proud face was pressed against his bare knee. A pair of elk-like eyes were filled with pain and hatred.

Shangguan Zixuan's big hands were clasped together again as he tried his best to resist his lust.

"Hurry up and get lost!" He suddenly roared angrily, his expression overbearing and in pain.

Leng Wanyan hugged her bare arms and raised her head to look at the man with a cold gaze.

Shangguan Zixuan Qiang's desire was suddenly met with such a look and he could no longer restrain himself.

He went up to Leng Wanyan and kissed her full red lips heavily. The man forcefully blocked Leng Wanyan's red lips and sucked the sweetness from her mouth. The more the woman struggled, the more fierce the fire inside Shangguan Zixuan's body became.

Leng Wanyan wanted to fight back desperately, but she was already exhausted from the man's torture and hadn't fully recovered yet. Coupled with Shangguan Zixuan's persistent attitude, she gradually lost her strength and tears that were originally running down her cheeks again.

Shangguan Zixuan didn't care about Leng Wanyan's reaction as he kept teasing her with his sweet mint tongue.

"Ah!" "Uh-huh!" Leng Wanyan actually wanted to restrain herself from groaning in embarrassment, but her body had mercilessly betrayed her feelings towards men.

Shangguan Zixuan, who had seen Leng Wanyan bewitching him mercilessly, entered her again. The tension and beauty of the person beneath him was irresistible to him.

Leng Wanyan only felt a wave of dizziness the moment the man entered her body.


Leng Wanyan didn't know how long she had been tortured by this devilish man. In the end, her body no longer belonged to her.

When she woke up, she found that the man's legs were kneeling on the cushion, hugging one of her arms as he slept soundly like a child!

Remembering how her first time was taken over by an unfamiliar man, Leng Wanyan was so angry that her eyes turned red. If she had a knife in her hand, she believed she would stab it into the man's heart without hesitation.

She slowly but surely pulled out her arm and looked down at her naked body.

Her clothes were tattered and scattered all over the place. Even her insides were torn into shreds by this perverted man.

Leng Wanyan glanced around and saw the man's wide suit. Without thinking, she wrapped the man's suit around her and quickly opened the car door to jump out.

However, she didn't realize that the moment she got off the car, the man's tightly shut eyes suddenly opened …

As soon as she got out of the car, Leng Wanyan shivered from the cold wind outside and couldn't help but wrap her loose suit tighter.

In fact, sometimes, fate was really unfair. She desperately tried to escape from that old man who had to rely on his hair to pay for the center. Who knew that in the end, she would end up getting beaten up like this by a beast-like man?

Right now, she was completely naked in this desolate wilderness. She was only wrapped up in a large suit. It would be easier said than done if she wanted to return safely …

The man in the Maybach watched as the woman wrapped herself in a suit that clearly belonged to a man and shivered in the chilly night wind.

After all, she didn't fit, even a suit of high quality wouldn't be able to wrap around a woman's long, beautiful legs. Yet it was this man's suit that revealed her exquisite curves, and the messy long hair on the car just a moment ago was unknowingly tied up by her.

The man leaned on the car and smoked. He turned around and stared at the woman's figure with his jade-like eyes.

Looking at that stubborn woman swaying in the night wind by herself, a trace of unknown emotion suddenly flashed through his heart.

Leng Wanyan couldn't help but wrap the man's suit tighter. Remembering what the owner of the suit had done to her in the car, she couldn't help but feel nauseous. She endured the pain on her body and staggered forward step by step.

That night, for the first time in her life, she still felt disgusted when she thought about it. The one who caused her to become like this was that so-called aunt.

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