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CEO, Leave Me Alone/C7 Bring Her to Me
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C7 Bring Her to Me

Shangguan Zixuan moved quickly. On the second day after Leng Wanyan signed the contract, Leng Wanjun was pushed into the operation room.

The operation went on for nearly eight hours.

Leng Wanyan stood silently outside the operation room for eight hours until the lights in the room went out and the medical staff came out in groups.

The main surgeon removed his hand protector, and his solemn expression revealed a hint of a relieved smile. "The operation was a success."

Leng Wanyan cried tears of joy. Her tensed body finally relaxed. The doctor then added, "However, the dangerous period has not passed. We still have two more days to observe."

After Leng Wanyan nodded, she suddenly felt her vision darken and she fell to the ground, as if she had fallen into a bottomless pit.

After falling into a daze for who knows how long, she slowly woke up from her messy dreams.

He opened his eyes and his vision slowly became clear.

Everything in front of him was unfamiliar.

The classical European decorations, the white carved ceiling, the luxurious and elegant furniture, the unique interior furnishings, and the comforts of the bed made of silk told her that this was not a place she was familiar with.

Suddenly, Leng Wanyan sat up from the bed in surprise and looked around the room once more.

His gaze fell on the tall window. Outside the light and pink window screen, it was not a common building in the city, but a lush and verdant area with a continuous mountain in the distance.

Where is this place?

Leng Wanyan was still trying to figure out what was going on and wondering if she was still dreaming when the thick door creaked open.

A man pushed open the door and he appeared before her again in this way.

Leng Wanyan's first reaction was, "Why are you here again?"

"Where should I be?" Shangguan Zixuan smiled evilly.

"Er …" Leng Wanyan was at a loss for words.

Her brown eyes looked innocently at Shangguan Zixuan. Suddenly, Shangguan Zixuan changed his smile from before. He got Leng Wanyan off the bed and stuck his hands on her collarbone. The strength in his hands became stronger and stronger.

The man's eyes were like a viper's, a pair of black gemstone eyes seemed to pierce through Leng Wanyan. Leng Wanyan trembled in fear in Shangguan Zixuan's hands. Leng Wanyan was scared and kept shaking her head. Her eyes were filled with an intense desire to survive. However, she was unable to break free from the man's grasp. Her brown eyes gradually grew larger …

The thirst for life in his mind had never been as intense as it was now. His sister was still in the hospital and had not passed through the dangerous period. She must not die, she must not die!

Leng Wanyan couldn't understand why Shangguan Zixuan would treat her like that. It was obvious that this man had raped her, but she didn't even sue him for rape!

"Cough cough — —" Leng Wanyan's face turned purple from holding her breath, and she started kicking wildly.

A trace of clarity flashed across Shangguan Zixuan's eyes, and the strength in his hands loosened up a bit.

"Shangguan Zixuan, what did I do to you!?" You want to kill me! " Leng Wanyan said angrily as she took a deep breath of the fresh air.

"How do you know I want you dead?" Shangguan Zixuan's sharp eyes made Leng Wanyan feel as if she had been penetrated.

Leng Wanyan was speechless. You're already like this and you still want to kill me?

"I only want to ask you one thing, and answer honestly!" Shangguan Zixuan stared at Leng Wanyan who looked like a wounded fawn in fear.

Leng Wanyan looked at the man, clutching the jade Buddha in front of her chest. This was the only thing that her mother had left for her.

"How much did you take?"

What Shangguan Zixuan said confused Leng Wanyan. Her blank expression couldn't escape the man's eyes.

"What did you say?" Who can give me money? "

"When you got into my car that day, it was because someone gave you money to deliberately create such a terrible news to slander me!" Shangguan Zixuan tried to probe.

"Do you think everyone's heart is as dirty as yours?" Leng Wanyan said in disdain.

Shangguan Zixuan grabbed Leng Wanyan's neck again, a vicious killing intent was revealed in his eyes.

The man's hand strength was surprisingly great, making Leng Wanyan unable to breathe. She even felt like she was looking at her parents on the other side of the world.

Leng Wanyan could only smile, but it was a smile that could bewitch a woman. Her eyes were as clear as water, yet bottomless, as if she was trying to suck in a person's soul. However, if one were to observe it in the slightest, one would be able to see a different kind of sadness and iciness from the deep pool. Those tightly pursed lips, however, gave one a terrifying stubbornness and unwillingness!

He closed his eyes and cold tears fell from the corners of his eyes …

"Ding ling ling …" The phone in the living room rang urgently.

Shangguan Zixuan suddenly let go and turned around to leave …

"Grandpa!" The man answered the phone respectfully.

"Zi Xuan, go home in five minutes." The man on the other end of the line hung up.

Shangguan Zixuan's heart skipped a beat. The old man must have seen some random news about him before he was deleted, he deserved death.

The Maybach drove from area A to area B, and in less than five minutes, Shangguan Zixuan arrived at the Shangguan Family residence. Less than five minutes after he hung up, Shangguan Zixuan was already standing in front of a refined and dignified old man.

"Grandpa!" Shangguan Zixuan called out respectfully.

"What happened to the girl? Just tell me the result. " Shangguan Shuo snorted.

Only then did Shangguan Zixuan notice that not only was his grandpa in the living room, there was also his mom and dad.

"Zi Xuan, quickly tell grandpa what exactly happened? "You've always been very careful. How did you get set up by someone else?" his mother Dong Ying asked in a low voice.

The rest of the people in the room didn't even dare to breathe loudly, they all sat down according to the rules.

Shangguan Zixuan stayed silent.

Shangguan Shuo stood up and pointed at Shangguan Zixuan. "Zi Xuan, you've never been a fool. This is disappointing!" He pointed at Shangguan Zixuan with his trembling hands.

"Dad, please calm your anger. Maybe Zi Xuan was just playing around out of curiosity." When Dong Ying saw that the old man was angry, she quickly explained for her son.

Uncle looked at Shangguan Zixuan at the side and said gloatingly to Dong Ying, "Sister-in-law, look at the good son that you and Big Bro have raised. He pissed Dad off to such an extent."

Dong Ying glanced at her brother-in-law, but didn't say anything.

The old man coldly snorted as he sat down and said, "All of you, listen up. If today's matter can't be resolved, Shangguan Zixuan can't be my grandson anymore."

When Shangguan Shuo said this, everyone present was stunned. They didn't even dare to breathe loudly.

Everyone knew the weight of the old tutor's words.

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