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C20 Why Me?

Leng Wanyan couldn't understand why Shangguan Zixuan would come to the school to look for her homeroom teacher. Didn't he say that he would give her freedom?

They kept their identities a secret in front of their family members. They would only go over when he needed them. However …

What did this damned man say to her head teacher? Could it be that he had already told Professor Tian about their relationship, the agreement, and even the deal? Thinking of this, Leng Wanyan actually felt a sense of guilt in her heart.

Leng Wanyan's brown eyes began to flicker.

"Mr. Shangguan has already told me about this. He also said that if your aunt comes to the school and tells me to deal with this, I must protect your reputation in the school and your degree."

Hearing Professor Tian's words, a beautiful face of that cold man flashed past Leng Wanyan's eyes.

Why did Shangguan Zixuan say that? Did he, who helped me speak, have a bad heart for me?

After all, he was Shangguan Zixuan's wife now, and even though it was just a title, if she was expelled from school because of her sister-in-law and was caught red-handed by those people, who knew how much they would blame her and him.

"Professor Tian, don't worry, Mr. Shangguan and I are just ordinary friends. You don't know that he is brave and righteous, and he likes to fight against injustice. If it wasn't for him, I would have been captured and imprisoned."

Leng Wanyan said something against her heart, but she actually made that disgusting man sound so good that she felt like it was fake.

To be loyal to others, and to want to help those who are in trouble? How could such a good word be used on that cold man? Now, in order to give Professor Tian an explanation, she could only say it this way.

At the beginning, Professor Tian was a senior psychological counselor, and at that time, the counselor was even a Shangguan's Group consultant. Shangguan Zixuan himself knew that, of course, he knew that this man was the coldest and most cold-blooded of men.

Professor Tian looked Leng Wanyan up and down without saying a word.

Finally, she patted Leng Wanyan's shoulder and said, "Student Leng, there is a chance to go abroad in the second half of the year. The department will consider recommending you, and that will be much more complicated than the school. I'll persuade your aunt, hurry up and go to class! "

"Professor Tian, why are you going abroad? "Why me?" Leng Wanyan didn't even have time to react before Professor Tian already looked like she was making a decision.

"Of course, it's because your knowledge is outstanding. Quickly go to class!" Professor Tian waved her hand.

Leng Wanyan could no longer find any reason to refute, so she could only leave the office and go to the door to see her first aunt, Leng Feng and Wang Hua still standing at the door.

When Wang Hua saw Leng Wanyan purposely revealing a kind smile, Leng Wanyan's gaze stopped on that woman's face for a second before she left.

Leng Feng muttered from behind, "Shameless little hoof, you're still showing off? You're about to be expelled, and yet you're still so arrogant."

"Stop talking, she's your niece!" The man spoke.

"Yawning, the sun really is rising from the west today. Who said that they must kill her parents? Why do you see that the little girl is getting prettier and prettier? Do you feel sorry for her?" "If you continue to be this cautious, I will divorce you!" Leng Feng said harshly.

The man ignored the boisterous woman and quickly caught up with Leng Wanyan.

"Wanyan —"

"What's wrong? Is there anything else? " The voice was cold and distant, and there was enough light in the depths of his brown eyes to allow the man to find a hole in the ground and burrow in it.

The man didn't mind and welcomed her with a smile. "Wanyan, what happened earlier was entirely your aunt's idea. It has nothing to do with me. Please don't take it to heart."

"You guys did that kind of thing to me. I was almost raped by that old man, and now you're telling me not to take it to heart?"

Leng Wanyan gritted her teeth as she thought about what Leng Feng had done for her. If it wasn't for that woman called Auntie, she wouldn't have gotten into Shangguan Zixuan's car and lost her most precious first time.

Leng Wanyan was thoroughly disappointed with this family.

"Wanyan, uncle knows that what happened that time was too unfair to you. We were wrong. I'm sorry!" The man said shamelessly.

"You're not wrong, it's my fault, okay? It's my fault that I don't have parents, I'm an orphan, it's my fault that I don't have the ability, okay? But Wang Hua, remember, from today onwards, I will no longer have anything to do with you guys, nor will you look for trouble with me. Don't forget, rabbits will bite even if they are forced into a corner, not to mention that I am alone! " After Leng Wanyan finished, she turned around and was about to leave.

Wang Hua pulled Leng Wanyan back.

"Wanyan, don't be in such a hurry to leave. Tell me, what is your relationship with Mr. Shangguan? How did you offend him? Why did he capture you that day? How did you get into college? This man didn't do anything to you, did he? And who paid for your sister Leng Wanjun's operation? Didn't they say she was going to die soon? "

Leng Wanyan shook Wang Hua's hand off fiercely: "Enough! I've said so much to you because you owe me so much, but that doesn't mean I have to say anything to you? " Leng Wanyan then left without looking back, leaving the man standing there alone.

Wang Hua stood on the spot in a flustered and exasperated manner. This little hoof actually didn't give him the chance to ask for money, how infuriating!

Leng Wanyan had expected to have a family member in the city, and that was her aunt.

However, that woman had been ignoring him for many years. Suddenly, she found him one day and sent him to an old man who was 50 years old with a fake intention of asking him questions.

Leng Wanyan only had one relative in this world, and that was her younger sister, Wanjun. If she wanted to protect her younger sister, she had to first become strong in order to be able to protect her weak younger sister.

After a trip to Professor Tian's place, Leng Wanyan's mind became preoccupied.

She had made it clear to Wang Hua that she no longer had anything to do with that family. Life always sold one-way tickets, and she had no way out.

It was easier to talk about how powerful he was than to talk about the medical fees that his sister would need to pay to stay in the ward every day. He was still a poor student, how could he pay the medical fees and fees that were so expensive?

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