CEO, Leave Me Alone/C4 Get in the Way of a Lawsuit
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CEO, Leave Me Alone/C4 Get in the Way of a Lawsuit
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C4 Get in the Way of a Lawsuit

"CEO, I guess the design department is off work now?" Why don't I check again tomorrow? " Ouyang Ruo asked tentatively.

When Shangguan Zixuan heard that, his handsome and sharp eyebrows knitted together. "This is great. One moment, you and I were just blending together. The next moment, a scandal comes out …" As far as he was concerned, this Leng Wanyan was doing this on purpose.

He really knew how to pick a time! On the cusp of this wave!

Leng Wanyan escaped from the Heaven's Pride Design Department and headed straight for her sister-in-law's home. She wanted to know more about her younger sister, Leng Wanjun.

Leng Wanjun was only eleven years old and still a child. God knows what a gracious aunt would do to her sister.

Leng Wanyan rushed all the way to her sister-in-law's house and knocked on the door.

The sleepy servant opened the door impatiently.

Wang Tianmei, her flirtatious daughter, sat beside her mother and glanced at Leng Wanyan.

"Aren't you very powerful? Run! How do you know you're back? " Wang Tianmei scoffed.

"Tell me where is Leng Wanjun?" Leng Wanyan couldn't be bothered to respond to Wang Tianmei. She stood in front of her aunt and asked anxiously.

"I thought you didn't care about your sister at all? Why didn't you think of your sister when you were enjoying yourself with that wild man? " Wang Tianmei added on.

Leng Wanyan paled at her words. She then looked at her coldly and said in a hateful tone, "How could I become like this?! Still not submitting to your good mother, my good aunt."

"Bullshit! You little slut, what nonsense are you spouting? Are you tired of living?" The aunt stood up and was about to hit Leng Wanyan.

"Pah!" Leng Wanyan stretched out her hand to wave away her aunt's hand.

"I'll call you sister-in-law for the last time. I want to know where Wanjun is!" Leng Wanyan's eyes showed her hatred as her arrogant attitude gradually dimmed.

"If I didn't discover her earlier, she would have died. She's in the hospital now." The aunt said lightly.

"What did you say?" Why is she in the hospital? Isn't she always jumping around? " Leng Wanyan asked anxiously when she heard that her sister was in the hospital.

"If you weren't there, I would have saved this poor child. But you also know that your uncle is a failure, and his family can't even afford to spend a bit of money, not to mention that it's not a small amount of money, it's hundreds of thousands of dollars!" That's why I wanted you to marry that rich Mr. Han Liu! " The aunt had a face full of concern for them, and her voice actually sounded like she was crying.

"Stop! Where did Leng Wanjun find me? "Why are you in such a hurry to get into a car accident?" Leng Wanyan was both angry and anxious.

But now, he needed to restrain himself. His sister Leng Wanjun was still waiting for him in the hospital.

Right now, the most important thing is money. Wanyan, although you let Boss Han off, but aren't you already the CEO of Shangguan's Group that? Shangguan's Group is not some small company. The money your sister needs is simply nothing to him! " Her aunt's eyes shone with greed.

The moment she finished speaking, Wang Tianmei continued, "I advise you to hurry. If you lie down for one more day, your little sister will turn into a vegetable or even whimper!"

He was the CEO of the Shangguan's Group, the successor of the Shangguan Family Clan, who could no longer be described as rich anymore. Thinking about the cheque that he carelessly handed to her in the car, Leng Wanyan suddenly stood up. She wanted to go find him, find him for a try, but she couldn't just watch Leng Wanjun die.

Just as she was about to turn around and leave, she saw a few policemen standing outside the door. All of them were holding guns and aiming them at Leng Wanyan.

Leng Wanyan didn't understand why, but a vicious voice came from behind her.

"Haha!" Leng Wanyan, you little b * tch, you actually dare to play with a jeweller. "Hurry up and plead guilty to them!" Wang Tianmei said viciously. She had already called Boss Han when Leng Wanyan knocked on her door. She didn't expect him to move so quickly.

Leng Wanyan stood under the gun and coldly faced the police officer. When her eyes touched a masculine and handsome face, she suddenly stopped. That face was too familiar to her. She opened her mouth to speak, but the police slightly shook his head, signaling her not to speak.

Leng Wanyan quietly put away her unfamiliarity and the wetness in her eyes. No matter how strong she was, she couldn't escape being tricked no matter how hard she tried!

The moisture in her eyes gradually dispersed, and her eyes turned into an unfathomable abyss. There was no trace of warmth, and the coldness made people shiver.

Leng Wanyan pointed at Wang Tianmei and asked them, "What exactly happened?"

"Mr. Han Liu who is accused of robbing Korean real estate, please come with us!" The manly and handsome police officer said in a formal manner.

If he wanted to add to his crimes, he would have to accept it!

Leng Wanyan was so angry that her entire body was trembling. It was obvious that they had conspired together to plot against her, but now they were accusing her instead!

Leng Wanyan turned around to face the cold familiar face and said, "I am a living person, would I disappear under your eyes? I'll tell you the truth about what you just said about someone accusing me, but I can't go with you yet. I have something to say. "

Leng Wanyan felt that her life had turned dark, but she still had a younger sister. She was still a child, so she couldn't just lie in the hospital forever!

"Tell me, where is my sister?" Leng Wanyan said to her sister-in-law.

"Charity Hospital Department." After seeing the police, this woman was no longer as calm as she was before.

"Aunt, Leng Wanjun is your niece, if I go in." "My good friend Wang Tong will send you some money. I've saved up some money this year. If there's not enough trouble, you can tell Wang Tong and she will think of a way." For her sister, Leng Wanyan forced herself to calm down and talk so much with this woman.

The aunt, on the other hand, was noncommittal.

"What are you still standing there for?" Why aren't you cuffing her? Be careful of this cunning woman! She ran away! " Wang Tianmei pointed at Leng Wanyan as she spoke to the police.

"Miss, we, the police, request that you do not interrupt us." The handsome police officer said in a stern voice.

Even though he said that, he still took out his handcuffs and handcuffed Leng Wanyan.

Leng Wanyan's heart suddenly filled with despair as the ice-cold fellow placed his hand on her wrist.

"Let her go!" A voice as cold as ice rang out.

Everyone simultaneously turned to look at the door.

Leng Wanyan panicked.

It was him, the man who had flashed through his mind just now.

The man was 1.9 meters tall with a face as cold as ice and as firm as a boulder. His cold gaze sent chills down everyone's spines.

"You can't take this woman with you."

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